Pathophysiology of endometriosis

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  • The bleaching conditions for the reference pulps and for all the other experiments, including reaction time, reaction temperature, and chemical dosage, are presented in Table 3. When calculating the bleaching chemical dosages for the following bleaching stage, it was assumed that there were no yield losses. Only the amount of the pulp used for defining dry matter content and ISO brightness were deducted from the original amount of pulp. However, the yield losses were taken into account when calculating the bleaching consistency. ...

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  • The main objective of this work is to develop an economically viable process for producing papermaking fibres of adequate quality and generating energy from wheat straw. Wheat straw was selected as the raw material since wheat is cultivated and available worldwide (Curtis 2002) and only a minor part of the straw is used for energy production or animal feed. One of the primary aims in this work is to find ways to store the raw material chemically between the harvesting periods and examine the effects on pulping and pulp properties (Paper IV). In addition, the aim of this work is...

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  • What have been the impacts of the GGDP-generated maize technologies? In the absence of reliable baseline data, it was not possible to calculate quantitative measures of project impact. Based on farmers’ qualitative judgments, however, it is clear that adoption of the GGDP-generated technologies has been associated with significant farm-level productivity gains (measured in terms of maize yields) and noticeable increases in the income earned from sales of maize. Impacts on the nutritional status of rural households, however, appear to have been less pronounced.

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  • Australian farmers continue to face the challenge of declining terms of trade in agriculture, yet remain internationally competitive through effi ciencies and productivity growth. The growth in the farm sector had increased steadily over the 30 year period from 1974-75 to 2003-04 at an average rate of 2.8 percent, consistently out-performing other sectors.

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  • Conversely, judges may assign one or two beers much higher scores than other beers simply because they stand out as being much more flavorful (extreme scoring). In addition, as judges become tired (and possibly intoxicated) during long flights, they may allow impressions of some very noticeable characteristics of particular beers to overly influence their perceptions (and scores) of other characteristics of the beers (halo effect). For example, a weizen that is too dark may (falsely) also seem too heavy and caramel-flavored.

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  • Since all of these flavors are present in beer, it is important that beer judges completely coat the inside of their mouths with beer when evaluating it and that the beer be swallowed. As is true for the scent receptors in the nose, different people have different densities of taste buds and, thus, have different sensitivities to various flavors. Also, taste buds can be damaged (e.g., being burnt by hot food or through exposure to irritants like spicy foods, smoking, or other chemicals), so a judge’s sensitivity may be diminished until tastebuds can regenerate (about 10 days).

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  • A pre-financing payment of 60% of the MEDIA contribution to the action will be transferred to the beneficiary within 45 days of the date when the last of the two parties signs the agreement, provided all possible guarantees are received by the Agency Pre-financing is intended to provide the beneficiary with a float. The account or sub-account indicated by the beneficiary must make it possible to identify the funds transferred by the Agency. If the funds paid into this account give rise to interest or equivalent profits in accordance with the...

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  • Applications must be sent to the Agency by 16/04/2012 (the postmark will be taken as proof of timely sending). Please read carefully section 13 of this Call for Proposals concerning the procedures for submitting applications. Applicants will be informed in due course of the results of the selection and normally within two weeks of the date of decision by the Commission to grant or not a financial contribution which is expected to be by September 2012. The selection results will be published on the MEDIA website.

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  • We have revised the way we report our data since the publication of our 2011 Industry Review to remove toys and educational equipment from our graphs and data tables. This sector of the market has provided an important stepping-stone to commerciality for many companies and continues to generate cash. It also serves to educate future generations of the benefi ts fuel cell technology can offer.

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  • To make sure that directors know and understand their roles it is valuable to hold orientation sessions at which new board members learn about the organization and their role in governing it. This should include education on what “governance” involves and how it is practiced in the organization. 6 In situations where the new directors have been involved with the organization for some time and know it and its people well, orientation may only be a review of their governance responsibilities and any other additional information they need to begin work on the board.

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  • A corporate crisis can arise at any time and in many ways. We all lived through the seriatim crises that imperiled the US financial system in 2008. These crises were extreme in their threat to individual corporations, their potential for collateral economic effects, their visibility, and the speed with which they developed. But the principles that constitute the touchstone of director responsibilities are the same in any crisis—whether that crisis is the incapacity of the CEO, a product recall, or the discovery of a financial fraud.

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  • As the University of Kentucky continues in its state-mandated mission to reach Top 20 status among the nation’s premier public research institutions, it is imperative that the entire University communicate with a clear, consistent public identity. The development of visual identity standards by the entire University is critical to achieving this objective. Every time someone from the University of Kentucky communicates with the public, it contributes to our reputation.

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  • Outsourcing in the animation industry is one of the more promising business process outsourcing services today with a current world market valued at about US$68.4 billion. This figure is expected to rise to almost US$80 billion by 2010. With a projected 16.5% growth in two years’ time, this displays the extensive opportunity the industry has. The increase in demand may be attributed to the continued production of animation in the entertainment sector which accounts for 74% of total revenues in the global animation industry.

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  • The final stage of the analysis phase involves the selection of the strategy(ies) which will be used to achieve the desired objectives. Strategy analysis involves deciding what objectives will be included IN the project, and what objectives will remain OUT, and what the project purpose and overall objectives will be. In addition to examining the logic, strategy analysis also looks at the feasibility of different interventions.

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  • A properly planned project addressing the real needs of the beneficiaries cannot be achieved without an analysis of the existing situation. However, the existing situation is likely to be perceived in different ways by different groups of stakeholders. Thus it is important to bring together representatives of all key stakeholders in the Analysis Phase. This is usually done in a workshop environment where problems and issues are discussed openly. There are three stages to the Analysis Phase: Problem Analysis; Analysis of Objectives; Strategy Analysis....

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  • A preliminary production aid is property used in the process of creating preliminary art and generally includes such items as scans, layouts, visualizations, artwork, illustrations, proofs, images, etc. Unlike intermediate production aids and special printing aids, preliminary production aids are not presumed sold to the customer prior to use. As such, you should pay tax on your purchase of tangible items developed and used to produce your preliminary designs. As explained in Preliminary art vs.

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  • Term of Agreement. Subject to certain exceptions, the Paramount Distribution Agreement grants Paramount the worldwide right to distribute all of our animated films, including previously released films, completed and available for release through the later of (i) our delivery to Paramount of 13 new animated feature films, and (ii) December 31, 2012, unless, in either case, the agreement is terminated earlier in accordance with its terms. To date, we have delivered a total of 12 animated feature films under the agreement.

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  • The description of historical events of rubber trees is mostly based on Polhamus 1962. Historically, rubber is a non-wood forest product that has been utilized since ancient times. Its geographic distribution has been present in all continents within the tropical forest areas. Many tree species were utilized until the starting of large scale rubber plantations in the early 1900s. It has been found that rubber was an important commodity in the ancient cultures of Latin America where people used it to have protective clothes, balls for playing games and syringes.

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  • In a layer system, a typical laying hen will consume feed which contains 1.1 kg N while producing approximately 250 eggs . In a broiler system, a typical broiler year (6.7 birds sent 18 to market per year) will also consume 1.1 kg N per year of which 0.6 kg N is excreted and 0.5 kg N are assimilated into body tissues . 18 The macronutrient and micronutrient (see appendix III) values provided strongly indicate that poultry manure is very rich in terms of nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, as well as some other elements.

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  • Poultry manure is produced during the normal operation of hatcheries, broiler production and egg laying production. It also occurs in turkey and waterfowl production. Since a majority of poultry manure is produced in broiler and layer operations, special attention will be paid to these two specific parts of the poultry industry. There is a basic difference in the set-up of layer and broiler operations which leads to a difference in the type of litter produced. Caged systems are used mostly for laying operations but their use is growing in the broiler industry as well.

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