Metaphor and therapy

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  • Healing with Stories Your Casebook Collection for Using Therapeutic Metaphors Edited by George W. Burns John Wiley & Sons, Inc. .Praise for Healing with Stories “George Burns has become the ‘metaphor man.’ In this volume he showcases some of today’s best therapists healing with metaphors. These rich teaching stories provide valuable tools for students as well as professionals. I consider this volume must reading for anyone wanting to improve their psychotherapy service.

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  • If you were raised in the tiny Himalayan kingdom of Bhutan, one of your earliest memories would most likely be hearing the national story of the four faithful friends. The story tells of a pheasant that found a seed, a rabbit that helped plant and water it, a monkey that fertilized and weeded it, and an elephant that stood guard to protect it. When the tree had grown to maturity, the animals climbed on each other’s backs, forming a pyramid, to reach into the high branches so as to collect and share the fruit. Editing this book has made me mindful of this tale of...

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  • The reader of this book will find within it ideas and models based on my 25 years of experience in clinical, educational, developmental, and medical psychology among Arabs, Muslims, Jews, and Americans, but mainly among Palestinian Arabs. I studied for my master’s degree in clinical psychology at Haifa University in Israel, during which time I received some practical training at Jewish psychological centers in Israel. Thus both my theoretical study and practical training were based on the Western-oriented theories of psychology.

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  • Heraclitus, the ancient Greek sage (c. 536-470 B.C.) declared that everything is in flux. Everything changes, and no one can step twice in the same waters of a river. What seemed true to Heraclitus is even more true in our times. Old certainties give way to uncertainty. Old traditions no longer sustain human behavior. This is true in the personal as well as in the professional realms. Professional monodoxy has given way to a plethora of theories and interventive strategies (Corsini, 1981).

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  • One of the main tasks in the psychological individuation process is the reconciliation of opposites, especially the opposition between consciousness and the unconscious. Dreams create a bridge between these two worlds. Jung sees the dream as the steady endeavor of the unconscious to create the best possible equilibrium in the psyche. Dreams are a means to establish a homeostatic balance, or at least to show the dreamer what would be necessary to achieve this balance. Psychotherapists of many different schools use dreams in individual therapy, but very few use them in counseling couples.

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  • Like every artistic process, virtual sculpture (see figure 1 for example), requires a strong interaction between the artist and his artwork. Feeling the material being modeled enforces the metaphor of sculpting and the immersion of the user, making the creative activity easier. The need for haptic feedback is even stronger when the user visualizes his 3D sculpture on a standard screen: without force feedback, correctly positioning an editing tool with respect to the sculpture is difficult, since it may require changing the viewpoint several times to check the tool’s position....

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