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  • The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) was introduced with Oracle8i. OID serves the same function as Oracle Names in that it gives users a way to connect to an Oracle Server without having a client-side configuration file. However, OID differs from Oracle Names in that it is an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) direc- tory; it does not merely support the Oracle-only Oracle Net protocol. Oracle Connection Manager Each connection to the database takes up valuable network resources, which can impact the overall performance of a database application.

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  • Database users connect to the database by establishing a network connection. You can also link database servers via network connections. Oracle provides a number of features to establish connections between users and the database and/or between database servers, as described in the following sections. Oracle Net Oracle’s network interface, Oracle Net, was formerly known as Net8 when used in Oracle8, and SQL*Net when used with Oracle7 and previous versions of Oracle.

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  • Oracle8 was introduced in 1997 with larger size limitations and management fea- tures, such as partitioning, aimed at very large database implementations. In 1998, Oracle announced Oracle8i, which is sometimes referred to as Version 8.1 of the Oracle8 database. The i was added to denote added functionality supporting Inter- net deployment in the new version. Oracle9i followed, with Application Server avail- able in 2000 and Database Server in 2001. Oracle Database 10g was introduced in 2003; the g denotes Oracle’s focus on emerging grid deployment models.

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  • The urban-rural meta-narrative seems likely to have a generally positive impact on these D-P types, as they are net gainers in terms of population and economic activity, due both to counter-urbanisation and in-migration from remoter regions. The Globalisation meta narrative (here interpreted mainly in terms of economic restructuring effects) is also likely to have predominantly positive impacts upon these types of non-urban region.

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  • Thus, for example in the first matrix, it is evident that in terms of net migration (NETMIG) there is no significant difference (at the 90% probability level) between the PU regions and those in either the IA or the IR types. Four other possible combinations show no significant difference in migration rates at the 90% level. The IA and PRR “pass the test” at the 90% significance level, but not at the 95% level. This leave three possible combinations of D-P types which show a statistically significant difference in terms of net migration rates (at the 95% level).

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  • Databases with related content are grouped into predefined subject categories and given a four- to eight-character identifier. The identifier, or OneSearch category, may then be used in Dialog Command Language searches as a shortcut to open all of the databases in the OneSearch category with a single BEGIN command. Any search entered will execute in all of the databases in the category. The OneSearch categories may also be used with the DIALINDEX finding tool. See the DIALINDEX section for more details. The list below includes most of the available OneSearch categories.

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  • The Programs may provide links to Web sites and access to content, products, and services from third parties. Oracle is not responsible for the availability of, or any content provided on, third-party Web sites. You bear all risks associated with the use of such content. If you choose to purchase any products or services from a third party, the relationship is directly between you and the third party.

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  • Before sending data across the network, Oracle Net buffers and encapsulates data into the session data unit (SDU). Oracle Net sends the data stored in this buffer when the buffer is full, flushed, or when database server tries to read data. When large amounts of data are being transmitted or when the message size is consistent, adjusting the size of the SDU buffers can improve performance, network utilization, or memory consumption. You can deploy SDU at the client, the application Web server, and the database server....

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  • Oracle Net Services provide a variety of options to help you design and manage networks that are both flexible and easy to use. With Oracle Net Services enhanced scalability and manageability features, you can develop a network to support a wide range of environments, whether they be simple workgroups or large mission critical enterprises. This chapter describes considerations for planning a network using Oracle Net Services. It explains the relationships of the network products, and options for expanding and better managing your future network. ...

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  • ersonal “lives” were, generally not migrated into archives because of their on-going nature although nearly all photos were treated as archival. The rationale was that photos are fundamentally archives and this had to do with the mindset that Windows established by making “My Pictures” a special folder, that would lead people to store all photos in one folder hierarchy. Most of Bell’s photos are in a folder called “A Big Shoebox”. Over time, however, we also ended up storing photos throughout the folder hierarchy because all items pertaining to a single subject, e.g.

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  • his book is a comprehensive and easy-to-understand guide for using the Oracle Data Provider (ODP) version 11g on the .NET Framework. It also outlines the core GoF (Gang of Four) design patterns and coding techniques employed to build and deploy high-impact mission-critical applications using advanced Oracle database features through the ODP.NET provider. The book details the features of the ODP.NET provider in two main sections: “Basic,” covering the basics and mechanisms for data access via ODP.

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  • Redundant Arrays of Inexpensive Disks Technology (RAID)

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  • Small shared pool Small database buffer cache Small redo log buffer cache Missing indexes Rollback segments and undo tablespace Sort area size incorrectly set Assorted

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  • Example of Statspack Report

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  • Chức Năng : Chứa toàn bộ dữ liệu trong database. Lưu Trữ các dữ liệu thuộc cấu trúc logic của database như tables hay indexes Tính Chất Mỗi datafile chỉ có thể được sử dụng trong một database. Một số tính chất cho phép tự động mở rộng kích thước mỗi khi database hết chỗ lưu trữ dữ liệu. Một hay nhiều datafiles tạo nên một đơn vị lưu trữ logic của database gọi là tablespace. Một datafile chỉ thuộc về một tablespace....

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  • Export and Import Utilities The Export utility provides a simple way for you to transfer data objects between Oracle databases, even if they reside on platforms with different hardware and software configurations. When you run Export against an Oracle database, objects (such as tables) are extracted, followed by their related objects (such as indexes, comments, and grants), if any. The extracted data is written to an Export file, which is an Oracle binary-format dump file that is typically located on disk or tape.

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  • Overview The recovery catalog is a schema that is created in a separate database. It contains the RMAN metadata obtained from the target database control file. RMAN propagates information about the database structure, archived redo logs, backup sets, and datafile copies into the recovery catalog from the control file of the target database. You should use a catalog when you have multiple target databases to manage. RMAN stores, uses, and maintains the information in the recovery catalog. The recovery catalog is maintained by RMAN when you do the following: 1.

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  • Workshop Methodology Group-Oriented and Interactive Structure The workshop is structured to allow individuals to work in groups to perform database backup, restore, and recovery operations. Each group is encouraged to share its approach to resolving database failures with other groups in the class. Intensive Hands-On Diagnosis and Problem Resolution The intent is to provide you with as much hands-on experience as possible to diagnose and work through backup and recovery scenarios.

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  • Incomplete Recovery Incomplete recovery reconstructs the database to a prior point in time (before the time of the failure). Note: This situation results in the loss of data from transactions committed after the time of recovery. This data will need to be reentered manually if required. Perform this recovery only when absolutely necessary. Incomplete recovery can be a difficult and time-consuming operation.

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  • Cross Checks of RMAN Backups and Copies Performing a cross check provides you with a way to ensure that data about backup sets and image copies in the RMAN repository is synchronized with corresponding data on disk or in the media management catalog. You can use the LIST command to obtain a report of the backups and copies that you have made and then use the CROSSCHECK command to check that these files still exist. If RMAN cannot find a file, it updates the repository records to EXPIRED. You can determine which files are marked EXPIRED by issuing a LIST EXPIRED command....

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