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  • Research on the text generation task has led to creation of a large systemic grammar of English, Nigel, which is embedded in a computer program. The grammar and the systemic framework have been extended by addition of a semantic stratum. The grammar generates sentences and other units under several kinds of experimental control. This paper describes augmentations of various precedents in the systemic framework. The emphasis is on developments which control the text to fulfill a purpose, and on characteristics which make Nigel relatively easy to embed in a larger experimental program. ...

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  • Database Management Systems: Chapter 0 - An Overview of a Database Management System includes about What is a DBMS? DBMS Capabilities, Data-Definition Language Commands, Answering the query, Buffer manager, Transaction processor’s tasks.

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  • This paper provides an overview of the key innovations and developments in Vietnamese linguistics over the last three decades of Doi moi. During 30 years, Vietnamese linguistics has witnessed the integration, acquisition and creative application of theories and trends learnt from modern linguistics to Vietnam.

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  • Southeast Asia has 11 countries: Brunei, Cambodia, East Timor, Indonesia, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Philippines, Singapore, Thailand, and Vietnam. Southeast Asia is considered one of the most active economic development regions in the world, with high demand for energy development, cultural diversity, and language. These countries and Vietnam have good relationships in diplomacy and cooperation and in other fields; therefore, it is very convenient for Vietnam to invest in oil and gas exploration and exploitation in the region.

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  • English is the key learning area where students develop knowledge, skills and understandings about English language and literature. K–6 syllabuses in New South Wales are organised in broad stages that describe the sequence of learning experiences through which students will progress. The outcomes and content in this English K–6 Syllabus are organised in three strands.

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  • Analog Behavioral Modeling With The Verilog-A Language provides the IC designer with an introduction to the methodologies and uses of analog behavioral modeling with the Verilog-A language. In doing so, an overview of Verilog-A language constructs as well as applications using the language are presented. In addition, the book is accompanied by the Verilog-A Explorer IDE (Integrated Development Environment), a limited capability Verilog-A enhanced SPICE simulator for further learning and experimentation with the Verilog-A language.

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  • The module starts with an overview of the Microsoft® .NET Platform, and then introduces the .NET Framework and services. It describes the design goals and language support of the .NET Framework. The module concludes by providing more information about the major components of the .NET Framework.

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  • This paper present an overview of some emerging trends in the application of NLP in the domain of the so-called Digital Humanities and discusses the role and nature of metadata, the annotation layer that is so characteristic of documents that play a role in the scholarly practises of the humanities. It is explained how metadata are the key to the added value of techniques such as text and link mining, and an outline is given of what measures could be taken to increase the chances for a bright future for the old ties between NLP and the humanities. There...

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  • This paper reports on the ESPRIT project MELISSA (Methods and Tools for NaturalLanguage Interfacing with Standard Software Applications) ~. MELISSA aims at developing the technology and tools enabling end users to interface with computer applications, using natural-language (NL), and to obtain a precompetitive product validated in selected enduser applications. This paper gives an overview of the approach to solving (NL) interfacing problem and outlines some of the methods and software components developed in the project. ...

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  • This thesis is aimed to identify and clarify the Catholic vocabulary in prayer books. To realize this goal, the thesis shall: give an overview of the situation and establish the theoretical basis for study; classify and describe the linguistic characteristics of the lexical units; learn about the activities of Catholic words in Vietnamese language through a number of Vietnamese literatures.

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  • We present an overview of recent work in which eye movements are monitored as people follow spoken instructions to move objects or pictures in a visual workspace. Subjects naturally make saccadic eye-movements to objects that are closely time-locked to relevant information in the instruction. Thus the eye-movements provide a window into the rapid mental processes that underlie spoken language comprehension. We review studies of reference resolution, word recognition, and pragmatic effects on syntactic ambiguity resolution. ...

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  • In this chapter we discuss the two formal languages for the relational model: the relational algebra and the relational calculus. The main contents in this chapter include: Example database application (COMPANY), overview of the QBE language (appendix D),...

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  • In this chapter we discuss the two formal languages for the relational model: the relational algebra and the relational calculus. The main contents in this chapter include: Example database application (COMPANY), overview of the QBE language (appendix D),... Inviting you to refer.

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  • Lecture “Natural language processing - Chapter 1: Introduction and Overview of NLP” has contents: Introduce some of the classical problems in NLP, learn to address empirical problems, talk/write clearly about your work, decision and observations.

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  • This paper seeks to depict an overview of these service learning endeavours illustrated by examples of implementation at Hue University of foreign languages and then makes recommendations as to the embeddment of service learning in English programs in Vietnam.

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  • This paper provides a brief overview of the use of portfolios in teaching and learning the course named Translation 1 at Faculty of Foreign Languages (FFL), Hanoi Pedagogical University 2 (HPU2) with main points focused on the current situation, on difficulties students often face, and on its use as an assessment tool in students’ learning process and performances.

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  • The study presents an investigation into EFL teachers and students’ perceptions and practices of teaching and learning in helping students attain the standard-based English proficiency B1 level within the CEFR-V. Both qualitative (in-depth interviews) and quantitative (questionnaire) data were collected from the participants.

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  • This paper presents an overview of the existing terms, conventions and clashes among ideas, and will conclude that despite the existing international conventions and several definitions for underwater cultural heritage, still a more lucid terminology and defining methodology is required for the cultural heritage under waterin order to improve our management strategies.

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  • This article provides an overview of the first BIOASQ challenge, a competition on large-scale biomedical semantic indexing and question answering (QA), which took place between March and September 2013. BIOASQ assesses the ability of systems to semantically index very large numbers of biomedical scientific articles, and to return concise and user-understandable answers to given natural language questions by combining information from biomedical articles and ontologies.

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  • Bilingual education or language immersion education is a second language teaching approach in which the medium of classroom instruction is the learners’ second language. This study reviews definitions of bilingual education, highlights what the literature says about bilingual education models, and describes success stories from around the world.

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