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Polypropylene – structure effects

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  • To study relation of molecular structural changing between polypropylene microcomposite system and the particle fillers with varies phase interactions by using solid-state NMR(ssNMR) spectra.Therein,emphasizing the molecular flexibility on mechanical properties of materials.

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  • Concrete is an inherently brittle material with a relatively low tensile strength compared to compressive strength. Reinforcement with randomly distributed short fibres presents an effective approach to the stabilization of the crack and improving the ductility and tensile strength of concrete. A variety of fibre types, including steel, synthetics, and natural fibres, have been applied to concrete. Polypropylene (PP) fibre reinforcement is considered to be an effective method for improving the shrinkage cracking characteristics, toughness, and impact resistance of concrete materials.

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  • A high–contrast X–ray computed tomography (XCT) applied to the ternary polymer blends of poly(methyl methacrylate) (PMMA), polypropylene (PP) and polyamide 12 (PA12), we investigated micro–structure three–dimensional (3D) images of blends with gradually increasing of molecular weight (Mw) of PMMA.

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  • Number of the equipments used in everyday life remarkably increased after the invention of synthetic polymers, especially of styrene-butadiene rubber in 1930 and of PVC in 1936, and thanks to fast-developing polymer technologies. Polymers are light, cheap and ductile inert materials, which have good mechanical and thermal properties, suitable to use for various purposes and are highly resistant to corrosion. Thanks to such properties, they play an essential and ubiquitous role in many industrial fields.

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