Paediatric imaging

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  • Medical Imaging in Clinical Practice is a compendium of the various applications of imaging modalities in specific clinical conditions. It captures in an easy to read manner, the experiences of various experts drawn from across the globe. It explores the conventional techniques, advanced modalities and on going research efforts in the ever widening horizon of medical imaging.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book "FRCR 2B Viva-A case-based approach" presents the following contents: Neurological imaging, urogynaecological imaging, paediatric imaging, radionuclide imaging. Invite you to consult.

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  • Paediatric Radiography fills a gap. It explores radiographic practice within the context of the modern health service and focuses on how our knowledge and understanding of paediatric growth, development and illness can inform and influence radiographic procedures. It includes detailed coverage of specific paediatric techniques and good practice models, including the role of multi-modality imaging, and looks specifically at radiation protection, the chest and upper airways, the abdomen, neonatal radiography, trauma, orthopaedics, and non-accidental injury....

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  • The first edition of Handbook of MRI Technique was a resounding success. The rapidly increasing number of radiographers and technologists entering the modality, coupled with the development of education and training courses worldwide, has resulted in an increased demand for MRI books of any shape and size. The education of radiographers, technologists and radiologists often lags behind the rapid technological advances in MR.

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  • Paediatric radiography, despite being acknowledged as an imaging specialism, does not have a strong presence in either undergraduate or postgraduate radiography education programmes, and the availability of current published literature aimed at general radiographers is extremely limited. Consequently, the aim of Paediatric Radiography is to provide a reference text for radiographers and student radiographers working within general imaging departments and highlights aspects of paediatric healthcare that may influence paediatric radiography practice....

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  • Like the majority of the works addressing this topic, Le cinema saturé first appears arbitrarily composed of autonomous case studies. Bonfand claims for that his inductive method: each study comes from an ‘intuition induced from the still and moving images, and never from copying a conceptual position on these images’ (9). Indeed, his essay is far from being a history or even a genealogy of painting in cinema. Rather, it follows the moving path of the ‘sublation’ (Bonfand uses the German term Aufhebung) of painting by cinema.

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  • When I started examining patients with ultrasound for musculoskeletal disorders we were still using static “B” scanners. CT was a new invention and MRI did not exist. Whilst my contemporaries were enthusiastically specialising in the use of nuclear medicine and ultrasound, I chose to take an interest and eventually a full-time specialisation in a system rather than a machine. The principal strength of this choice is that I use all imaging methods and hopefully have insight into their advantages and weaknesses in each potential application.

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  • One of the main problems when analysing the impact of remittances on development is the lack of full and reliable information on the volume, destination and use of this economic flow. The lack of information also limits the proposals for action that can be made by the Public Administration. Hence, we should start by improving data collection systems on remittances. On the one hand, we need to have a more precise image of the proportion of their savings that immigrants are sending to their countries of origin and analyse the factors that influence the frequency and volume...

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  • Graphic Designers typically work in advertising agencies, corporate advertising departments, reproduction plants or Digital company. Graphical Designers can be called ADs (Art Directors), Production ADs, Assistant ADs, Advertising Assistants and Graphical Designers. In reproduction plants and Digital company they may be called Printing Surface Producers or Printing Assistants. Two-dimensional objects may involve any kind of printed material. Planning three-dimensional objects involves technical design and creating a visual image of the object (such as packaging).

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  • (BQ) Part 1 book "Shaw’s textbook of gynaecology" presents the following contents: Puberty, paediatric and adolescent gynaecology, gynaecological diagnosis, normal histology, malformations of the female generative organs, imaging modalities in gynaecology, endoscopy in gynaecology, sexual development and development disorders, pelvic inflammatory disease,... and other content.

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