Microorganisms and trigger

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  • In low- and middle-income countries, complications from pregnancy and childbirth are the leading cause of death among girls aged 15 to 19. And in 2008, there were an estimated three million unsafe abortions among girls in this age group. The adverse effects of adolescent childbearing also extend to the health of their infants. Perinatal deaths are 50% higher among babies born to mothers under 20 years of age than among those born to mothers aged 20 to 29. The newborns of adolescent mothers are also more likely to have low birth weight, with the risk of long-term effects....

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  • Patients affected by bleeding disorders present a wide spectrum of clinical symptoms that vary from a mild or moderate bleeding tendency to significant episodes. Women with inherited bleeding disorders are particularly disadvantaged since, in addition to suffering from general bleeding symptoms, they are also at risk of bleeding complications from regular haemostatic challenges during menstruation, pregnancy and childbirth.

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  • If the process for selling goods on World of Good by eBay seems daunting to you, be aware that the company has anticipated this and has developed a program to help Sellers and Producer Groups who don’t have the time, experience, Internet connection, or otherwise lack capacity to complete the process outlined above. This initiative is called the Marketplace Access Program (MAP) and puts sellers in contact with what World of Good by eBay calls MAP Agents. Map Agents are experienced eBay sellers who help qualified WorldofGood.

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  • The ability of PHI to reduce demand pressures on the public system has nonetheless proven to be constrained. Increases in the population covered by PHI in Australia and Ireland have not resulted in unambiguous signs of decline in the level of waiting (Colombo and Tapay, 2003 and 2004b). PHI membership has not only shifted demand across public and private hospitals but has also increased overall demand, thereby limiting the impact on waiting times.

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  • Kanchha’s family relied on agriculture and they decided to leave their village for greener pastures in Kathmandu. On their way there, Kanchha has observed signs of climate change everywhere. The Himalayan glaciers are slowly melting as the snowline shifts higher; indigenous people along the way expressed their worry about the arrival of new bug and plant species in the highlands; floods and landslides were common and triggered by unpredictable rains. He picked up a rock that he had never seen before, because it had been buried under the thick snow-cover.

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  • Congress has enacted laws requiring individuals and facilities to take measures to protect environmental quality and public health by limiting potentially harmful emissions and discharges, and remediating damage. Enforcement of federal pollution control laws in the United States occurs within a highly diverse, complex, and dynamic statutory framework and organizational setting. Multiple statutes address a number of environmental pollution issues, such as those associated with air emissions, water discharges, hazardous wastes, and toxic substances in commerce.

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  • Users who will use the system can be car owners, car drivers, inexperienced mechanical engineer, expert mechanical engineer and interested users, and students. Car owners may want to have the knowledge to know how to maintain their car in good condition. Drivers must have the knowledge to deal with the problem as fast as possible. Inexperienced mechanical engineer can use the system to gain more knowledge and improve their work performance. Experienced mechanical engineer can use the system to help them make better and faster decision making.

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  • Given the large number of ways, one can contribute (directly and indi- rectly) to a thesis that reflects four years of work, I have to thank numerous people for their help. Therefore, it is quite obvious that this foreword can only reflect the most important contributions to my work. First of all, I would like to thank my supervisor, Prof. Martin T. Bohl for his contribution to this thesis. His ongoing support and the various insights he provided were a great help to my research. I also appreciate the freedom I had and his confidence in my work.

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  • Regarding information sharing, at national level, VNRC regularly collects information regarding the HFMD situation at province and national level for a clearer picture about current updates, affected areas and trends. At provincial level, chapters are also engaging with health sectors in tackling the wide spread of HFMD. Active chapters in provinces where CBHFA is implemented such as Ben Tre and Tien Giang have been successfully secured government funding to implement training for volunteers and community-based education and prevention.

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  • The current literature documents a wide range of individ- ual effects of both estrogen and serotonin, which have been successfully used to explain both normal and patho- logical processes. E2, for example, initiates the develop- ment of the female reproductive system, influences the deposition of body fat, regulates the production of prolac- tin and other hormones, and increases sodium and water retention [41]. Independent of estrogen, serotonin regu- lates urination, influences the production of cerebrospi- nal fluid, and relaxes vascular smooth muscle [42].

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  • Article 8 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union expressly recognises the fundamental right to the protection of personal data. However, since the adoption of the Data Protection Directive in 1995, broad technological changes have taken place1. The ability of organisations to collect, store and process personal data has increased Not many digital technologies are designed to obtain detailed logs of their usage by individuals, which are then accessible for surveillance and marketing purposes.

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  • The overall goals for treatment of tuberculosis are 1) to cure the individual patient, and 2) to minimize the transmission of Mycobacterium tuberculosis to other persons. Thus, successful treatment of tuberculosis has benefits both for the individual patient and the community in which the patient resides. For this reason the prescribing physician, be he/she in the public or private sector, is carrying out a public health function with responsibility not only for prescribing an appropriate regimen but also for successful completion of therapy.

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  • As awareness of the urgency to address climate change continues to grow, governments and other stakeholders, including the United Nations System, are mobilizing to support the establishment and implementation of a new comprehensive post-2012 climate regime under the aegis of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change (UNFCCC).

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  • According to the most recent building census of 2000, there was no overall shortage of housing in Turkey, given that there was a total of 16.2 million housing units and 15.1 million households. 22 The regional differences in the ratio of housing units available to house- holds are stunning. In Istanbul 33% more housing units than house- holds were counted, in Izmir the excess was 24% and in Ankara 10%, whereas in some of the northern provinces some 30% to 40% more households than dwelling units are reported.

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  • During this tutoring session I somehow felt like that teacher who was wondering whether he was being fair to his students and fair to himself since he was only ‘listening’. In effect, all I did this time was to ask Christine what the assignment was about, what she liked about her pieces of writing, what she was not too pleased with, and how she thought she could make some parts ‘better’. That’s right, it all developed smoothly, and Christine simply (almost naturally) answered my questions and automatically did the necessary changes as we went along.

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  • Under GHI, the U.S. is striving to coordinate all of its health programming, but integration is not being pursued for the sake of integration alone. We are working towards “smart integration,” which means selecting those opportunities for integration that make sense technically, economically, and in the context in which they are to be implemented.

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  • The comparative part will compare the above issues across Britain, France and the US. In this way, it can be ascertained how much of the consumption patterns are determined by local conditions and how much was part of a general trend. . It will be assessed how country differences can be explained; for example, whether differences in income elasticity’s can explain differences in diffusion patterns.

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  • All members of the social health insurance scheme are automatically covered by social long- term care insurance. The responsible long-term care insurance funds (Pflegekassen) are affiliated to the corresponding health insurance funds (Krankenkassen). Employees who are not covered by social LTC insurance are permitted to contract with a private long-term care insurance institution as long as they are members of a private health insurance scheme.

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  • to achieve state solar megawatt goals, a solar marketing plan must address the technology’s value proposition, its perception of unreliability, the complexity of purchasing solar and consumer inertia. this guide cites many marketing initiatives that are contributing to the growth and interest in solar across the country. However, the guide is not meant to be a clearinghouse of all solar marketing programs, nor an endorsement of any one particular approach.

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  • As society ages, maintaining oral hygiene so that food can be chewed well and enjoyed is very important in terms of quality of life (QOL). Recently, oral care for the elderly has become a topic of increasing interest, yet many dependent elderly have difficulty brushing their own teeth. Moreover, since it is not easy for family members or caregivers to clean another person's teeth, the teeth of dependent elderly who cannot brush themselves are often simply left unclean.

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