Nutritional therapy approaches

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  • The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC, World Health Organization) [ 1 ] estimated an incidence of 6,617,855 cancers around the world in 2008 with 4,219,626 deaths associated with this disease (IARC 2011).

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  • Disease-Specific Nutritional Support SNS is basically a support therapy and is primary therapy only for the treatment or prevention of malnutrition. Certain conditions require modification of nutritional support because of organ or system impairment. For instance, in nitrogen accumulation disorders, protein intake may need to be reduced. However, in renal disease, except for brief periods of several days, protein intakes should approach requirement levels of at least 0.8 g/kg or higher up to 1.2 g/kg as long as the blood urea nitrogen does not exceed 100 mg/dL.

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  • Gene therapy offers many conceptual advantages to treat muscle diseases, especially various forms of muscular dystrophies. Many of these diseases are caused by a single gene mutation. While the traditional approaches may ameliorate some symptoms, the ultimate cure will depend on molecular correction of the genetic defect. The clinical feasibility of gene therapy has been recently demonstrated in treatment of a type of inherited blindness. By delivering a therapeutic gene to the retina, investigators were able to partially recover the vision in a disease once thought incurable.

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  • To deal with the lack of reported information, we propose a novel approach to obtain the exposure contained in the net position in interest-rate derivatives. We specify a state space model of a bank’s derivatives trading strategy. We then use Bayesian methods to estimate the bank’s strategy using the joint distribution of interest rates, bank fair and notional values as well as bid-ask spreads. Intuitively, the identification of the bank’s strategy relies on whether the net position (per dollar notional) gains or loses in value over time, together with the history of rates.

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  • The Global Strategy for Infant and Young Child Feeding The global strategy for infant and young child feeding describes essential actions to protect, promote and support appropriate infant and young child feeding. It focuses on the importance of investing in this crucial area to ensure that children grow to their full potential free from the adverse consequences of compromised nutritional status and preventable illnesses.

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  • T ackling diseases and conditions which disproportionately affect the poor is central to WHO’s work. Efforts to achieve the MDGs are thus part of WHO’s core business. WHO has extensive programmes to assist countries in their efforts to tackle HIV/AIDS, TB, and malaria; improve child and maternal health and nutrition; and scale up access to essential medicines.

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  • Book “ABC of complementary medicine” has contents: What is complementary medicine, users and practitioners of complementary medicine, complementary/integrated medicine in conventional practice, herbal medicine, massage therapies, unconventional approaches to nutritional medicine, complementary medicine and the patient,… and other contents.

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  • This handy reference provides users with an understanding of complementary and alternative treatment options for more than 130 common disease states. A practical manual, it describes a variety of possible approaches to small animal disorders. Concentrating on nutrition, herbs, traditional Chinese medicines, and physical therapies, the authors present both tradition- and evidence-based therapies for disorders not always responsive to conventional therapies.

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  • A totally revised and updated edition of the first book to offer a holistic approach to slowing the progression of MS • Provides guidance on special diets and nutritional supplements, exercise, alternative therapies, and the effects of negative and positive thoughts on MS • Explains how to reduce toxic overload from mercury and chemicals

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