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Location of projects

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  • The project develops an IoT system prototype that can reduce the risks of traffic accidents through a continuous monitoring of parameters during participation in traffic by vehicles. The system integrates sensors, including gas sensors (detection of alcohol concentration), vibration sensors (detection of accidents), and infrared sensors (detection of the seat belts). In case of any accident, the system can send warnings and location information to the relevant systems.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Production and operations analysis: Strategy, quality, analytics application" provides readers with contents including: queueing techniques; push and pull production control systems - MRP and JIT; operations scheduling; project scheduling; facilities layout and location; quality and assurance; reliability and maintainability;...

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  • The purpose of this book on field procedures is to ease the way for the person who has a background in the fundamentals of remote sensing and laboratory methods but little practical knowledge of the field methods that may be needed for remote sensing projects.

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  • Part 1 book "Principles of operations management - Sustainability and supply chain management" includes content: Operations and productivity, operations strategy in a global environment, project management, forecasting, design of goods and services, managing quality, process strategy, location strategies, layout strategies; human resources, job design, and work measurement.

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  • This study used secondary data and collected primary data by analyzing the results of 120 questionnaires in 3 land clearance projects located in 04 communes: Dao San, Tung Qua Lin, Vang Ma Chai, Muong So of Phong Tho district. The study shows that, in Phong Tho district, there was 121,813 m2 of land was acquired with a total compensation value of 7,017,829,827VND.

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  • Ebook Sharing expertise - Beyond knowledge management: Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1 Why organizations don’t ‘‘Know what they know’’: Cognitive and motivational factors affecting the transfer of expertise; Chapter 2 A critical evaluation of knowledge management practices; Chapter 3 Coming to the crossroads of knowledge, learning, and technology: integrating knowledge management and workplace learning; Chapter 4 Emergent expertise sharing in a new community; Chapter 5 Sharing expertise: Challenges for technical support; Chapter 6 Locating expertise: Design issues for an ex...

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  • The aim of the research was the processing of the vibration signatures from healthy and damaged composite beams acquired with the help of a Scanning Laser Vibrometer (SLV) upon excitation and analysis of the mode shapes acquired for damage detection. The displacement mode shapes acquired were then converted into curvature mode shapes with the help of a Central Difference Approximation method (CDA).

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  • This document is an Appropriate Durable Record (ADR) of my Masters of Fine Art research project, titled, A moment of beauty: An Archive of Intimate Engagements. The ADR contains photographic documentation of my artwork produced through this investigation along with a written reflective process – outlining the objectives of the research, identifying research questions, describing how the artworks were created and evaluated. The central focus of this research is studio based painting and drawing. The intention of the artwork is to locate beauty ‘in a moment’.

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  • What are the key aspects to achieving acceptable usability outcomes for information systems being developed? The changing technologies and increased usage across the general population, the impacts of this in our everyday lives, at work and at leisure are exponentially increasing. The interfaces and interaction styles presented as part of these technologies have been challenged to be more intuitive, contextually sensitive, location aware, human centred and aimed at a larger community of stakeholders.

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  • This study contributes to the project titled “Research solutions to develop aquaculture in large reservoirs towards efficient and sustainable commodity production” developed by MARD. The result of this study will lead to follow-up studies on detailed spatial planning for aquaculture, rearrangement of cages, and identification of suitable locations for aquaculture.

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  • Within the urban landscape, the tempo of destruction and redevelopment of our built environment reveals a palimpsest of change. The abandonment of these sites could go unnoticed, often a fleeting moment before destruction, with the next structure then re-cloaking the land. This research project locates itself spatially and conceptually within this pause or transitional state of select sites. It utilises this brief period of time to consider how these sites can offer poetic information and new readings as creative practice, despite their impending obsolescence.

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  • This paper analyzed the current situation of attracting foreign direct investment (FDI) into the agriculture in Hanoi. We used the data set of the number of projects and the amount of investment capital in investment types, investment partners, and location, then applied strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats (SWOT) analysis.

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  • A new species, Comalcandona gibsoni sp. nov., was found from Comal Springs, Comal County, Texas, USA. The new species has four horn-like projections located on the antero- and posterodorsal ends of the valves and this unique character separates this species from Comalcandona tressleri. Some other distinguishing differences in chaetotaxy (e.g., position, length, and number of setae on the segments) can also be seen in the soft body parts (e.g., absence of gamma seta on mandibula, duckbill shape of clasping organ of first leg, numbers of whorls in Zenker’s organ).

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  • In this paper we discuss the effect of a university of applied sciences as an institution usually located in smaller urban areas and, more importantly, usually a higher education institution that has focuses more on training and vocation, rather than science work. Since lifelong learning is strongly connected with the European union, its goals and funding will also be discussed in this paper.

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  • The paddy area has significantly increased from 1997 to 2018 based on our research study. On the whole, there was a significant increase in the area of paddy, apart from groundnut, sugarcane and other crops grown indifferent mandals in the four districts located under the TGP command. The results based on our research study are useful to the Government for efficient crop planning in different districts of Andhra Pradesh.

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  • The study was conducted during the years 2016 in the first crop rearing season of the Tasar silkworm Antherae amylitta Dat Pilot Project Centre (PPC), Kathikund, Dumaka, Jharkhand located at 24°21′32″N 87°25′11″E,to study the “Impact of brushing date and direction on pest severity and cocoon production of tasar silkworm’.

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  • In view of above discussion, a multi-location on-farm evaluation of promising aerobic rice genotypes was carried out under farmers’ participatory mode in the four project adopted villages in Cuttack district under ―Asian Development Bank (ADB) funded collaborative research programme between IRRI, Philippines and Indian Council of Agricultural Research/Central Rice Research Institute, Cuttack.

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  • : A series of new heritage discoveries were found during several field-trips from November 2018 to May 2019 in whole area of The Central Highlands with supporting from the project, coded TN17/T06. The most remarkable discoveries are two archaeological sites: The first one is located on Ho Tre crater in Krong Ana district, Dak Lak province and the second one – along the Ba river ancient valley, in Phu Thien district, Gia Lai province.

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  • (BQ) This part provides knowledge of: project management, quality management, supply chain management, long-term planning (facilities, location, and layout), innovation by P/OM for new product development (NPD) and sustainability, quantitative models.

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  • Colorectal cancer (CRC) is globally one of the most common cancers. Although studies have found a significant prognostic impact of cancer location for right-sided colon cancers compared with those of the left-side, evidence is lacking in a Japanese population.

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