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  • Why do FA? To understand the root cause of device failure Allow intelligent corrective actions to be applied Determine where in a process issues exist that affecting product Check for counterfeit materials - My boss/customer said I have too Case Study packaged IC second level Opens

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  • As with micromachining processes, many MEMS sensor-packaging techniques are the same as, or derived from, those used in the semiconductor industry. However, the mechanical requirements for a sensor package are typically much more stringent than for purely microelectronic devices. Microelectronic packages are often generic with plastic, ceramic, or metal packages being suitable for the vast majority of IC applications.

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  • ASIC (Application Specific IC). IC and PGA package (Pin Grid Array) (hình 1.1). Tính toán kích cỡ IC: theo số lượng cổng (logic-gate hay transistor) bên trong IC. Đơn vị tính kích cỡ IC là NAND hoặc NOR gate. Ví dụ: 100k-gate = 100.000 two- input NAND gates. 2-input NAND gate = 4 CMOS transistors. Tương tự cho NOR gate. (xem chương dẫn nhập)

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  • Consumer packaged goods companies are always challenged to introduce new product innovation that strongly resonates with consumers and that sets them apart from products currently in the market. An Ipsos global survey showed consumers rank food and beverage, personal and household products low on the list of innovative products compared to computer equipment and electron-ics (Palmer, 2009).

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