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  • Trong SQL Server 7.0, Microsoft đã giới thiệu hai thủ tục lưu trữ hệ thống là sp_attach_db và sp_attach_single_file_db, giúp các nhà quản trị cơ sở dữ liệu thuận tiện hơn khi thực hiện các tác vụ sau: • Attach trực tiếp các file .MDF và .LDF vào máy chủ bằng cách sử dụng thủ tục lưu trữ hệ thống sp_attach_db. • Chỉ Attach các file .MDF bằng cách sử dụng thủ tục lưu trữ hệ thống sp_attach_single_file_db. • Detach cơ sở dữ liệu khỏi máy chủ bằng cách sử dụng sp_detach_db.

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  • Outlook and Attachment Security Some of most common attachments you receive, such as JPG and GIF images, are entirely safe. Others, such as Word or Excel documents, are usually safe but could carry macro viruses

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  • To resolve or not to resolve, that is the structural ambiguity dilemma. The traditional wisdom is to disambiguate only when it matters in terms of the meaning of the utterance, and to do so using the computationally least costly information. NLP work on PP-attachment has followed this wisdom, and much effort has been focused on formulating structural and lexical strategies for resolving noun-phrase and verb-phrase (NP-PP vs. VP-PP) attachment ambiguity (e.g. [8, 11]).

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  • The present paper follows in the path set by these authors, but extends their work in significant ways. We made these extensions to solve this problem in a way that can be directly applied in running systems in such application areas as information extraction or conversational interfaces. In particular, we have sought to produce an attachment decision procedure with far broader coverage than in earlier approaches. Most research to date has focussed on a subset of the attachment problem that only covers 25% of the problem instances in our training data, the socalled binary VNP subset.

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  • Whether automatically extracted or human generated, open-domain factual knowledge is often available in the form of semantic annotations (e.g., composed-by) that take one or more specific instances (e.g., rhapsody in blue, george gershwin) as their arguments. This paper introduces a method for converting flat sets of instance-level annotations into hierarchically organized, concept-level annotations, which capture not only the broad semantics of the desired arguments (e.g., ‘People’ rather than ‘Locations’), but also the correct level of generality (e.g.

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  • This paper presents a set of Bayesian methods for automatically extending the W ORD N ET ontology with new concepts and annotating existing concepts with generic property fields, or attributes. We base our approach on Latent Dirichlet Allocation and evaluate along two dimensions: (1) the precision of the ranked lists of attributes, and (2) the quality of the attribute assignments to W ORD N ET concepts. In all cases we find that the principled LDA-based approaches outperform previously proposed heuristic methods, greatly improving the specificity of attributes at each concept. ...

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  • To study PP attachment disambiguation as a benchmark for empirical methods in natural language processing it has often been reduced to a binary decision problem (between verb or noun attachment) in a particular syntactic configuration. A parser, however, must solve the more general task of deciding between more than two alternatives in many different contexts. We combine the attachment predictions made by a simple model of lexical attraction with a full-fledged parser of German to determine the actual benefit of the subtask to parsing.

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  • This paper presents a massively parallel parser that predicts critical attachment behaviors of the human sentence processor, without the use of explicit preference heuristics or revision strategies. The processing of a syntactic ambiguity is modeled as an active, distributed competition among the potential attachments for a phrase. Computationally motivated constraints on the competitive mechanism provide a principled and uniform account of a range of human attachment preferences and garden path phenolnena. ...

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  • We explore learning prepositionalphrase attachment in Dutch, to use it as a filter in prosodic phrasing. From a syntactic treebank of spoken Dutch we extract instances of the attachment of prepositional phrases to either a governing verb or noun. Using cross-validated parameter and feature selection, we train two learning algorithms, TB I and RIPPER, 011 making this distinction, based on unigram and bigram lexical features and a cooccurrence feature derived from WWW counts.

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  • We propose a new formulation of the PP attachment problem as a 4-way classification which takes into account the argument or adjunct status of the PP. Based on linguistic diagnostics, we train a 4-way classifier that reaches an average accuracy of 73.9% (baseline 66.2%). Compared to a sequence of binary classifiers, the 4-way classifier reaches better performance and individuates a verb's arguments more accurately, thus improving the acquisition of a crucial piece of information for many NLP applications. ...

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  • “Make Every Man Want You is more than just a book about relationships. It’s a book of empowerment for women of every age and lifestyle. As host of Web Sorority Talk Radio, I frequently hear successful women say that they wish they were as successful in love as they were in business. This book shows women the way to stop focusing on our little flaws and celebrate our strengths. Whether single or attached, this book is a must-read for every woman who wants to step into her power and start feeling great about herself!” —Lynne Klippel, author of Web Wonder...

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  • RAID , or Redundant Array of Independent Disks, allows a group, or array , of drives to act as a single device. RAID, hoặc Redundant Array of Independent Disks, cho phép một nhóm, hoặc mảng, các ổ đĩa để hoạt động như một thiết bị duy nhất. Configure any RAID functions provided by the mainboard of your computer, or attached controller cards, before you begin the installation process. Each active RAID array appears as one drive within Fedora.

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  • [ Team LiB ] Understanding Information Rights Management New to Outlook 2003, Information Rights Management (IRM) enables you to secure a message, including any attachments, to prevent the recipient from printing, forwarding, or copying the message or attachment. The recipient can open the message only after she confirms her identity by logging on to her Passport account. Although there are similarities between digital signatures and IRM, they're two distinct methods you can use to secure your messages. You can digitally sign and encrypt IRM-protected messages.

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  • STRINGS ATTACHED Recording Strings HUGH ROBJOHNS The art and the challenge of recording is all about capturing the best possible rendition of the musical performance without colouring the tonal quality of the instruments or swamping their subtleties in undesirable mechanical noises. In this workshop I shall be looking at some of the techniques and pitfalls involved in recording violins, cellos and basses, be it as solo instruments or in the context of quartets and larger string sections.

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  • Like or Dislike Trong tiếng anh like - thích (và dislike - không thích) có những mức độ diễn đạt rất phong phú. Thường ta hay dùng like/ enjoy/ be fond of/be keen on + V-ing để chỉ những điều mình thích. Và khi một người đàn ông đam mê một thứ gì đó, họ sẽ "I am attached to/ addicted to + sth/ doing sth". Còn phụ nữ sẽ lên tiếng "I am crazy about/ fancy/ in love with + sth + doing sth". Chúng ta sẽ cùng tìm hiểu các cấp độ like và dislike qua từng...

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  • Potential negative consequences of early identification of cognitive impairment clearly exist. Labelling an individual as demented may affect his or her ability to obtain life or health insurance, and may influence attitudes towards the individual by health care professionals and others. The label of Alzheimer’s disease may cause prejudice and difficulty in gaining admission to some long-term facilities.

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  • For investments to provide local benefits, mechanisms need to be in place ensuring technical and economic viability, consistency with local land use plans and taxation regimes, and transfers of assets from nonviable projects. This should also include the scope for investment and associated land governance issues in countries’ broader development strategies that identify areas or crops where investment can provide the highest benefits based on agro-ecological endowments and existing land use intensity.

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  • Call your insurance agent or company representative and discuss the particular requirements for reporting a flood claim.These can vary from company to company , so knowing how to proceed can save a lot of effort later . Remember , after a flood it may be difficult to get in touch with your agent or insurance company . Power and phone service may be interrupted, or phone lines may be overwhelmed with other callers. It will benefit you to know just what to do in advance of flooding.

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  • Second, within the wider pattern of concurrent care, we identified a more complex relationship between the two broader provider groups – for high users of GPs, consultation with some CAM practitioners (eg. acupuncturists) is associated with less frequent visits with a GP. It is possible that this finding reflects a change in women’s health-seeking behaviour as a result of what they perceive as a discouraging response by their GPs to their concerns or preferences [26,27].

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  • Every organization has a culture unique to itself, and this is true of divisions within large corporations. The important thing to understand about culture is that in most cases there in nothing absolutely right or wrong about cultures – they just are. It is only in a relative sense that you can say something is wrong in another culture (Lewis, P. James, 2008). Differences in national culture influence not only the surface behavior but there are also essential conditions for understanding the values adopted by business people.

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