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  • Trends in needing help with such activities as housework or shopping may be due to changes in the physical abilities of the older population, but they may also be related to the availability of help in the house, either familial or paid, the availability of appliances, and the accessibility of transportation (1, 12). However, causes of trends in IADL functioning have not been apportioned to reasons residing in the person and reasons outside the person. The trends in what is termed ADL disability have not been nearly as consistent as those in IADL disability (31).

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  • Unfortunately, the adverse effects of transportation have a greater impact on the natural and human environment than either spatial proximity or telecommunications. The basic technology used in transportation causes emissions of pollutants which have been proved, or are believed, to damage human health and plant life and to upset sensitive ecosystem balances. As a result of transport’s contribution to local pollution–which, worldwide, is responsible for about 1.

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  • The magic of the Hollywood style at its best (and of all the cinema which fell within its sphere of influence) arose, not exclusively, but in one important aspect, from its skilled and satisfying manipulation of visual pleasure. Unchallenged, mainstream film coded the erotic into the language of the dominant patriarchal order.

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  • Institutional gaps at the country level can be immense. Too often, they have included a lack of documented rights claimed by local people and weak con- sultation processes that have led to uncompensated loss of land rights, espe- cially by vulnerable groups; a limited capacity to assess a proposed project’s technical and economic viability; and a limited capacity to assess or enforce environmental and social safeguards. Such problems are not due to a lack of potential.

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  • The “business logic” of traditional three-tier system terminology is part of our definition of front-end, because these services integrate their service logic with the code that receives and replies to client requests. The front-end tier is responsible primarily for locating data on back-end machine(s) and routing it to and from clients in Content and ReadMostly, and for providing online services such as email, newsgroups, and a web proxy in Online.

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  • Older, larger firms in particular can raise both their earnings and their output while cutting jobs. One way is by trimming layers of bureaucracy that have accrued over the years. Some big companies grow by acquiring other companies, and they may seek economies of scale by consolidating the engineering or administrative staffs.

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  • At higher temperatures, developed economies face a growing risk of large-scale shocks - for example, the rising costs of extreme weather events could affect global financial markets through higher and more volatile costs of insurance. Integrated assessment models provide a tool for estimating the total impact on the economy; our estimates suggest that this is likely to be higher than previously suggested.

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  • Strikes and kicks can be very swift and dangerous because of the two horny claws on each foot. Striking with the forelimbs is often performed as part of a rearing jumping action while on the move. With the hind leg the camel can kick to its own shoulder in swinging sidewards and kick forcefully rearwards. They are able to deliver a strong sweeping kick while in sternal recumbency. The camel is also capable of delivering quite a forceful, backward kick with the front leg. Wild camels in open country will run away while they can, but may be very...

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  • Cross-country differences in efficiency results are associated with expenditure composition and institutional arrangements in education and health. In particular, wage spending is negatively associated with efficiency in education, while health efficiency tends to be lower in countries with more health workers (Tables 11 and 12). This finding indicates that reduced compensation spending may increase efficiency. However, it could also reflect the possibility that countries with poor past education and health outcomes are spending more on staffing. ...

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  • Targets also move dramatically over time. SME development policies in Western Europe, for example, focused on employment creation in the late 1980s and early 1990s. By the end of the century the emphasis had changed to international competitiveness and innovation. As a result, policy targets moved towards technology issues and creation of an enterprise culture. In transition economies a major focus has been upon creating an enabling environment for the market economy.

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  • A large proportion of real estate transactions are carried out with the help of real estate agents.1 These agents provide expertise (on pricing, preparing a property for sale, and bargaining) and convenience (by showing the property, advertising and holding open houses, and taking care of paperwork). One advantage of working with an agent who is a realtor is access to the Multiple Listing Service (MLS), a database that compiles information on all properties listed by local realtors. Typically, realtors charge a commission of around 6 percent.

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  • RAM is consumed by TinyDB and forwarding buffers in the networking stack. We have also experimented with several other types of join queries and found similar re- sults: irrespective of the query, join-predicate selectivity and average node depth have the largest effect on query execution cost for the distributed join algorithm. For all graphs showing results for the distributed join al- gorithm, we show power utilization and result accuracy at steady state, after groups have formed and nodes are per- forming the join in-network.

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  • Butler reported that the net returns from organic production in 1999 were more than twice those from conventional production on dairies of a similar size. However, compared to the state average, returns to organic production were less than for conventional production. The author noted that these returns are specific to conditions in 1999. Organic producers are paid a fixed price per hundredweight (cwt) for organic milk determined by organic creameries that does not vary monthly.

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  • Latinas have the second highest teen pregnancy rate (17%), a rate that is almost twice as high as that of white teens. Factors leading to higher teen pregnancy rates among Latinas include lower rates of contraception use and limited knowledge concerning sexuality issues and birth control methods. 49 The consequences of teen pregnancy for young Latinas can be considerable; few teen mothers are able to earn a high school diploma or find a job that pays a living wage.

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  • I have developed a wonderful network of Italian therapists as well as having met colleagues from other countries who also practice in Rome. In fact, I had the distinct pleasure of hosting the 1st annual Rome Conference on Emotional Well-Being. The 2nd conference is in the planning process! I have also asked a panel of mental health professionals to present at the Mediterranean Association of International Schools Conference with me in Florence in November.

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  • This study was conducted as part of a 4-year project funded by the National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health. The project forms a partnership of environmental health scientists, health care providers, a community-based organization (Centro Latino of Caldwell County), and poultry workers to document the physical and psychosocial impacts of poultry employment on Latinoworkers inwestern North Carolina, and to develop ways of assisting workers individually and collectively in protecting themselves from the demands of this work.

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  • There are no typical retention periods for program records because they are unique to the individual office. They represent the reason the office exists and their retention is usually specified in some statute or regulation that established the office or program. A few program records may be identified for permanent retention however most will be retained for a specific number of years, or as perpetual records with an “Active” period, just like administrative records. Most program records are large in volume and may be required much longer than administrative records.

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  • Countries should intensify efforts to measure and regularly monitor medicine prices and availability, and adopt policy measures to address the issues identified. A range of policy options are available to address issues of high prices and low availability of medicines. Low public sector availability can be addressed through improved procurement efficiency, and adequate, equitable and sustainable financing. Medicine prices can be reduced by eliminating duties and taxes on medicines and promoting the use of quality-assured generic medicines.

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  • Despite some clear successes, many countries are still failing to implement the policy and programme changes needed to improve access to affordable medicines. Although the challenges faced differ from country to country, a common problem is a lack of techni- cal capacity to link price data to local policy processes (and so determine the causes of high prices and unexplained price variations) and to identify and prepare suitable lines of response.

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  • Though the resaw process can be easy and a delight when the machines are well adjusted and your stock has consistent grain, it can be a nightmare when either aren't. Resaw on the band saw requires that the guides be adjusted carefully. If you have only cut thinner stock on your band saw (up to 2" or so) you may have never had the need to carefully adjust the guides. Here it is critical so that the blade is guided in the same direction both below the table and above the work on the descending arm. Better quality replacement...

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