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Methods of inquiry

Xem 1-20 trên 44 kết quả Methods of inquiry
  • The thesis "Signs of mid - life: Images from the contemporary Australian mid-life male psyche" investigates images from the contemporary Australian mid-life psyche, exploring the contribution to individual transformation made through the creation of, and reflective engagement with, personal imagery.

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  • The use of micro-spectroscopy methods is required to study smaller inhalable particles, benefiting from the use of silver membrane filters. Although these filters perform poorly during sample preparation, they can be stained with Nile Red and be used for pre-selection of suspected particles. Future inquiries require method development to better assess smaller size fractions relevant for human exposure.

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  • In this article, we consider an alternative comprising the simultaneous, active involvement of two interviewers. We base our considerations on experiences using the two-to-one interview in a nationwide research project on disability and physical activity.

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  • Moving against the attachment to standardisation that characterises much psychological inquiry, we outline a project where methodological flexibility and a focus on collaborative documentation helped us to surface rich experiential data on everyday ableism.

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  • This article seeks to critique scientific inquiry’s uncontested position as the sole method in which to advance social work research and knowledge generation. Through making a comparison to the field of medicine and the tremendous advances achieved in the past 100þ years by its use of scientific inquiry.

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  • The paper has provided fraud risk assessment procedures to asses risk of material misstament due to fraudulent financial reporting of enterprises in Vietnam. The paper has used a quantitative research method through a survey of 68 experienced auditors and SPSS software to conduct statistical description of analytical procedures and inquires affecting fraud risk assessment conducted by audit firms in Vietnam. The results of research have shown that analytical procedures and inquiries which are used popular and effective procedures in fraud risk assessment of audit firms in Viet Nam.

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  • To this aim, a descriptive inquiry method was employed with 102 non-English major participants at the University of People’s Security. The main research tool used was an attitudinal questionnaire. The findings of this study indicated that the employment of an explicit strategy training model in teaching metacognitive strategies received positive attitudes from most of the participants. In addition, there was a statistical difference between the attitudes of learners with high-level and those with low-level reading proficiency.

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  • This research differs methodically from the classical application of DLOQ, which measures the absolute value of organizational learning. Therefore the members of business school were asked to evaluate changes in OL using DLOQ in comparison with the period prior to the reform. For that, the respondents were asked to rate the DLOQ characteristics on a scale from -3 to +3, where a negative score means that the characteristic has become worse after the reform and positive scores imply that they are now better.

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  • The study also provides some recommendations based on research results to improve the quality of science teaching method and students’ scientific capacity.

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  • In response to multiple United Kingdom investigations and inquiries into the care of adults with learning disabilities, Mencap produced the Getting it Right Charter which campaigned for the appointment of a Learning Disability Liaison Nurse in every hospital.

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  • A detailed inquiry was conducted on identifying methods to assess childcare beliefs and practices in tribal population with a view to prepare data collection tool for research study entitled “Assessment of infant care practices, conduction and effectiveness evaluation of need based awareness program on infant care among mothers of selected tribal groups.” Taking care of children depends on a variety of factors: the geographical location, religion and culture, socioeconomic status, educational background and the beliefs and values held by the family and its community.

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  • This article is an attempt to present the concept of ethnography as a qualitative inquiry process in social science research. The paper begins with the introduction to ethnography followed by the discussion of ethnography both as an approach and a research method. It then illustrates how ethnographic research is carried out using various ethnographic methods that include participant observation, interviewing and collection of the documents and artifacts.

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  • Using digital resources is an important development in the Early Childhood Education (ECE) curriculum in China. Guo and Wang (2005) report that 98% of urban ECE programs have computers with Internet connections, in addition to other technical facilities, which are used daily in ECE classrooms. However, the lack of curriculum-related digital resources and of a network to share them makes it difficult for teachers to share these resources for teaching.

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  • This study suggests a big data analyzing method with K-LIWC (Korean-Linguistic Inquiry and Word Count), sentiment and query analysis methods, and investigates public attitudes, positive and negative emotional statements about nuclear energy with the collected data sets of wellknown social media and network services in Korea over time.

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  • This study focuses on developing a bioinformatics method based on AA composition in order to explore Sulfation site. A work builds the training model from 483 experimentally and verifies Sulfation proteins by an inquiry in four features including 20D Binary code, AAC, Blosum62, and PSSM.

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  • The current work tries to inquiry how different teaching methods affect on the student’s emotional performance. The traditional questionnaire for data collection has been replaced by in-situ, on-lineassisted, survey. This instrument was continoulsy applied over the course of 17 General Science lessons. The experiment involved 120 prospective primary education teachers.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "fraud examination" hass contents: the nature of fraud; why people commit fraud; fighting fraud - an overview; preventing fraud; recognizing the symptoms of fraud; data driven fraud detection, investigating theft acts, investigating concealment, conversion investigation methods, inquiry methods and fraud reports.

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  • Our primary objective herein is not to determine how approximate calculations introduce errors into situations with accurate hypotheses, but instead to study how rigorous calculations transmit errors due to inaccurate parameters or hypotheses. Unlike quantities represented by entire numbers, the continuous quantities generated from physics, economics or engineering sciences, as represented by one or several real numbers, are compromised by errors.

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  • I do not propose in this paper to enter into any general inquiry about the best method of writing history. Such inquiries appear to me to be of no real value, for there are many different kinds of history which should be written in many different ways.

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  • What are your organization’s policies for generating and using huge datasets full of personal information? This book examines ethical questions raised by the big data phenomenon, and explains why enterprises need to reconsider business decisions concerning privacy and identity. Authors Kord Davis and Doug Patterson provide methods and techniques to help your business engage in a transparent and productive ethical inquiry into your current data practices.

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