Politics of midwifery

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  • A student magazine asserts that a key action towards sustainability is ‘don’t have kids’ (Anon. 2008: 29). Another ‘green’ magazine for parents points out that ‘in the US, even having just one child creates a carbon legacy almost six times greater than each parent’s own lifetime carbon emissions’ (McAleer 2009). Sustainability and birthing human children are figured as mutually exclusive. So how do we get an edited collection of essays in a book with both the words ‘sustainability’ and ‘birth’ in the title?...

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  • Within the past decade, scholars have begun to reveal the important role African American midwives played in the reproductive experiences of southern women, both black and white. This book is a contribution to the documentation of that African American presence. It is also a requiem to the knowledge, skills, and beliefs that have been lost. If, thanks to the classic movie Gone with the Wind, popular imagery has the African American woman faced with the prospect of having to help deliver a baby being completely hysterical, then recent scholarship counters that portrayal.

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  • The work of Midwifery 2020 has been set firmly within the reality of the political, legal, economic, social and technological changes facing the UK. There are undoubtedly challenges in developing a vision and way forward for midwifery care across the four countries of the UK because of the different ways in which services are organised and the policies that impact on midwifery and maternity services.

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