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  • Ebook Digital Marketing: Strategy, Implementation and practice - Part 1 presents the following content: Introducing digital marketing, online marketplace analysis: micro-environment, the online macro-environment, digital marketing strategy, the impact of digital media and technology on the marketing mix, relationship marketing using digital platforms.

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  • Continued part 1, part 2 of ebook "Plant breeding and biotechnology: Societal context and the future of agriculture" provide readers with content about: increasing global crop production: the new challenges; plant breeding in the twenty-first century; rebalancing our approach to crop improvement;... Please refer to the ebook for details!

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  • Chapter 16 - Defining ethics and corporate social responsibility in the international marketplace. After reading the material in this chapter, you should be able to: The cost of doing bad business, ethics and the law, the MNC as good corporate citizen, can a company afford not to be ethical? the fight against corruption and bribery, government ant-corruption and bribery enforcement, anti-corruption /ethics policies of firms, global corporate citizenship.

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  • Studying on transportation e-marketplaces (TEMs) has today received much concern because developing TEMs helps enterprises and their customers reduce operation costs and improve supply chain efficiency. This study evaluates the adoption of TEMs in Vietnam based on the demand side’s perspective, including the viewpoint of shippers and the Transport Service Providers (TSPs).

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  • Mature women’s fashion, for those aged 35 years and older, seems underrepresented in the Australian marketplace and media. International research suggests similar circumstances prevail for older women abroad but there are conditions unique to Australia’s garment industry that exacerbate and frustrate mature consumers further. This research investigates factors affecting midlife consumer’s fashion in Australia and explores the lifestyle interests and expectations of mature consumers.

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  • This research commenced with the proposition the design of mature women’s fashion is not well understood and seems underrepresented in the Australian marketplace and media”. The objectives of the research were to firstly raise awareness of the issues confronting this mature consumer group and secondly challenge the conventional assumptions about the aesthetic viability of designing apparel for the mature women’s market.

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  • To demonstrate the practicality of two proposed model, research works are focused on as follows: O-Marketplace Model, after analyzing the limitations of existing cloud service delivery methods, a multi-cloud service delivery method is proposed to overcome these limitations, and a promising multi-cloud marketplace model is built up; Composable Application Model, we first build up its concept and its description method, then the experimentation is conducted by transform into TOSCA specification to evaluate the feasibility of the proposed multi-cloud application model.

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  • An introduction: Marketing (13th edition) - Part 1 has present the contents defining marketing and the marketing process; understanding the marketplace and customer value; customer value-driven marketing strategy: creating value for target customers; managing marketing information to gain customer insights; analyzing the marketing environment;...

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  • An introduction: Marketing (13th edition) - Part 2 has present the contents engaging customers and communicating customer value: advertising and public relations; personal selling and sales promotion; extending marketing the global marketplace; sustainable marketing: social responsibility and ethics;...

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  • Lecture Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) - Chapter 2: E-Commerce: Mechanisms, Infrastructures, and Tools provide students with knowledge about describe the major EC activities and processes and the mechanisms that support them; define e-marketplaces and list their components; list the major types of e-marketplaces and describe their features; describe e-catalogs, search engines, and shopping carts;...

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  • Lecture Electronic Commerce (E-Commerce) - Chapter 4: B2B E-Commerce provide students with knowledge about describe the B2B field; describe the major types of B2B models; discuss the models and characteristics of the sell-side marketplace, including auctions; describe the sell-side intermediaries; describe the characteristics of the buy-side marketplace and e-procurement;...

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  • Lecture Electronic commerce - Chapter 2: E-Marketplaces: Structures, Mechanisms, Economics, and Impacts learning objectives: Define e-marketplaces and list their components. List the major types of e-marketplaces and describe their features. Describe the various types of EC intermediaries and their roles. Describe electronic catalogs, shopping carts, and search engines. Describe the major types of auctions and list their characteristics.

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  • Lecture Electronic commerce - Chapter 5: B2B E-Commerce: Selling and Buying in Private E-Markets learning objectives: Describe the B2B field. Describe the major types of B2B models. Discuss the characteristics of the sell-side marketplace, including auctions. Describe the sell-side intermediary models. Describe the characteristics of the buy-side marketplace and e-procurement. Explain how reverse auctions work in B2B.

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  • Lecture Principles of Marketing - Chapter 1 After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge define marketing and outline the steps in the marketing process; Understanding the Marketplace and Customer Needs; Designing a Customer-Driven Marketing Strategy; Preparing an Integrated Marketing Plan and Program;...

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  • Lecture Principles of Marketing - Chapter 19 The global marketplace learning objectives: Global Marketing Today; Looking at the Global marketing environment; Deciding Whether to Go Global; Deciding which markets to enter; Deciding how to enter the market; Deciding on the global marketing program; Deciding on the global marketing organization.

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  • Lecture Consumer behaviour learning objectives: Demonstrate a detailed understanding of the basic concepts of consumer behaviour describe how this knowledge can be used by marketers; Demonstrate ability to segment markets using consumer behavior concepts/constructs; Identify and illustrate how these concepts can be used to explain the decisions buyers make in the marketplace

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  • Lecture Principles of Marketing: Lesson 41. After completing this section, you will understand the knowledge about creating competitive advantage, competitor analysis, assessing competitors, selecting competitors to attack or avoid, competitive strategies,...

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  • The article introduces the concept of sharing economic and sharing economy business model through existing research. There are three sharing economy business models mentioned in this article: Marketplace business model, Access-based business model, and On-demand service provider business model.

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  • Lecture Fundamentals of International Business - Chapter 10: International Business Trends. After studying this section you should be able to: explain how Canadian and international companies, industries, and markets are affected by increased global business activity; identify and analyze international business trends and their influences on companies, industries, and career opportunities in the global economy,...

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  • Lecture Managerial Economics and Business Strategy - Chapter 14: A Manager’s Guide to Government in the Marketplace. After studying this section will help you understand: market failure, rent seeking, government policy and international markets,...

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