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  • The proposed research framework encompasses 3 aspects of atmospheric cues from the website (ARQW) such as ubiquity (UB), ease of use (EOU) and information exchange (IE) to establish the research hypotheses. PLS-SEM results revealed that the atmospheric cues from web sites (ARQW) such as ubiquity (U), ease of use (EOU) and information exchange (IE) are key determinants of millennial’s intention to use the online property website in Malaysia. This discovery provides important findings on the factors that have strong impact on consumers’ intention regarding online property websites.

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  • Hi! You’re holding the Zope Bible, a book we suspect will change how you look at building Web sites and Web applications. If you’re like most Web developers and designers, you’re probably always looking for ways to improve your process, both for building and for maintaining Web sites. Whether the sites you’re building are consumer-oriented Web applications, content-centric publishing sites, intranets, or even vanity sites, you want to build them faster, maintain them easier, and integrate other people into your workflow with a minimum of hassle and fuss.

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  • Whether you’re considering building or taking over management of your first presence on World Wide Web, or whether you’re an old-timer who has been hand-coding Web pages since the rickety dawn of the Internet, GoLive is written for you — and so is the Adobe GoLive 5 Bible. Like its namesake and topic — Adobe GoLive — this book is designed to be the ultimate tool for creating a Web site and going live with it on the Web.

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  • The study "Study effectiveness web site e-commerce and marketplace in increasing consumer trust in Indonesian retail food industry" aims to determine the factors that influence consumer trust and buying interest in retail food products. The data in this study came from all consumers who had sold retail food products online throughout Indonesia. The results of the study indicate that the use of ecommerce and Marketplace web sites has its respective advantages and disadvantages to gain consumer trust in the retail food industry.

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  • Ebook Hacking exposed web applications: Web application security secrets and solutions (First edition) – Part 2 includes contents: Chapter 5 authentication; chapter 6 authorization; chapter 7 attacking session state management; chapter 8 input validation attacks; chapter 9 attacking web datastores; chapter 10 attacking web services; chapter 11 hacking web application management; chapter 12 web client hacking; chapter 13 case studies; appendixes a web site security checklist; appendixes b web hacking tools and techniques cribsheet; appendixes c using libwhisker; appendixes d urlscan installa...

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  • Part 1 of ebook "Office 365: Migrating and managing your business in the cloud" provides readers with contents including: Office 365 - moving to the cloud; using Office 365 and Windows intune; Office 365 planning and purchase; setup and migration guide; SharePoint administration guide; web site setup and configuration;...

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  • Ebook Web security: A whitehat perspective – Part 1 presents the following content: Chapter 1: View of the IT security world, Chapter 2: Security of browser, Chapter 3: Cross-site scripting attack, Chapter 4: Cross-site request forgery, Chapter 5: Clickjacking, Chapter 6: HTML5 securities, Chapter 7: Injection attacks, Chapter 8: File upload vulnerability, Chapter 9: Authentication and session management.

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  • Ebook Beginning PHP6, Apache, MySQL web development: Part 2 presents the following content: Chapter 10: building databases; chapter 11: sending e-mail; chapter 12: user logins, profiles, and personalization; chapter 13: building a content management system; chapter 14: mailing lists; chapter 15: online stores; chapter 16: creating a bulletin board system; chapter 17: using log files to improve your site; chapter 18: troubleshooting.

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  • Ebook E-Commerce and e-business: Part 2 presents the following content: Business Process Reengineering – Model and Methodology; Legal Issues – I; Cyber Security and Crime; Management of Change; Designing and Building E-Commerce Web Site - Basics;...Please refer to the documentation for more details.

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  • Lecture Electronic commerce - Chapter 16: Launching a Successful Online Business and EC Projects learning objectives: Understand the fundamental requirements for initiating an online business. Describe the process of initiating and funding a start-up e-business or large e-project. Understand the process of adding EC initiatives to an existing business. Describe the issues and methods of transforming an organization into an e-business. Describe the process of acquiring Web sites and evaluating building versus hosting options.

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  • In this paper we are giving a brief introduction on twitter and present some of the bigdata characteristics of a hashtags, related work to our subject and answer on the following questions, the purpose of choosing a hashtag to analyze, which hashtags we choose, why choosing them and what are the types of data used in the excel sheet. After that, we will show the result of the analysis used in both tools and demonstrate a collection of figures related to the findings. Then we concluded that data is not impossible to manage if the right tools were used.

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  • Chapter 15 provides knowledge of online industries. This chapter includes contents: Retailing on the web; medical services online; health and nutrition; online travel; transportation and shipping; online automotive sites; energy online; selling brainpower online; online art dealers; online grocery stores; online real estate; online legal services; government online; insurance online; children online; purchasing event tickets online; genealogy online.

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  • Chapter 3 - Building an e-business: Design, development and management. This chapter includes contents: Generating business ideas; growth of e-business: evaluating risk; finding funding and going public; choosing a domain name; supply-chain management: vendors, distributors and shipment providers; web-site hosting; web design; enhancing the user experience; protecting your e-business.

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  • Chapter 9, Affiliate programs. The following will be discussed in this chapter: How an affiliate program works, selecting an affiliate-program reward structure, attracting affiliates, monitoring an affiliate program, affiliate solution providers, web-site “stickiness”.

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  • Module B - The world wide web and the internet. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Define the relationships among Web site, Web site address, domain name, Web page, and uniform resource locator (URL); explain how to interpret the parts of an address on the Web; identify the major components and features of Web browser software; define Web 2.0 and its many technologies including wikis, social networking sites, blogs, RSS feeds, and podcasting;...

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  • Module F - Building a web page with HTML. After completing this unit, you should be able to: Define an HTML document and describe its relationship to a Web site, describe the purpose of tags in hypertext markup language (HTML), identify the two major sections in an HTML document and describe the content within each, describe the use of basic formatting tags and heading tags, describe how to adjust text color and size in a Web site, describe how to change the background of a Web site.

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  • Module L - Building web sites with frontpage. Describe the different kinds of Web sites that you can build using FrontPage, describe the different ways to navigate in FrontPage, explain the different FrontPage views, describe and build a Web site using FrontPage, describe and build a Web page using FrontPage, demonstrate the method used to insert a graphic into a Web page using FrontPage,...

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  • Document introduction of content: Definitions, epidemiology, etiology, pathophysiology, medical and surgical management, other forms of diverticular disease, global aspects, references, useful web sites, WGO Practice Guidelines Committee members who contributed to this guideline.

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  • In this chapter you will: To understand how firms create an internal database, to learn about building a database from a Web site, to become familiar data mining, to understand the advantages and disadvantages of of using secondary data, to understand the role of the Internet in obtaining secondary data, to learn about types of information management systems.

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  • Chương 13 đề cập đến vấn đề quản trị các tài nguyên Web trên Windows Server 2003. Mục tiêu của chương này nhằm giúp người học có thể: Cài đặt và cấu hình IIS; tạo và cấu hình các server Web-site ảo, các thư mục ảo; cấu hình chứng thực Web-site; cấu hình và bảo trì các server FTP ảo; cập nhật và bảo trì bảo mật cho 1 IIS server.

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