Occupational Exposure program

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  • This article discusses the evolution of the collective dose for several types of reactors, mainly based on publications from the NEA and the IAEA.

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  • The department offers formal training in occupational and environmental health, with particular strength in the areas of the application of biomarkers of exposure, dose, and susceptibility; molecular, occupational, and environmental epidemiology; and occupational and environmental policy and management. Occupational and environmental health faculty members are engaged in a wide range of research projects, primarily in human research studies utilizing epidemiological methods, often with a focus on disease etiology and causal pathways.

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  • The National Institute for Occupational Safety and Health (NIOSH) has requested that the National Academies, through the National Research Council (NRC) and the Institute of Medicine (IOM), conduct a series of reviews of its research portfolio. The charge is discussed in detail in a subsequent section, but in general it is to evaluate the relevance and impact of a NIOSH research program and to provide recommendations for future research. This report contains a review and evaluation of the NIOSH Traumatic Injury (TI) Research Program.

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  • Approximately 75% of COPD cases are attributed to cigarette smoking (5). Occupation-related exposures may account for another 15% of COPD cases (6) and genetic factors, asthma, respiratory infections, and indoor and outdoor exposures to air pollutants also play a role (6,7). hus, COPD largely can be prevented. Prevention of COPD begins with reducing and/ or eliminating smoking initiation among teenagers and young adults and encouraging tobacco cessation among current smokers.

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