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  • Nối tiếp nội dung của phần 1 Tài liệu Phương pháp nghiên cứu trong lâm nghiệp - Forestry research methodology, phần 2 trình bày các nội dung: Một số phương pháp bố trí thí nghiệm và quản lý, lưu trữ, xử lý số liệu trên máy vi tính, xây dựng đề cương và kế hoạch nghiên cứu, nội dung và phương pháp nghiên cứu kỹ thuật lâm sinh ở Việt Nam. Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  • Phần 1 Tài liệu Phương pháp nghiên cứu trong lâm nghiệp Forestry research methodology trình bày các nội dung: Những thành tựu và những vấn đề đặt ra trong nghiên cứu lâm nghiệp, lâm nghiệp vùng Châu Á - Thái Bình Dương trong vận hội mới, xác định vấn đề nghiên cứu và ưu tiên nghiên cứu, một số nội dung xây dựng dự án quốc tế, xác định các nguồn tài trợ cho nghiên cứu, Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo nội dung chi tiết.

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  •  Sequence Diagrams - Software Design Methodology provides about introduction, basic notation, alternating paths, modularity (referencing a diagram,  parallel fragments, critical fragment) behavior Modeling, language, lternations and some thing else.


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  • Tham khảo sách 'public health – methodology, environmental and systems issues edited by jay maddock', y tế - sức khoẻ, y học thường thức phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The Universal Verification Methodology (UVM) is a standardized methodology for verifying integrated circuit designs. UVM is derived mainly from the OVM (Open Verification Methodology) which was, to a large part, based on the eRM (e Reuse Methodology) for the e Verification Language developed by Verisity Design in 2001. The UVM class library brings much automation to the SystemVerilog language such as sequences and data automation features (packing, copy, compare) etc.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "research methodology - methods and techniques" has contents: chi-square test, testing of hypotheses-i (parametric or standard tests of hypotheses), analysis of variance and covariance, analysis of variance and covariance,...and other contents.

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  • This report documents the underlying methodology of a portfolio-analysis tool developed by the RAND Corporation for the Missile Defense Agency’s Director of Business Management Office (MDA/DM). It also serves a

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  • Class & Object Diagrams - Software Design Methodology includes UML class diagrams; class diagrams vs object diagrams; relationships; dependency; association; association name; association multiplicity; multiplicity example; multiplicity symbols; association role names; classes versus objects; class diagram example; aggregation; inheritance (generalization); multiple inheritance.


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  • Research methodology course be implemented with content: Safety briefing undercroft; Defining health, safety & environment; What is hse target. To master the details invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "research methodology - methods and techniques" has contents: research methodology - an introduction; defining the research problem, research design, sampling design, measurement and scaling techniques, methods of data collection, processing and analysis of data, sampling fundamentals.

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  • This document provides an initial version of the methodological approaches to be taken in the Congressionallymandated study of the SBIR program at the five agencies accounting for 96 percent of the SBIR program expenditures.1 The proposed methodology draws extensively on the methodologies developed for the review of the previous NRC assessment of the SBIR at the Department of Defense, SBIR: An Assessment of the Department of Defense Fast Track Initiative.

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  • The growing availability of spoken language corpora presents new opportunities for enriching the methodologies of speech and language therapy. In this paper, we present a novel approach for constructing speech motor exercises, based on linguistic knowledge extracted from spoken language corpora. In our study with the Dutch Spoken Corpus, syllabic inventories were obtained by means of automatic syllabification of the spoken language data.

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  • The methodology of organizational diagnosis is to establish the widely shared understanding of a system and, based on that understanding, to determine whether change is desirable. By stating and then maintaining that the initial work in the client system is diagnosis, consultants provide clients with bases against which they can be held accountable.

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  • The results, the use of these methodologies not only had a significant promotion in the positive emotions and self-efficacy beliefs, but also better learning outcomes were achieved by the students following this methodology. The results obtained in this research demonstrate that following an appropriate learning methodology in a distance program could contribute to reduce the main handicaps of these programs.

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  • Methodology dialectical materialism is a philosophy department-specific knowledge, the nucleus is drawn from the entire Marxist - Leninist, including the perspective system, how the principles and measures for directing cognitive activities and practice of the subject.

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  • Model programs for computational science: A Programming Methodology for Multicomputer is then usd to derive two or more model program, which solve specific problems inscience and engineering. These programs have been tested on a computing surface.

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  • Seed of rambutan as a waste of products from the canned fruit industry and was extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide (ScCO2) using CO2 as a solvent, maceration and soxhlet extraction using ethanol as the solvent. An optimization study of ScCO2 extraction using response surface methodology was performed and 3D response surfaces were plotted from the mathematical models,...Invite you to consult the documentation.

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  • This article provides some basic theoretical statements about micro-teaching and lesson study, and suggests how to combine these methods to develop the teaching skills of students in a high school geography teaching methodology module in a Department of Geography.

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  • This paper is an analysis of an impact assessment conducted by University of Arkansas students and finalized by Abby Davidson during the 2014 Community Development in Mozambique study abroad program. The assessment was based on a developmental poultry organization in the Nampula region. In order to evaluation the assessment several theories of impact assessment were utilized. Construction of a proper counterfactual, the mitigation of selection bias, appropriateness of impact indicators, and validity were all used to consider the methodologies employed in the aforementioned assessment.

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  • In the wire arc additive manufacturing (WAAM) process, the geometry of single welding beads has significant effects on the stability process and the final quality and shape of manufactured parts. In this paper, the geometry of single welding beads of 308L stainless steel was predicted as functions of process parameters (i.e. welding current I, voltage U, and travel speed v) by using the response surface methodology (RSM). A set of experimental runs was carried out by using the Box-Behnken design method.

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