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  • The last few decades have been heady times for science and health. Our knowledge of how to improve health has grown significantly and new technologies have successfully supported those endeavors. The coming decades are likely to bring even more progress. As we gain a better understanding on how to use the discoveries of genetics, proteomics, and other biologies, we will have the potential to fundamentally alter care in ways that we can only begin to imagine.

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  • Innovative developments in information and communication technologies (ICT) irre- vocably change our lives and enable new possibilities for society. One of the fi elds that strongly profi ts from this trend is Telemedicine, which can be defi ned as novel ICT- enabled medical services that help to overcome classical barriers in space and time. Through Telemedicine patients can access medical expertise that may not be available at the patient’s site.

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  • Information on long-term health consequences of unsafe abortion is scarce. The WHO estimates that about 20–30% of unsafe abortions result in reproductive tract infections and that about 20–40% of these result in upper-genital-tract infection and infertility. An estimated 2% of women of reproductive age are infertile as a result of unsafe abortion, and 5% have chronic infections. 6 Unsafe abortion could also increase the long-term risk of ectopic pregnancy, premature delivery, and spontaneous abortion in subsequent pregnancies.

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  • The evidence base for the insulin secretagogues was more extensive than ascertained for the parent guideline. However, in many of the papers in which they are compared to other drugs they were being used as the comparator therapy rather than the investigated therapy. New evidence did not lead to new conclusions about the role of these drugs in clinical management, either from the point of view of efficacy or safety.

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  • The application of current treatment techniques (surgery, radiation therapy, chemotherapy, and biological therapy) results in the cure of nearly two of three patients diagnosed with cancer. Nevertheless, patients experience the diagnosis of cancer as one of the most traumatic and revolutionary events that has ever happened to them. Independent of prognosis, the diagnosis brings with it a change in a person's self-image and in his or her role in the home and workplace.

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  • As the origin of a life-and-death signal detected from systemic arterial pressure, which sequentially increases (pro-life) and decreases (pro-death) to reflect progressive dysfunction of central cardiovascular regulation during the advancement towards brain stem death in critically ill patients, the rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM) is a suitable neural substrate for mechanistic delineation of this fatal phenomenon.

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  • Arsenic is a strong stimulus of heme oxygenase (HO)-1 expression in experimental studies in response to oxidative stress caused by a stimulus. A functional GT-repeat polymorphism in the HO-1 gene promoter was inversely correlated to the development of coronary artery disease in diabetics and development of restenosis following angioplasty in patients. The role of this potential vascular protective factor in carotid atherosclerosis remains unclear. We previously reported a graded association of arsenic...

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  • The principles of informed choice and shared decision-making have largely been developed from theoretical and conceptual models. The competencies listed for shared decision-making consist of a number of different skills, and patients have shown that they may value different aspects of shared decision-making.

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  • Zambia continues to grapple with a high tuberculosis (TB) burden despite a long running Directly Observed Treatment Short course programme. Understanding issues that affect patient adherence to treatment programme is an important component in implementation of a successful TB control programme. We set out to investigate pulmonary TB patient’s attitudes to seek health care, assess the care received from government health care centres based on TB patients’ reports, and to seek associations with patient adherence to TB treatment programme.

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  • This book accompanies the fourth annual ICMCC Event. In the past 12 months the role of ICMCC with regards to patient-related ICT has become obvious with the start of the Record Access Portal. It is our goal to come forward with a recommendation to the WHO on Record Access. This recommendation will therefore be one of the leading issues of the Round Table on the Responsibility Shift from Doctor to Patient.

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  • Despite its clinical importance, a dearth of information exists on the cellular and molecular mechanisms that underpin brain stem death. A suitable neural substrate for mechanistic delineation on brain stem death resides in the rostral ventrolateral medulla (RVLM) because it is the origin of a life-and-death signal that sequentially increases (pro-life) and decreases (pro-death) to reflect the advancing central cardiovascular regulatory dysfunction during the progression towards brain stem death in critically ill patients.

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  • Klemola and Norros (1997, 2001) observed and interviewed anesthetists (n = 16, 8 respectively) to explore the role of the patient monitor in their operating room practice and to understand how they thought about their anesthetized patients and responded to infor- mation they received while caring for them. Their findings suggested two distinct approaches to practice, or ‘‘habits of action’’: the ‘‘interpretive orientation’’ guided by a belief in an unpredictable world, and the ‘‘reactive orientation,’’ guided by a belief in a predictable world.

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  • Oral health should be an integral part of prenatal care (1;2). Although we have known for a long time that oral health is important, some pregnant women are not receiving oral health care services (2;3). Prenatal care providers can play a crucial role in breaking down barriers to access and raising awareness about the importance of oral health.

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  • During the initial contact with a patient it is important to provide essential information regarding TB. Care should be taken not to overwhelm the patient. It is important to establish a level of comfort with the patient so that he or she feels comfortable enough to ask questions. Continually asking the patient questions during the initial discussion, to ensure the information is being understood correctly, can help in this process. More detailed information can be provided by the health care worker during subsequent visits with the patient. ...

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  • Greenway has also structured its offerings to physician practices into multi-year business plans mirroring President Bush’s and former Secretary Thompson’s own Framework for Strategic Action to ensure that healthcare providers will have quality software solutions that inform clinical practices, interconnect clinicians, personalize patient care and improve the overall population health.

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  • Most government training programmes have attempted to improve the level of knowledge and skills of the TBA but have done little to bridge the wide socio-cultural gap between the traditional and the modern practitioners. On the other hand, several micro-level projects especially in the NGO sector have shown that when this gulf between the TBA and the formal health system is bridged, TBA training programmes can be much more effective.

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  • (BQ) Part 2 book “ABC of sepsis” has contents: The role of imaging in sepsis, presentations in medical patients, presentations in surgical patients, the role of critical care, monitoring the septic patient, novel therapies in sepsis, approaches to achieve change,… and other contents.

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  • This study focuses on examining the patient's satisfaction on quality of health care services at Hue University Hospital. Data were collected from 200 patients. The scale of measuring the quality of health care services was developed based on the SERVQUAL scale. Reliability and validity of the scale were evaluated by Cronbach’s Alpha and Exploratory Factor Analysis (EFA). Results from multi linear regression shows that there are six components playing an important role in the contribution of patient's satisfaction, in which highest impact on patient's satisfaction is Assurance (0.

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  • he 2004-05 Tanzania Demographic and Health Survey is the most recent in a series of national surveys conducted in Tanzania to meas- - ure levels, patterns, and trends in fertility, family planning, and health indicators. he previous surveys were carried out in 1991-92, 1994, 1996, and 1999. he 2004-05 TDHS was conducted by the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS). he 2004-05 survey included a nationally representative sample of 10,329 women and 2,635 men from approximately 9,700 households.

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  • Improvements in healthcare delivery in recent years are rooted in the continued industry-wide investment in information technology and the expanding role of medical informatics. Endeavors to combine medical science and technology have resulted in a growing knowledge base of techniques and applications for healthcare delivery and information management in support of patient care, research and education.

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