Molecular genetic methods

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  • Lung cancer is the most frequent cause of cancer deaths in both men and women in the U.S. (1). Although tobacco smoking is accepted as the number one cause of this devastating disease, our understanding of the acquired genetic changes leading to lung cancer is still rudimentary. Lung cancer is classifi ed into two major clinic-pathological groups, small cell lung carcinoma (SCLC) and non-small cell lung carcinoma (NSCLC) (2). Squamous cell carcinoma, adenocarcinoma, and large cell carcinoma are the major histologic types of NSCLC....

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  • The genetic diversity and population structure in 51 chickpea accessions were studied using 30 chickpea specific SSR markers. Twenty eight SSR markers exhibited polymorphism producing a total of 217 alleles. The average number of alleles per locus was 7.75. The average PIC value was 0.75 and ranged from a minimum of 0.53 (TA1) to a maximum of 0.85 (TA64). The markers TA5, TA14, TA18, TA21, TA64, TA71, TA106, TR20, TR26, TR58, TS43 were considered to be highly informative (PIC ≥ 0.8), in evaluating allelic variation present in the chickpea accessions.

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  • Biotechnology is the scientific field of studying and applying the most efficient methods and techniques to get useful end-products for the human society by using viable micro-organisms, cells, and tissues of plants or animals, or even certain functional components of their organisms, that are grown in fully controlled conditions to maximize their specific metabolism inside fully automatic bioreactors.

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  • It is my privilege to contribute the foreword for this unique volume entitled: “Plant Tissue Culture Engineering,” edited by S. Dutta Gupta and Y. Ibaraki. While there have been a number of volumes published regarding the basic methods and applications of plant tissue and cell culture technologies, and even considerable attention provided to bioreactor design, relatively little attention has been afforded to the engineering principles that have emerged as critical contributions to the commercial applications of plant biotechnologies.

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  • During the last three decades, important advances have been made in the available treatments for the loss of skeletal tissue as a result of trauma or disease. The application of large skeletal allografts and total joint replacement have become successful and reproducible treatment options. Unfortunately there still is a significant incidence of failure because of mechanical or biological complications.

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  • 1 Molecular Genetics in Ecology What is Molecular Ecology? Over the past 20 years, molecular biology has revolutionized ecological research. During that time, methods for genetically characterizing individuals, populations and species have become almost routine, and have provided us with a wealth

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  • An ultimate goal of modern biology is to understand how the genetic blueprint of cells (genotype) determines the structure, function, and behavior of a living organism (phenotype). At the center of this scientific endeavor is characterizing the biochemical and cellular roles of proteins, the working molecules of the machinery of life. A key to understanding of functional proteins is the knowledge of their folded structures in a cell, as the structures provide the basis for studying proteins’ functions and functional mechanisms at the molecular level....

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  • A suite of emerging techniques, known collectively as “molecular imaging,” now offer scientists an unprecedented opportunity to identify, follow, and quantify biologic processes at the cellular level with molecular specificity in intact organisms. For instance, it is now possible to evaluate, with imaging, the distribution, magnitude, and timing of gene expression in genetically altered animals (1–3).

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  • The molecular definition of tumor antigens, costimulatory signals, and the possibility to genetically engineer tumor cells as well as simple protocols for efficient isolation and preparation of dendritic cells (DC) renew the interest in tumor immunotherapy and vaccination, in particular. Engineering of tumor cells with the gene of a particular cytokine is a way of releasing that cytokine at the tumor site. In contrast to bolus administration, it provides a constant supply of cytokine.

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  • Research objectives: Thesis was the first studied methodically systematic assessment of genetic diversity by morphological indicators combined with molecular markers, identification of Vietnamese native Dendroium species based on the ITS sequences. The results of the thesis have significance in the classification, the conservation service, and selection and breed new varieties; these will be contributing to improve Vietnam orchids.

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  • In chickpea breeding genetic studies of individual plants need to be evaluated at the DNA level using molecular markers. A simple and reliable DNA extraction method is a prerequisite. This small-scale method is cetyltrimethylammonium bromide (CTAB)-based and extracts DNA from 1 to 3 folded young leaves processed in a 1.5 ml tube with 0.5 ml of extraction buffer and homogenized using an electric drill.

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  • Despite advances in pharmacology, not all patients respond favourably to drugs. A proportion of patients under therapy don't benefit from their treatment or experience an adverse reaction to the medication. However, progress in the understanding of disease mechanisms and drug actions are opening opportunities to match therapies to patient populations, and thus pave the way towards a more personalised medicine.

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  • Turkey, the third leading apple producer in world, produces approximately 2.6 million tons of apples per year. Venturia inaequalis, the causal agent of apple scab, is a major fungal disease among apples varieties. This study was conducted in accordance with the plant protection method for isolates collected from the apple production areas in Isparta Province.

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  • An in vitro propagation method was established for both male and female genotypes of lentisk using actively growing shoot tips derived from forcefully lignified shoots. The effects of growth regulators on in vitro morphogenesis were investigated.

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  • Mutation breeding techniques in combination with tissue culture and molecular marker methods provide a powerful tool for improvement of vegetatively propagated plants.

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  • The extraction of genomic DNA from microbial cells plays a significant role in PCR-based applications such as molecular diagnosis, microbial taxonomy, screening of genetically engineered microorganisms, and other such PCRbased applications. Currently, many methods for extraction of genomic DNA from microorganisms have been developed. However, these methods either require hazardous chemicals or consist of time-consuming steps for effective execution.

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  • Analyses of the spatial localization and the functions of bacteria in host plant habitats through in situ identification by immunological and molecular genetic techniques combined with high resolving microscopic tools and 3D-image analysis contributed substantially to a better understanding of the functional interplay of the microbiota in plants. Among the molecular genetic methods, 16S-rRNA genes were of central importance to reconstruct the phylogeny of newly isolated bacteria and to localize them in situ.

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  • Quantitative structure-activity relationship and molecular docking studies were carried out on a series of quinazolinonyl analogues as anticonvulsant inhibitors. Density Functional Theory (DFT) quantum chemical calculation method was used to find the optimized geometry of the anticonvulsants inhibitors. Four types of molecular descriptors were used to derive a quantitative relation between anticonvulsant activity and structural properties. The relevant molecular descriptors were selected by Genetic Function Algorithm (GFA).

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  • Sheath blight of rice is an economically important pathogen of rice worldwide. The simple methods based on morphological markers can be used to identify the associated pathogens. In the present study, three fungal isolates were studied for morphological and pathological characters. They were fast growing in culture medium with differences in sclerotia formation and exhibited varying degree of virulence on the same cultivar BPT5204, a variety susceptible to sheath blight. The isolate RS4 was found to be highly virulent with 78% disease incidence.

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  • Seed is the custodian of the genetic, potential of any cultivar and determines the limits of productivity in any cropping system. So awareness for seed health has increased among the growers, traders and consumers in recent years. A seed-borne inoculum not only secures the presence of a virulent strain of the pathogen along the seed but also favors the earliest possible establishment of the infection in seedlings along with possible threat of introduction of new physiological races/stains with seed.

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