Pre-operative preparation

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  • A 65-year-old hypertensive male smoker requires a low anterior resection for treatment of an upper rectal cancer. A CT scan of the chest, abdomen, and pelvis does not show any distant metastatic spread and his carcinoembryonic antigen is normal. What additional preoperative laboratory studies and adjunctive testing are indicated? case management A complete history and physical examination is perhaps the single most important step for guiding preoperative preparation.

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  • At KPMG, we encourage businesses to understand this system of forces; we help them assess the implications for their own organizations and to devise strategies for managing the risks and harnessing the opportunities. We can never know the future. But it is good business sense to be prepared for the possibilities: to expect the unexpected. This report cannot provide all the answers, and does not set out to, but it does suggest approaches that we believe will help to build business value in a changing world.

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  • The Nongynecological Cytology Practice Guideline is not intended for use as or a substitute for a procedure manual for cytology technical protocols. Readers may use references cited at the end of this Guideline, or other sources, for information such as preparation methodology or staining formulations. The process of creating a guideline represents consensus building within a specialty with subsequent endorsement by national professional organizations.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Perioperative practice at a glance presents the following contents: Introduction to perioperative practice (Preoperative patient preparation, theatre scrubs and personal protective equipment (PPE), preventing the transmission of infection,...), anaesthesia, surgery.

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  • The work reported here was conducted in the Penn Exchange Simulator (PXS), a novel stock-trading simulator that takes advantage of electronic crossing networks to realistically mix agent bids with bids from the real stock market [1]. In preparation for an open live competition, we developed three parameterizable trading agents and defined several instantiations of each strategy. We optimized each agent independently, and then conducted detailed controlled experiments to select the strongest of the three for entry in the live competition.

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  • Post-operative wound infections remain a serious problem in spite of modern standards of preoperative preparation, antibiotic prophylaxis and operative technique. This study was undertaken to Isolate aerobic bacterial pathogens from clinically suspected post-operative wound infections and to determine their antibiogram. Samples that were sent to Microbiology laboratory from clinically suspected cases of post-operative wound infections were processed further.

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  • Pre-operative discrimination of malignant from benign adnexal masses is crucial for planning additional imaging, preparation, surgery and postoperative care. This study aimed to define key ultrasound and clinical variables and develop a predictive model for calculating preoperative ovarian tumor malignancy risk in a gynecologic oncology referral center.

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