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  • The current study aimed at exploring adolescents’ experiences of online sexual contacts leading to online sexual abuse by a perpetrator whom the victim had first met online. Associations with socio demographic background, experience of abuse, relation to parents, health and risk behaviors were studied.

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  • ‘Well, Prince, so Genoa and Lucca are now just family estates of the Buonapartes. But I warn you, if you don’t tell me that this means war, if you still try to defend the infamies and horrors perpetrated by that AntichristI really believe he is AntichristI will have nothing more to do with you and you are no longer my friend, no longer my ‘faithful slave,’ as you call yourself! But how do you do? I see I have frightened yousit down and tell me all the news.’ It was in July, 1805, and the speaker was the well-known...

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  • All that, Fly, To perpetrate, To be ghost.

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  • More than an accidental injury, more than a serious illness, more than a natural disaster, the trauma of crime victimization goes beyond physical and psychological injury: It robs us of the very faith we have in the human world. Although eclipsed in recent headlines by terrorism, the common everyday violations of civilized behavior that our own citizens continue to perpetrate on one another are no less wrenching.

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  • Tham khảo sách 'the darwin economy: liberty, competition, and the common good', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • Even though human-induced species extinction presently seems to rank low on peoples’ attention scale compared to other political and societal topics, this does not mean that its significance in earth history or its ecological consequences have diminished in any way. It must repeatedly be made clear that if current trends continue, within the next one hundred years half of all our planet’s species will most likely have become extinct.

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  • While total online marketing spend continues to grow, the returns on that investment are increasingly under attack by pay per click scams perpetrated by those who exploit powerful brands for their own profit. Scammers, misguided affiliates and unscrupulous competitors place a company’s branded terms within search ad copy, or use the terms as keywords to divert search users to sites which offer competing products or even to illegitimate sites offering counterfeit, pirated or grey market goods.

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  • Intimate partner and sexual violence affect a large proportion of the population – with the majority of those directly experiencing such violence being women and the majority perpetrating it being men. The harm they cause can last a lifetime and span generations, with serious adverse affects on health, education and employment.

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  • To Penitence: that those whose deviltry is exposed within its pages may see in a true light the wrongs they have wrought—and repent. To Punishment: that the unpenalized crimes of which it is the chronicle may appear in such hideousness to the world as forever to disgrace their perpetrators.

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  • The sixteenth chapter I cannot help considering as a very ingenious and specious, but very disgraceful extenuation of the cruelties perpetrated by the Roman magistrates against the Christians. It is written in the most contemptibly factious spirit of prejudice against the sufferers; it is unworthy of a philosopher and of humanity. Let the narrative of Cyprian's death be examined. He had to relate the murder of an innocent man of advanced age, and in a station deemed venerable by a considerable body of the provincials of Africa, put to death because he refused to sacrifice to Jupiter.

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  • Agroterrorism INTRODUCTION Agroterrorism is the willful, unlawful threatened or actual destruction of property or people through the agricultural and food industry to achieve the perpetrator’s ends, usually political. The ultimate target may be food

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  • Some vehicles that are fraudulently reported as stolen instead may have been traded for drugs. Stolen cars also are sometimes used in drug trafficking, drive-by shootings and armed robberies. These cars, often abandoned after they serve their purpose, help the perpetrator elude authorities, since he has no legal tie to the car involved.

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  • Auto thieves also take advantage of the differences in state vehicle branding laws to “clone” vehicles. VIN cloning occurs when a VIN from a legally owned and documented vehicle—often one sitting in a parking lot or dealership lot—is illegally copied. The VIN then is used to make counterfeit tags. The perpetrator typically steals a vehicle similar to the one from which the legitimate VIN was taken. The stolen vehicle’s actual VIN tag then is replaced with the counterfeit tag. The vehicle now is a “clone” of the legitimate vehicle parked in the lot.

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  • In Atrocity, Punishment, and International Law, Mark Drumbl rethinks how per- petrators of atrocity crimes should be punished. After first reviewing the sentencing practices of courts and tribunals that censure genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes, he concludes that these practices fall short of the goals that interna- tional criminal law ascribes to punishment, in particular retribution and deterrence. This raises the question whether international prosecutorial and correctional prefer- ences are as effective as we hope.

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  • The legal definition of rape varies from state to state, but for medical purposes, rape is physical assault or penetration of the genital, oral, or anal cavities by the assailant’s body or foreign object with force or without consent of the victim. Thus, in medical environments, rape is better termed sexual assault. Sexual assault is perpetrated primarily against women or children. Far fewer rape victims are males. Rape is increasing, especially the number of elderly victims. Although it is a felony and the perpetrator is known to the victim in 80% of cases, only 20% of rapes are reported.

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  • This definition of elder abuse has been heavily influenced by the work done in Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States. Studies conducted in China (Hong Kong SAR), Finland, Greece, India, Ireland, Israel, Norway, Poland and South Africa have approached the topic in distinctly different ways (8). Norwegian researchers, for instance, identified abuse with a ‘‘triangle of violence’’ that includes a victim, a perpetrator and others, who – directly or indirectly – observe the principal players.

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  • Second, whether or not armed conflict is inspired by political (or religious) motivations, war always has moral consequences. Its perpetrators do not just use religion to manipulate opinion or action of others. In most cases, the choice for resort to large scale deadly violence is based on the religious convictions, no matter how distorted these may be, of the leaders and the followers. It may be impossible to separate religion from politics, or vice versa. Neither is isolated from the other, and therefore, neither goes unaffected by the other....

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  • Criminal Law raises hard questions concerning such issues as what acts should be prohibited, and in what circumstances should persons who perpetrate those acts be held responsible for them? Issues of harm and culpability pervade the criminal law, challenging all who seek a principled rather than an ad hoc understanding of the rules that constitute it.

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  • !“e International Criminal Tribunal for the former Yugoslavia (ICTY) is a profoundly important institution in the development of international humanitarian law and criminal law in general. Its arrival heralded a newfound willingness of the international community to bring to book perpetrators of war crimes and gross or systematic violations of human rights.

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  • this book is about the “penal couple,”1 the two individuals most directly involved in a criminal act— the victim and the perpetrator. What roles do they play in a criminal episode? How should we evaluate their participation in it and attribute liability for the resulting harm? Should the perpetrator always be the single culprit or should his responsibility depend on the conduct of the victim? Th ese questions are at the center of Victims’ Rights and Victims’ Wrongs: Comparative Liability in Criminal Law....

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