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Object’s state

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  • In this article, our objective is to scrutinize the present state of fintech applications within the finance and banking sector, while also examining the repercussions of fintech on this domain in Vietnam. Moreover, attention will be directed towards highlighting pertinent concerns that necessitate attention. Finally, we intend to propose pragmatic solutions that would enable the finance and banking sector to effectively leverage the opportunities presented by fintech advancements in the future.

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  • The research "Literature review on fintech in the era of digital transformation: Development trends and potential challenges in the digital economy" utilized the systematic literature review approach, coupled with thematic analysis, meta analysis, and observation, and seeks to achieve three objectives such as delineate the current state of financial technology research, pinpoint gaps in the research landscape, and outline challenges and emerging trends for prospective research.

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  • The paper describes specific aspects of land use planning and forecasting for effective supply chain management. Close attention is paid to the territorial planning projects having been implemented in the United States, England, Germany, the former Soviet Union and Russia. Land is characterized as an object for planning and forecasting as well as the basis for food security. There is a real need for area development planning and forecasting to provide management of agri-food supply chains.

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  • The object of this study is to determine the conceptual understanding that prospective Science teachers have relating "de Broglie: Matter waves" and to investigate the effect of the instruction performed, on the conceptual understanding. This study was performed at a state university located in the western part of Turkey, with the Faculty of Education-Science Teaching students (2nd year / 48 individual) in the academic year of 2010-2011.

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  • The objective of the study is to determine the trend of the world life insurance market in the period of 2023-2036, and at the same time make recommendations for the Vietnamese insurance market through recommendations to state agencies, Vietnam Insurance Association and Vietnamese life insurance enterprises.

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  • The research carried out a critical analysis of existing labor potential assessment methodologies at the regional level, which allowed taking into account the identified deficiencies offer the author's approach to express diagnostics, which does not require a special wide survey, allows to get objective results and it is the basis for identifying the most important problems and priority ways of solving them. The essence of the approach is to conduct regional clustering procedure on the level of the state of the labor potential on the basis of the author's indicator system.

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  • The present paper examines the actual problem of changing conditions of competition in the electricity market, considering the peculiarities of its development in the context of global changes and digitalization. This study is aimed at developing approaches to mitigate state and interstate regulation of the development of competitive market conditions through the creation of prerequisites for freer competition.

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  • The objective of this project is to evaluate the statistical properties of three sample designs (e.g., Simple Random Sampling, Systematic Sampling and Probabilities Proportion to Size) in estimating the total area damaged by causal and disorder agents in the state.

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  • The paper aim to investigate the current state of researches, current development, gaps and provide guidance for future research of innovation system and agricultural downstream supply chain research field. A systematic literature review (SLR) method was implemented to achieve the research objective. After applying some relevant keywords filter and including some relevant papers published in the field, 110 papers addressing the innovation system in agricultural downstream supply chain are identified for review analysis.

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  • This primary objective of this investigation is to investigate the relationship between tax system, entrepreneurship, tax incentives and country economy growth with the mediation effect of supply chain management. The analysis of the order and procedure for tax revenues for the treasury, the role of tax revenues in increasing the revenue of the state budget, the value of tax incentives in the business activity of business entities and increasing the country's budget, as well as the effectiveness of tax administration in the Republic of Kazakhstan has been performed in this article.

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  • The aim of this research is to explore socioeconomic risks and challenges, in the modern globalized production landscape from an end-to-end supply chain perspective. Given the sensitivity of a Russian regional economy contribution to its supply chains, any improvement in supply chains strategy will be beneficial for mines and their stakeholders.

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  • Ebook "Fullerenes and other carbon-rich nanostructures (Structure and bonding, Volume 159)" contributions from laboratories from all over the world are collected in this special issue and illustrate major aspects of the current state of the art of carbon nanoscience.

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  • Ebook "Electrochemistry in a divided world: Innovations in Eastern Europe in the 20th century" review landmark developments in electrochemistry building on biographic material and personal insight. The book facilitates understanding of the innate pathways of developments in electrochemical science as a result of lucky circumstances fitting to objective conditions. Thus the book will help to understand the present state of electrochemistry and offer inspiration for solving today’s scientific challenges.

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  • Ebook "Far-field optical nanoscopy (Springer series on Fluorescence: Methods and applications, Volume 14)" discusses the initial and more recent concepts that can provide far-field optical resolution down to the molecular scale. It is shown that all concepts reported to date exploit a transition between a bright and a dark state to switch fluorescence such that adjacent objects or molecules emit sequentially in time. Some of these concepts can be extended to signal-giving mechanisms other than fluorescence.

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  • Professional competencies required in the field of logistics and supply chain management (SCM) are in the process of continuous development since the modern business environment creates a high demand for them. This study was aimed at assessing the state of training systems’ development and the capabilities for their future improvement in terms of creating conditions for effective SCM by skilled labor. In order to achieve the research objective, a comparative analysis of national higher training and logistics systems was performed on the example of Russia and Germany.

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  • The main objective of this study is to explore the public procurement on the Direct Negotiation issues. There are various types of public procurements implemented in the Malaysian government procurement system, however, Direct Negotiation has become the contractors’ opportunities in abusing the system where many projects have failed to be completed as scheduled and others were completed with below standard which has not achieved the expectations.

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  • This study examines the effect of supply chain audit quality on the quality of audit results through corruption detection. The object of this study is the auditor of the State Financial Examination Agency of the Republic of Indonesia, with the subject of the study being the state financial auditor. The respondents of this study were 99 state financial auditors.

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  • Psychological factors such as anxiety and depression have been recognized as the etiology of temporomandibular disorders. Objectives: The study aimed to evaluate the prevalence of temporomandibular disorders in dental students and describe the state of depression and anxiety and related factors in the students with the disorders.

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  • The research objective was to analyze the attitudes of decision-makers in the innovation adoption process in the Brazilian beef chain industry. The study’s approach was qualitative and exploratory, and the method was a study of multiple cases in the beef chain industry. To reach the objective, 17 rural properties in the Brazilian state of Mato Grosso do Sul were investigated. Unstructured interviews were conducted to map the decision-makers’ attitudes regarding the innovation adoption process. Content analysis was performed using the ATLAS.TI software.

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  • The main focus of this study was the perceived benefits of exercise among pregnant mothers in University of Calabar Teaching Hospital, Calabar, Cross River State. In order to successfully carry out the study, objectives and research questions with corresponding hypothesis'were formulated to guide the study.

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