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  • There is more to being a musician than fingering notes on an instrument. There are the subtleties of group interaction; mu- sicianship; repertoire; the business side, if you are a professional; and many additional subjects.

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  • One of the biggest balancing acts you have in your business and life, as a real estate salesperson or real estate broker, is the use of your time. Your ability to maximize your time enables you to dramatically increase your income or not. The most effective time utilizers are the people that understand time strategy and the value of their time; how to stretch its use and leverage it to meet their goals and objectives. Most agents feel that their business encroaches on their personal life and their family life, at times, gets the leftovers after their clients and prospects....

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  • Welcome to a new era, my friends. We are entering into a unique time in history, where new authors are bounding onto the world's stage every single day. You can be a part of this revolution, and this brief eBook will share with you the details of how you can do that and how you can maximize your efforts by marketing on Amazon – and how to do that effectively. First, let's go over a little information about the self-publishing revolution that is taking place all over the world. With the ease of entry into book publishing, thousands upon thousands...

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  • This book and e-book will provide all that you need to know to pass the Microsoft Silverlight 4 development (70-506) exam. Includes a comprehensive set of test questions and answers The layout and content of the book matches that of the skills measured by the exam closely, which makes it easy to focus your learning and maximize your study time where you need improvement.

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  • As someone who is currently planning to start trying to get pregnant within the next year, I spent a good deal of time browsing Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and other sources for books that focus on pre-pregnancy planning. Unfortunately, there are not many good resources out there but I've outlined a few here that focus on planning for pregnancy, maximizing fertility, and dealing with infertility problems.

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  • Tired of being tethered to your desktop computer? If you're ready to break free with a laptop, the new MacBook could be just what you're looking for. In addition to the freedom to work wherever you happen to be, a MacBook offers you. Popular For Dummies author Mark Chambers has loaded this fun book with tips, ideas, and his famous "Mark's Maxims"—power user advice that will guide you around the pitfalls and make you a Macxpert in no time. From latptop basics all the way to upgrading and adding memory, MacBook For Dummies will be your MacBook's best...

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