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  • At the beginning was Light. Light - pure, distilled, triumphant and overwhelming in its unity and possibilities. Out of this Light came everything that we call Cosmos, Universe and Life. The story of the Universe is the story of the evolving Light, which is intertwined with Love. Love is not accidental but essential to the story of the Universe. Equally essential are sacred symbols, thinking and art. The story of the Universe is enthralling, fascinating, mysterious and yet simple. We need to have the eyes to see the beauty and the genius of Life, as it incessantly re-creates and transforms...

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  • Monument of a Hittite king, accompanied by an inscription in Hittite hieroglyphics, discovered on the site of Carchemish and now in the British Museum. The object of this little book is explained by its title. Discovery after discovery has been pouring in upon us from Oriental lands, and the accounts given only ten years ago of the results of Oriental research are already beginning to be antiquated. It is useful, therefore, to take stock of our present knowledge, and to see how far it bears out that "old story" which has been familiar to us from our childhood.

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  • Salt and Light became a book many years after Eberhard Arnold’s death. Its chapters were compiled and translated by members of the Bruderhof communities from articles, talks, and lectures from the years 1915–1935. Arnold grappled with the Sermon on the Mount his whole adult life. His relentless faithfulness to its demands bore practical fruit in a community movement that is still thriving today. Although Arnold was addressing a Germany in political and social ferment, his words are not bound to time and place. They direct us out of our bankruptcy to a new, revolutionary way. ....

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  • The most effective concentration of MSA was 5 mg L-1 at the pH range of 3.5 to 5 and electrolyte background of 0.01 molc L-1. Out of this pH range or at higher electrolyte backgrounds, clay suspension is more strongly favored or prohibited; the effect of MSA was usually hidden.

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  • In Vietnam, the quality of tuna caught by handlines with artifi cial lights seemed to have declined compared with those caught by longlines. In order to determine the main causes of such phenomenon, surveys were conducted by interviewing concerned fi shers while four trials were also conducted on tuna fi shing boats, namely: absolute blooding out of catch, changing lights power, changing lines hauling speed, and fi shers’ normal practice of handling (as control).

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  • In lighting there are two goals: get enough light; use the light you have to shape and define objects in the scene. Lighting is often tried out "on paper" by using a lighting diagram before it's actually set. Many potential problems can be spotted in the process of constructing a lighting diagram. The most common of these is to light for a theoretical "stage front" instead of lighting for specific camera positions. It's also useful in anticipating problems with shadows falling where they're not wanted. Every light casts a shadow. The lighting diagram will make it easier to see where...

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  • Important notice Many practical techniques described in this book involve potentially dangerous applications of electricity and engineering equipment. The authors, editors and publishers cannot take responsibility for any personal, professional or financial risk involved in carrying out these techniques, or any resulting injury, accident or loss. The techniques described in this book should only be implemented by professional and fully qualified electrical engineers using their own professional judgement and due regard to health and safety issues....

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  • This book arose out of the conviction that both designers and users of large motors and generators would appreciate a single reference work about the electrical insulation systems used in rotating machines. We also wanted to document how and why the insulation systems in current use came to be. Since rotating machine insulation is not the most glamorous field of study in the engineering world, it is sometimes treated as an afterthought.

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  • Ngoài những phần mềm đã cài đặt để phục vụ cho công việc, học tập hay giải trí… trên laptop, thì những phần mềm miễn phí được giới thiệu dưới đây là những công cụ cực kỳ hữu ích mà bạn nên cài đặt thêm trên laptop của mình.

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  • Last time out, you learned a little bit about the various conditional statements and operators available in JSP. This week, we'll expand on those basics by teaching you a little bit about the different types of loops available in JSP, discuss a few more String object methods, and take a quick tour of the new Response object. First up, loops. As you may already know, a "loop" is a programming construct that allows you to execute a set of statements over and over again, until a pre−defined condition is met....

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  • Paul Barry recently worked out that he has been programming for close to a quarter century, a fact that came as a bit of a shock. In that time, Paul has programmed in lots of different programming languages, lived and worked in two countries on two continents, got married, had three kids (well... his wife Deirdre actually had them, but Paul did play his part), completed a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Computing, written two other books, written a bunch of technical articles for Linux Journal, and managed not to lose his hair... a situation that, sadly, may in fact be changing....

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  • I have already pointed out that there are two basic sets of capitalization tools: (1) direct capitalization and (2) yield analysis. Tool Kit #2 Direct Capitalization focuses on the income stream from a property, without taking into account appreciation in value, paying down of mortgages, or ultimate value on disposition. In this regard it differs from yield analysis (Tool Kit #3 Discounted Cash Flows), as most yield calculations take into account the cash flow during the hold period plus the cash flow from the ultimate disposition of the property (see below).

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  • The developments in 2002 started with the Commission’s recommendation for an early warning when it became apparent that Germany and Portugal would deviate significantly from the envisaged consolidation paths and would be close to the 3% of GDP limit for the deficit. When the Commission launched its annual review of public finances in Member States, rumours spread out on 17 January that it was considering an early warning to Germany and Portugal.

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  • There was a movement out of US sovereign bonds, amid net outflows of €2.1 billion and negative revaluations of €3 billion, to close at €45 billion, or 5 per cent of all investments. These negative US revaluations in euro terms were partly driven by the euro depreciating by 2.8 per cent relative to the US dollar over Q1 2012. German government bonds experienced positive net inflows of €0.9 billion and account for €17.4 billion of bond assets, but holdings still remain low relative to UK and US government bond assets. Holdings of Spanish sovereign...

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  • Looking at a recent Cairns Group proposal on domestic support it can be seen that they want to strengthen the Green Box provision dealing with direct payments (including structural adjustment, environment and regional assistance) while capping overall spending on direct payments under the Green Box. As well, they hope to subject certain support sub-categories in the Box to reduction commitments. The Cairns Group paper further proposes to strengthen transparency, notification and review mechanisms to ensure programs meet the criteria set out in the Green Box.

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  • I designed this shawl, which I named the "See The Light Shawl", in remembrance of my mother-in-law. She passed away peacefully on the 19th of December, 2010, at the age of 89. The shawl begins at the center top starting with my mother-in-law's favourite knitting pattern, the Feather & Fan. From there open out rays, sun rays, and, further down, cornflowers. The edging comes in two versions. I started knitting this colourful shawl with the wool I spun on my handspindle during the week my mother-in-law made her way to the other side. The first is pink and green....

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  • Tuyển tập các báo cáo nghiên cứu về bệnh học thý y được đăng trên tạp chí Acta Veterinaria Scandinavica cung cấp cho các bạn kiến thức về bệnh thú yđề tài: Lighting during grow-out and Salmonella in broiler flocks...

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  • Many equity investments have a quoted market price in an active market, which is used as fair value. These market prices reflect normal market transactions and are readily avail- able from brokers or in the financial press.When trading is light, recent bid prices are accept- able, although light trading may indicate that estimating fair value is problematic. For exam- ple, a recent price might not be relevant if significant events had taken place after the bid date (CICA ED 3855.A26).

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  • The MintDuino is deceiving—this little tin of electronics is capable of providing the brains for an unlimited number of devices limited only by your imagination… and, of course, your bank account. While the MintDuino is certainly capable of being used during a moment of inspiration, you’ll find that the real power of the device comes when you sit down, figure out what you want to make, and then start tackling your project a bit at a time.

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  • THERE are many of the forces of Nature which tend to injure Books; but among them all not one has been half so destructive as Fire. It would be tedious to write out a bare list only of the numerous libraries and bibliographical treasures which, in one way or another, have been seized by the Fire-king as his own. Chance conflagrations, fanatic incendiarism, judicial bonfires, and even household stoves have, time after time, thinned the treasures as well as the rubbish of past ages, until, probably, not one thousandth part of the books that have been are still extant.

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