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Measuring magnetic fields

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  • The molecular self-diffusion coefficients were accessed, for the first time, in solutions of microcrystalline cellulose, dissolved in 30 wt% and 55 wt% aqueous tetrabutylammonium hydroxide, TBAH (aq), and in mixtures of 40 wt% TBAH (aq) with an organic co-solvent, dimethylsulfoxide (DMSO), through pulsed field gradient stimulated echo NMR measurements.

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  • The objective of this work is to demonstrate the potential application of Al2O3:C and Al2O3:C,Mg optically stimulated luminescence (OSL) films for 2D dosimetry in magnetic resonance guided radiotherapy (MRgRT), a modality which combines two dosimetric challenges: small field dosimetry and dosimetry in the presence of a magnetic field.

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  • This paper presents an approximate method for analyzing the magnetic field to determine the location of the flow path in 3D. This method was verified on a hypothetical model built on ANSYS software and 3D physical model and then tested on magnetic field data measured at the study dam.

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  • In this work, we study the magnetic properties of nickel nanowires by measuring their anisotropic magnetoresistance at room temperature. The single nickel nanowire is grown by electrodeposition in a polymer membrane (Polycarbonate).

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  • The intrinsic muscles of the foot are key contributors to foot function and are important to evaluate in lower limb disorders. Magnetic resonance imaging (MRI), provides a non-invasive option to measure muscle morphology and composition, which are primary determinants of muscle function. Ultra-high-field (7-T) magnetic resonance imaging provides sufficient signal to evaluate the morphology of the intrinsic foot muscles, and, when combined with chemical-shift sequences, measures of muscle composition can be obtained.

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  • Magnetization and Curie temperature of the samples were measured with the SQUID and VSM equipments. The non-magnetic indium ions were found to reside at the octahedral sites, leading to an increase of the total magnetization and a decrease in the Curie temperature. Molecular field coefficients Naa, Ndd and Nad were determined by fitting the experimental thermomagnetization curves in the framework of a two-sublattice ferrimagnetic model.

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  • This paper presents the study results on the fabrication of a structural integrity assessment apparatus by determining stress concentration zones in pressure pipeline and equipment. The apparatus uses a triaxial magnetic field sensor to measure magnetic field components in three axes Ox, Oy, and Oz, in the working range of the magnetic field from -300 µT to 300 µT.

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  • The study of microstructure shows no obvious change of grain size and shape. The magnetic properties of the as-prepared samples show the linear magnetic field dependence of magnetization, suggesting the antiferromagnetic feature of polycrystalline ceramics. The field dependence of magnetization measured after two-years synthesis and after applying an electric field reveal a decrease of maximum magnetization but the hysteresis loops retain the antiferromagnetic behavior.

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  • Here various types of biosensors such as physicochemical, bioluminescent, electrochemical, opto-electric, piezoelectric, thermometric and magnetic has been deliberated to show their usefulness and applications in multiple field. Food industry requires suitable analytical methods for the safety and quality checking of foods. Chemical and biological hazards detection in foods is important to the human health.

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  • Influence of substitution of 3d metals for Mn on properties of La0.67Ca0.33Mn0.9 TM0.1O3 (TM = Fe, Co, Ni) compounds was studied. Ferromagnetic – paramagnetic and metals – insulator transitions were significantly affected by Mn-site substitution. However, no observable difference was found in their crystal structure from X-ray diffraction analysis. At room temperature the structure characterization of these compounds gave the single phase and structure is the distortion orthorhombic cell with space group symmetry Pnma.

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  • A concept of a planar vector magnetic sensor comprising in-plane tunnel magnetoresistive (TMR) sensors and an active flux-guide (AFG) was introduced in this work. The AFG redirected the magnetic flux at high-frequency benefiting a vertical detection capability and suppressing the field noise of the TMR at low-frequency measurement. The vertical sensitivity of 19.5 V/T was close to the in-plane sensitivity of 19.2 V/T.

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  • It has been observed that some geophysical parameters could be changed during a solar eclipse. We have therefore measured gravity and magnetic fields during solar eclipses. We also measured the gravity field during the previous eclipse on the 11th of August, 1999.

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  • Magnetization curves in the temperature range 88–430 K were measured by means of a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM) from which the magnetic moment at 0 K and Curie temperature were determined.

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  • A technology that produces a gradient polymer distribution in polymer-modified mortar (PMM) was developed to minimize the polymer addition in PMM without losing the improved properties. The mortar was modified using a magnetic responsive polymer latex and was subjected to a magnetic field during moulding. Driven by magnetic force, the added polymer particles were enriched in the superficial region of the PMM, and a dense protective layer with much higher polymer content was generated in the hardened mortar, which increased the impermeability of the material.

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  • In this paper, we consider the mean-field Heisenberg model with deterministic external magnetic field. We prove a large deviation principle for Sn/n with respect to the associated Gibbs measure, where Sn/n is the scaled partial sum of spins. In particular, we obtain an explicit expression for the rate function.

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  • In this work, a highly sensitive low-field magnetometer has been implemented for navigation, electronic compass, and monitoring security. The sensor structure consists of the soft-magnetic core cobalt base, the excitation coil, and the sensing coil. A current passing through the excitation coil at high frequency modulates the permeability of the soft magnetic core.

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  • The Potts model on a Cayley tree in the presence of competing two binary interactions and magnetic field is considered. We exactly solve a problem of phase transitions for the model, namely we calculate critical surface such that there is a phase transition above it and a single Gibbs state found elsewhere.

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  • Photon - axion conversions in static electromagnetic fields of the size a × b × c are considered in detail by the Feynman diagram methods. The differential cross sections are presented and the numerical evaluations of the total cross section are given. Our result shows that the conversion cross-sections in the electric field are quite small, while in the strong magnetic field, the cross-sections are much enhanced, which can be measurable in current experiments.

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  • The Gaussian spin fluctuation theory is applied to study magnetic properties (Curie temperature, magnetization) of EuO ultra-thin films within nearest neighbor and next nearest neighbor exchange approximation. The dependence of Curie temperature on the thickness of the free EuO ultrathin film is calculated and compared with the results of the other mean field methodconstant coupling approximation. The effect of nearly independence of saturation magnetization on the EuO films thickness measured in [8] can be explained by controlling the next nearest neighbor exchange in presence of substrates.

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  • This paper presents the fabrication of CoNiP single segment and CoNiP/Au multisegment nanowires. We have fabricated these nanowires by electrodeposition method into polycarbonate templates with a nominal pore diameter about 100 nm. The hystersis loops were measured with the applied magnetic field parallel and perpendicular to the wire axis using a vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM).

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