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  • The power supplied is 800 kVA from State Electricity Company and the total power capacity of the transformer is 1000 kVA and a generator set with a capacity of 1000 kVA. Where the backup power supply system is fully supplied by the generator set.

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  • Within this book the fundamental concepts associated with the topic of power electronic control are covered alongside the latest equipment and devices, new application areas and associated computer-assisted methods. *A practical guide to the control of reactive power systems

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  • (bq) part 2 book "power plant engineering" has contents: diesel power plant, gas turbine power plant, nuclear power plant, hydro electric power plants, electrical system, pollution and its control.

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  • This paper presents the general issues of energy management, particularly the management of electrical energy. On that basis, a model of the electrical power management system for Vietnam Maritime University has been studied. The result of this paper is a proposed model of electrical power management system for the purpose of managing and using electricity efficiently and economically, reducing energy costs.

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  • The Indonesian government program in providing solutions of electrical energy distribution problems to get to remote or isolated areas is to optimize the potential of renewable energy in an area. The combination of conventional power plants (diesel generators) with renewable energy (photovoltaic and wind turbine) power plants is expected to solve the problem of electricity service in isolated areas in southern Tulungagung regency, namely residential area in Brumbun Beach.

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  • In this research, reliability analysis of distribution system on Gejayan substation. The analysis result using SAIDI and SAIFI parameters shows that Gejayan substation is reliable enough to national standard, while based on international standard still not reliable.

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  • This paper reveals and analyzes the frequency bifurcation phenomena in the fractional-order inductive power transfer (FOIPT) system with series-series compensation topology. Using fractional calculus theory and electric circuit theory, the circuit model of the series-series compensated FOIPT system is first proposed, then taking the case of a single variable fractional order as an example, three frequency analytical solutions of frequency bifurcation equation are solved by using Taylor expansion method.

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  • The purpose of Power Electronics Handbook is to provide a reference that is both concise and useful for engineering students and practicing professionals. It is designed to cover a wide range of topics that make up the field of power electronics in a well-organized and highly informative manner. The Handbook is a careful blend of both traditional topics and new advancements. Special emphasis is placed on practical applications, thus, this Handbook is not a theoretical one, but an enlightening presentation of the usefulness of the rapidly growing field of power electronics.

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  • Power flow solutions are needed in both for planning and operation studies. Power flow studies for three phases balanced power system can be carried out using very efficient methods. Power flow analysis for certain type of power system network can be carried on by using several software that already been develop without manual calculation on this time. One of the software is MATLAB with its toolbox: Power System Analysis Toolbox. This software also uses numerical methods to do power flow analysis like Newton-Raphson and its modified form, Fast Decoupled Method.

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  • Engineering for sustainability is an emerging theme for the twenty-first century, and the need for more environmentally benign electric power systems is a critical part of this new thrust. Renewable energy systems that take advantage of energy sources that won’t diminish over time and are independent of fluctuations in price and availability are playing an ever-increasing role in modern power systems.

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  • Crystal radio receiver - also known as crystal receiver - radio is a simple yet very common in the early days of radio industry. No batteries or other power source to an activity that uses the power received from radio waves through a very long wire antenna and high. In Vietnam, formerly known as Galen

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  • This is a comprehensive textbook for the new trend of distributed power generation systems and renewable energy sources in electric power systems. It covers the complete range of topics from fundamental concepts to major technologies as well as advanced topics for power consumers.

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  • Landfill gas from a source of green energy, clean, renewable and can be used to create electricity, or used in the energy industry. This paper reviews the potential energy recovery landfill gas from municipal solid waste, to reducing methane emissions in particular, and reduced greenhouse gas emissions in general. In addition, this paper provides an assessment using the model of methane generated from landfill municipal solid waste and generate energy potential of gas recovered. In particular, this paper uses a life cycle assessment methods ......

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  • This book analyses the key issues of the offshore wind farm's energy transmission and grid integration infrastructure. But, for this purpose, there are not evaluated all the electric configurations. In the present book is deeply evaluated a representative case. This representative case is built starting from three generic characteristics of an offshore wind farm: the rated power, the distance to shore and the average wind speed of the location.

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  • Tài liệu Step by Step Guide on Home Wiring referred to the contents of your home electrical system how the works, how to turn off the main power supply, the three Ways to get power to your new wiring job, how the ground wire plastic boxes print works, all about electric wire, how to use screw terminals and wirenuts, how to install wiring in new walls and petitions, ... Invite you to consult.

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  • Interest in power systems economics is gaining momentum with the recent power supply shortages in America and the rising cost of fossil fuels. The involvement of independent power generators, brokers and distributors has changed the way in which power systems operate. Kirschen and Strbac use a combination of traditional engineering techniques and fundamental economics to address the long-term problems of power system development in a competitive environment.

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  • Design Philosophies: Radiological release to the environment is prevented by maintaining R/B pressure negative(-63Pa). Radioactive substance in PCV are removed and captured in the filter device.R/B Closed Cooling Water System (RCW) / Reactor Service Water System (RSW) How are the many Heat exchangers cooled down?

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  • The Distributed generation (DG) is gaining significant attention due to increase in the demand for electricity. Distributed generations are mostly used with the association of power distribution systems to energize local loads and network.

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  • This paper presents a safety power socket system that can be controlled wirelessly and that has been specifically designed to monitor electrical events. Each socket of the system embeds a microcontroller, 2.4 GHz Wifi chip, relays, and current sensor.

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  • The most mechanized agricultural operations include a tractor as a primary power unit, even though the tractor itself is not particularly useful without an implement attached. Innovations and efficiency improvements in tractor engines, powertrains, and auxiliary power systems have been ongoing since tractors were invented a century ago and significant gains have been realized. However, PTO and hydraulic power systems are well established and effective for today‟s applications, the search for more versatile and efficient power transfer continues.

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