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  • This book is about luck disguised and perceived as non - luck and more generally, randomness disguised and perceived as non - randomness. It manifests itself in the shape of the lucky fool, defined as a person who benefited from a disproportionate share of luck but attribute his success to some other

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  • Dynamic Hedging is the definitive source on derivatives risk. It provides a real-world methodology for managing portfolios containing any nonlinear security. It presents risks from the vantage point of the option market maker and arbitrage operator. The only book about derivatives risk written by an experienced trader with theoretical training, it remolds option theory to fit the practitioner's environment.

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  • Khái niệm “black swans” (thiên nga đen) đã ăn sâu vào ý thức của giới đầu tư và thống trị thị trường tài chính gần một thập kỷ qua khi quyển sách “The Black Swan” của Nassim Taleb xuất bản năm 2007. Từ đó, “black swans” dùng để chỉ những sự cố tưởng chừng như không thể xảy ra nhưng lại có thể. Trong bối cảnh đó “thiên nga đen (black swans) cũng có thể là thiên nga trắng (white swans)”.

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  • This article argues that the crisis of 2007–2008 happened because of an explosive combination of agency problems, moral hazard, and “scientism”—the illusion that ostensibly scientific techniques would manage risks and predict rare events in spite of the stark empirical and theoretical realities that suggested otherwise. The authors analyze the varied behaviors, ideas and effects that in combination created a financial meltdown, and discuss the players responsible for the consequences.

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