Mother of invention

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  • Again, the invisible forces did it: whether it was the Cosmos helping me out, or me manifesting a little help from myself, I cannot yet say with any certainty. But working like any normal day I retired for lunch around noon, and spent my time taking two cans of flavored yoghurt for a walk. No War there, except for that one between the thrashers and the cleaners: They dump it in the street, and guys like me pick up the occasional piece of garbage to dump it in a waste...

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  • Some say necessity is the mother of invention. Nonsense. I think laziness is the mother of invention. Our ancestors invented things too, didn’t they? Mankind develops new technologies quickly, all to make our lives simpler and more comfortable. Simple is just another word for easy, however, so you could argue we made such great progress because we didn’t want to do quite so much work. Amazing thought, isn’t it? The world absolutely condemns lazy behavior, but deep down we are all engaged with it.

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