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  • (BQ) Many people have taken on the challenge of language learning but have been frustrated by their lack of success. Tài liệu The Linguist A Personal Guide to Language Learning offers detailed advice on the kind of study practices that will achieve language breakthroughs. Steve has developed a language learning system

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  • Envision your goal, plan your strategy, and go for it, how to form positive habits that will help you reach your goals, memory Techniques how to learn faster, and remember better, divide and Conquer - Mastery though piece work, be a parrot don't think, talk, and if you still can't get it right, try this, don't settle for less than excellence, help you answer the questions above, you are invited to consult the document content "The Secrets of Successful Language Learning".

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  • This paper shows how to formally characterize language learning in a finite parameter space as a Markov structure, hnportant new language learning results follow directly: explicitly calculated sample complexity learning times under different input distribution assumptions (including CHILDES database language input) and learning regimes. We also briefly describe a new way to formally model (rapid) diachronic syntax change.

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  • This study examined the role of motivation types in predicting the use of language learning strategies by English major students at the University of Languages and International Studies - Vietnam National University, Hanoi (ULIS). A questionnaire was employed to collect information from 123 students.

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  • We propose a new language learning model that learns a syntactic-semantic grammar from a small number of natural language strings annotated with their semantics, along with basic assumptions about natural language syntax. We show that the search space for grammar induction is a complete grammar lattice, which guarantees the uniqueness of the learned grammar.

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  • social psychology and second language learning has contents: focus on the major issues, individual differences in second language achievement, focus on the parent, the process of second language acquisition,...and other contents.

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  • In this paper, an attempt is made to trace the construction of English language learning in a newspaper advertisement through the lens of Critical Discourse Analysis (CDA). It begins by stating the needs for critical understanding the construction of English language learning in the texts produced by/for English language institutions including media texts.

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  • The study concerns the attitudes towards Mobile-assisted language learning (MALL) of the participants in a university. Using the mixed-method research design with survey questionnaire as the main data collection tool, the research gained some significant findings and successfully met the aims of the study. The findings from both qualitative and quantitative data reveal that the participants basically held positive attitudes towards the use of MALL inside classroom and towards MALL in general. It is suggested that MALL be adopted as a new approach in English language teaching and learning.

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  • "Ebook Implicit and explicit knowledge in second language learning, testing and teaching" present the contnet: implicit and explicit learning, knowledge and instruction’; the measurement of implicit and explicit knowledge; applying the measures of implicit and explicit l2 knowledge; form-focused instruction and the acquisition of implicit and explicit knowledge...

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  • The article reviewed a selection of research in the field of foreign language teaching into mobile assisted collaborative language learning (Collaborative MALL) – the practice of applying mobile technologies, e.g., applications on mobile phones and laptops, in language teaching context.

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  • The Balanced Curriculum (TBC) is an ideational approach to syllabus and curriculum design that provides a framework for teachers and students to easily see the kinds of focus which are needed in order to learn a language. The central concept of TBC is that language learning and teaching are made up of different elements which should all be balanced.

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  • This paper presents the effects of using digital games on improving language learning in Tanzanian preschools. A gamified learning prototype system was developed for making alphabetical sound articulation more engaging and fun. The study was conducted with twelve preschools in Tanzania. The results revealed that preschoolers’ learning performance was improved when the game-based learning approach was incorporated into the sound articulation lesson.

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  • With recent advancements in information technologies and language learning models, rapid innovations of technology-enhanced language learning have been widely witnessed by research communities and educational institutions globally. Powerful new technologies, such as social media and networks, mobile applications, wearable computing, cloud computing, and virtual reality have been integrated into language learning to facilitate various aspects, such as interactivity, immediacy, and authenticity.

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  • This study examined the mobile-assisted language learning studies published from 2007 to 2016 in selected journals from the aspects of adopted mobile devices, mobile learning systems/resources, and the benefits and challenges of utilizing mobile devices or learning systems/resources. The results revealed that the traditional mobile devices (e.g., Personal Digital Assistants, PDAs) and the current popular mobile devices (e.g.

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  • The objective of this paper is to examine Moroccan higher education students’ and teachers’ perceptions and attitudes towards using Web 2.0 technologies in language learning and teaching. The results of the study revealed that all the informants were immersed in using these Internet-based applications for personal and educational purposes. Nevertheless, while language learners reported to make beneficial uses of these online platforms as language learning tools, the great majority of the interviewed faculty members did not really benefit from these platforms.

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  • This study aims at investigating the degree of control that non-English major first-year students exercise over their learning processes, resources and contexts in and out of the classroom. Data were obtained from questionnaires with 63 students, 30-to-60-minute interviews with three students, and the researcher’s notes of her observation during classroom lessons.

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  • This study presents a systematic review of previous research on ebook-based language learning. E-book-based language learning has been increasingly investigated in the field of language education, whereas previous review studies of relevant literature were relatively low in volume and incomprehensive from aspects of research participants and research perspectives.

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  • This article aims to discuss if there is an optimal age to learn a foreign language. By putting together both related theoretical and empirical research in the international literature, this article forwards the message that the general belief of ‘the earlier the better’ in foreign language learning is often misleading, and too early investment in children’s foreign language learning may become a big waste.

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  • Language learning, viewed through post-structuralist prism, is not the practice of the individual per se but a social practice characterized by the multiple and changing learner identity in direct contact with inequitable power relations (Norton, 2013). Not always does it deal with the immediate identity of the learner in the real-time setting, but also identities defined through “the power of the imagination” in “not immediately accessible and tangible” communities (Norton, 2013, p.8).

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  • This contribution focuses on an introduction to a virtual resource center which was developed as part of a task-based, blended language learning and teaching program for Business English courses at the University of Nantes, France. The resource center is a self-access training space providing students with various types of focus on form exercises relating to the themes studied in the Business language curriculum.

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