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  • Writing warm ups grews out several presonal taching concerns. The first was the need of teaching situations to support, suplement, or spplant work done in the students core writing warm ups offers 70 such actives that add an element of surprise to the regular classroom lesson. The second concern was the need for writing materrials that can be used in varity of teaching.

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  • In this lesson you draw a frontal view of a small child, with emphasis on correct facial proportions. You use both crosshatching and hatching to define textures and forms, and utilize a challenging grid to help you render the accurate proportions of the various parts of her head and face.

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  • Many visual devices and gadgets preceded cinema, too many to list here in detail. A widespread and well-known one was the camera obscura, first constructed in 1645, which projected views in a dark room, for painters. Around the same time Anastasius Kircher built a special room to project images with mirrors, which looked somewhat like a cinema. A specialised building with many people using specialised equipment was necessary to project the images.

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  • The selection of materials for outdoor sculpture commissioned today may range from traditional bronze, granite or copper to ephem- eral materials like plastics, plants and electronic equipment. Over time these materials interact with each other and their environment, leading to inevitable deterioration. Metals corrode, plastics discolor or become brittle, painted surfaces chip and fade. In addition, ele- ments in the environment—water, chemical pollutants, extreme temperatures and ultraviolet light—accelerate these processes of deterioration.

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  • When the ancient Roman sites were rediscovered in the eighteenth century, a vast array of objects was unearthed that provided detailed information about Roman life and art. News of the discoveries traveled fast, and soon a visit to Naples and the excavation sites became the southernmost stop on the Grand Tour of the Continent, an extended journey through Europe taken by wealthy young intellectuals. Tourists also were intrigued by the periodic bursts of activity from Mount Vesuvius, which erupted on a smaller scale several times in the eighteenth and nineteenth centuries.

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  • Rural women play a crucial role for the well being of their families. Without any glare of publicity, they contribute their best to the welfare and progress of the society. Entrepreneurship-development and income-generating activities are feasible solution for empowering the women. Most of the rural women indulge in stitching activities but due to lack of knowledge, in the technical know-how and latest designing techniques, they are unable to earn the remunerative income.

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