Pearson correlations

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  • The aim of this investigation was to identify suitable parental lines of vetch (Vicia sativa spp.) from Turkish and ICARDA germplasm, with appropriate morphological and phenological characters, for generating low %w w-1 γ-L-Glutamyl-β-cyano-L alanine toxin cultivars, using infrared nitrile screening, dendrogram clustering, and Pearson correlations.

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  • Phân tích tương quan (Correlation) là kỹ thuật rất thường dùng trong thống kê y học nhằm khảo sát mối liên quan giữa 2 biến số đo trên cùng các đối tượng thông qua hệ số tương quan (correlation coefficient). Có nhiều loại hệ số tương quan (HSTQ) nhưng bài này chỉ trình bày hệ số tương quan r của Pearson (Pearson r correlation coefficient). Pearson r là số đo mối liên quan tuyến tính của 2 biến số, và được sử dụng khi 2 biến số thuộc thang đo lường tỉ số hoặc thang khoảng. ...

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  • The results of Pearson’s correlation analysis revealed significant correlations among morphological features and environmental factors. All of the species display a positive correlation between valve length and valve width, and the number of transapical striae in 10 µm are invariable with changes in environmental factors.

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  • This paper investigates factors that influence Zambian higher education lecturer’s attitude towards integrating ICTs in research and teaching. To determine these factors, we used online administered survey with a total of 163 respondents from public and private higher education institutions in Zambia. Quantitative data analysis based on descriptive and inferential statistics was used in this study. Inferential analysis was employed to investigate the relationships among variables using Pearson correlation analysis and completely randomized design.

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  • C H A P T E R 7 Two-way traffic – summarizing and representing relationships between two variables Chapter objectives This chapter will help you to: ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ ■ explore links between quantitative variables using bivariate analysis measure association between quantitative variables using Pearson’s product moment correlation coefficient and the coefficient of determination quantify association in ordinal data using Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient represent the connection between two quantitative variables using simple linear regression analysis use the technology: ...

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  • Principal Component Analysis and Whitening Principal component analysis (PCA) and the closely related Karhunen-Lo` ve transe form, or the Hotelling transform, are classic techniques in statistical data analysis, feature extraction, and data compression, stemming from the early work of Pearson [364]. Given a set of multivariate measurements, the purpose is to find a smaller set of variables with less redundancy, that would give as good a representation as possible. This goal is related to the goal of independent component analysis (ICA).

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  • Charities Invest in Volunteers in a Variety of Ways. Thus far, we have discussed investments in paid staff and in volunteer management practices. Hiring someone who has training in volunteer management also demonstrates a greater investment in volunteer management. To derive an overall assessment of investment in volunteer management, we combined these three items into a single measure, describe below. Investments and Benefits Vary Together. We expect that the charities that invest in volunteers will be those that say they derive greatest benefits from volunteers.

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