Manufacturing and clinical application

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  • Science of brachytherapy is currently increasing in the field of cancer therapy. By virtue of the development of computer assisted technologies, we can reap the benefits of accurate radiotherapies more than ever, which enabled precise irradiation to a target safely avoiding unnecessary involvement of the surrounding normal tissue. Unlike teleradiotherapy provided by X-ray linear accelerator, brachytherapy utilizes radiation source placing inside or close to the target.

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  • The most important trend in biological engineering is the dynamic range of scales at which biotechnology is now able to integrate with biological processes. An explosion in micro/nanoscale technology is allowing the manufacture of nanoparticles for drug delivery into cells, miniaturized implantable microsensors for medical diagnostics, and micro-engineered robots for on-board tissue repairs. This book aims to provide an upto- date overview of the recent developments in biological engineering from diverse aspects and various applications in clinical and experimental research....

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  • Research should aim to develop regenerative therapies, involve SMEs and test promising products or techniques in the clinic. Since it is intended to encourage regenerative medicine as an approach, proposals may address any justified disease or condition. Execution of clinical/in-patient trials should represent a central part of the project. To indicate real promise, pre-clinical or early clinical results should be already available. Rigorous toxicology studies should precede clinical trials.

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  • Exosomes represent an important mode of intercellular communication and play key roles in many physiological and pathological processes. Exosomes have hitherto exhibited their capacity to modulate biological activities through their carrying of functional molecules such as proteins, lipids, and genetic materials. In the current study, we investigated exosomes released by mature dendritic cells (mDCs) and umbilical cord-derived mesenchymal stem cells (UCMSCs) under Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) conditions. Ultracentrifugation was used to isolate and purify the exosomes.

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  • Lipases find promising applications in organic chemical processing, detergent formula- tions, synthesis of biosurfactants, the oleochemical industry, the dairy industry, the agro- chemical industry, paper manufacture, nutrition, cosmetics, and pharmaceutical processing. Development of lipase-based technologies for the synthesis of novel compounds is rapidly expanding the uses of these enzymes (Liese et al., 2000). One limiting factor is a shortage of lipases having the specific required processing characteristics.

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