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  • (BQ) Ebook Just the facts: Human body is a fact-by-fact look at the human body, from skin deep to the vital organs that keep us alive. This important reference guide features information on each part of the body, presented in easy-to-follow boxes according to the subject area, allowing every fact and statistic to be found quickly.

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  • A quick reference to the management of pain for specialists as well as general medical practitioners and residents. Written in a concise bulleted format, the content is limited to only the essential facts necessary for assessment and treatment of common pain conditions and presentations. A perfect review tool for both the anesthesia and pain medicine board exams.

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  • Easy access to concise, authoritative answers on the comprehensive range of health issues sports clinicians confront. Perfect as a desk reference or quick review for certification exams, this manual gives readers quick solutions to diagnostic and treatment questions, an abundance of useful tables and charts, emergency-care procedures, plus incisive strategies for keeping athletes healthy.

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  • In Just the Facts in Pediatrics, we have attempted to create a book that will fulfill the needs of several groups of medical professionals. Medical students, residents, and specialty fellows, as well as pediatricians, nurses, practitioners, and other child health providers require rapid access to a broad base of pediatric knowledge to develop complete differential diagnoses and comprehensive treatment plans. Additionally, recertifying pediatricians are seeking a concise, but comprehensive pediatric knowledge base for review and self-study...

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  • In a crunch, when interviewing an eyewitness, Dragnet’s Sgt. Joe Friday would implore, ‘‘Just the facts, ma’am, just the facts.’’ Our textbook, Just the Facts in Emergency Medicine, aims to provide just that for emergency physicians who are studying for either the written board (re)certification examination in emergency medicine or the in-training written examination

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  • “Just the facts, ma’am.” Stan Freburg’s parody of the police procedural drama Dragnet is instantly recognizable five decades later, even to those who have never seen or heard of the program. Internal Medicine: Just the Facts is our effort to provide the student, resident in training, and practicing clinician with objective, practical information through a carefully structured format. Accordingly, this textbook reflects the core information that the busy practitioner, medical student, or resident should master.

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  • Viêm kết mạc, nhiễm trùng mắt phổ biến nhất của thời thơ ấu, thường là một bệnh thường xuyên, nhưng nó có thể xảy ra với chu kỳ dịch bệnh với các tác nhân gây bệnh virus trong những tháng mùa hè. •

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  • Bản quyền © năm 2005 của công ty McGraw-Hill, Inc Tất cả các quyền. Sản xuất tại Hoa Kỳ. Trừ khi được cho phép theo Đạo luật Bản quyền Hoa Kỳ năm 1976, không có phần nào của ấn phẩm này có thể được sao chép hoặc phân phối dưới bất kỳ hình thức nào hoặc bằng bất cứ phương tiện nào, hoặc được lưu trữ trong một

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  • Điều trị ung thư liên quan đến tăng (ICP). • Dexamethasone, ± mannitol hoặc tăng thông khí. • shunting não thất hoặc ventriculostomy thứ ba có thể được yêu cầu. • Các hiệu ứng trễ bao gồm nhận thức thần kinh bệnh tật, không tăng trưởng, bất thường neurobehavioral, endocrinopathies, thâm hụt đầu mối thần kinh, và các hiệu ứng tâm lý xã hội.

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  • Associated tính năng có thể bao gồm sự nhút nhát quá mức, cách ly xã hội, đặc điểm ép buộc cũng như hành vi chống đối, đặc biệt là ở nhà. Ngoài ra, tỷ lệ phần trăm cao của trẻ em với SM cũng có bài phát biểu và sự chậm trễ ngôn ngữ (ước tính từ 30 đến 50%) cũng như sự chậm trễ động cơ

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  • Another goal was to keep the interface simple enough that it could be easily understood, and also possible to convert poll() or select() based applications to the new API with a minimum of changes. It was recognized that if the new interface was radically different, then it would essentially preclude modification of legacy applications which might otherwise take advantage of the new API. Expanding the amount information returned to the ap- plication to more than just the fact that an event occurred was also considered desirable.

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  • Trên điện tâm đồ, bạn có thể thấy phân đoạn ST chán nản, mở rộng sóng T, rút ngắn khoảng QT, và các khối máu cơ tim. Mức trên 20 meq / L có thể gây ngừng tim. • Một ghi nhớ để hỗ trợ thu hồi các nguyên nhân phổ biến là Pam P. Schmidt:

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  • tiềm ẩn chấn thương. Những chấn thương phổ biến nhất là đụng dập phổi, mà có thể không được hiển thị trên ngực ban đầu radiograph.8 mức amylase Tăng có liên quan với chấn thương của tuyến tụy và bowel.9 lá lách, gan

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  • Điều trị tại chỗ cung cấp ít lợi ích lâm sàng. 3. Bắt đầu điều trị ngay sau khi khởi phát triệu chứng. 4. Thời gian điều trị khác nhau phụ thuộc vào bệnh tái phát so với chính. a. Tiểu HSV điều trị 7-10 ngày. b. Tái phát HSV điều trị trong 5 ngày. 5. Có thể sử dụng liệu pháp ức chế cho thanh thiếu niên với 6 tái phát mỗi năm.

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  • EE là một thực thể lâm sàng khác biệt với một bệnh trào ngược dạ dày thực quản (GERD) như trình bày trong khi eosinophilic gastroenteropathy (EG) trình bày giống như viêm dạ dày. EE được đặc trưng bởi viêm eosinophilic nghiêm trọng của niêm mạc thực quản có lẽ do dị ứng thức ăn nhiều

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  • WHAT WAITS THROUGH THE TRAPDOOR Nightfall offered no respite from the sweltering heat. The sun had baked the concrete and asphalt all day long turning the city into a giant oven. The heat radiated from the ground and buildings. Making matters worse for Tom Reidy was the fact that the A/C in his car had gone on the fritz just as he had started the engine that night. If he even bothered turning the damn thing on, all it would do was blow hot air through the cab of the car. Surveillance details were never fun....

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  • In his opening chapter Sir James Douie refers to the fact that the area treated in this volume—just one quarter of a million square miles—is comparable to that of AustriaHungary. The comparison might be extended; for on ethnographical, linguistic and physical grounds, the geographical unit now treated is just as homogeneous in composition as the Dual Monarchy. It is only in the political sense and by force of the ruling classes, temporarily united in one monarch, that the term Osterreichischcould be used to include the Poles of Galicia, the Czechs of Bohemia and Moravia, the .

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  • THE PANJAB, NORTH-WEST FRONTIER PROVINCE AND KASHMIR BY SIR JAMES DOUIE, M.A., K.C.S.I. SEEMA PUBLICATIONS C-3/19, R. P. Bagh, Delhi-110007. First Indian Edition 1974 Printed in India at Deluxe Offset Press, Daya Basti, Delhi-110035 and Published by Seema Publications, Delhi-110007. EDITOR'S PREFACE In his opening chapter Sir James Douie refers to the fact that the area treated in this volume—just one quarter of a million square miles—is comparable to that of AustriaHungary.

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  • It is becomming increasingly difficcult for many people to find decent accomodation in London at a price they can afford. To put it simpley, most people just don't have the necesary funds. Organiseations such as Home Front can offer advise, but it widely agreed that the situation is no longer managable. The fact that city councils are building cheap, tempory housing for lower-paid profesionals is the only official acknowledgment of this problem.

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  • A lot of books claim that they’re unique, but this one really is. The @ work series leads you directly into building the kinds of practical projects you’re likely to encounter in a professional environment. That promise has appeal because readers have a very clear idea of what they want to build. The projects in this book are definitely in demand. (I know because all these projects have come up more than once in my job.) However, the idea that you can bypass details and learn just the facts is a potential fallacy that threatens the premise of this book series.

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