Premature and sick newborn

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  • Starch- and plant-protein-based glues, for example, do not have the strength of petrochemical-derived superglues. On the other hand, plant-derived chemicals have unique advantages for other uses. Recombinant proteins, for example, can be designed and produced in plants to provide tissue glues analogous to the fibrinogen that naturally forms around a flesh wound. Emerging technologies offer dramatic new capabilities to alter plant metabolic pathways, opening up unprecedented opportunities to produce high-value chemicals from renewable resources....

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  • Flare gas. This is an associated gas obtained during crude oil exploration, largely consisting of methane and higher hydrocarbons. The use of flare gas—which is generally available free of charge as a waste product—ensures a fuel source for on- site power generation and, if required, the engines can also provide a heat supply for surrounding facilities. Consequently this problem gas, instead of flaring it off while causing ecological exposure, can be used economically and practically. Biogas.

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  • The writer came to Queensland two years before separation, and shortly afterwards took part in the work of outside settlement, or pioneering, looking for new country to settle on with stock. Going from Bowen out west towards the head of the Flinders River in 1864, he continued his connection with this outside life until his death in 1899. Many of the original explorers and pioneers were known to him personally; of these but few remain.

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  • The sample was constructed in the following way. First, we dropped all company- years that do not report either executive or non-executive boards. Second, we removed all firms that report either negative equity or negative total assets. At this point the data consisted of about 57,000 director-company-year observations pertaining to 8,506 firm-years. Third, to address the issue of firms in severe financial distress, we have dropped companies that report ROE or ROS less than -1.

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  • The UKPDS included an analysis of intensive blood glucose control with metformin for overweight patients compared to conventional treatment primarily with diet. The study included 753 overweight (more than 120% ideal body weight) patients with newly diagnosed Type 2 diabetes from 15 hospital-based clinics in England, Scotland and Northern Ireland. Of these patients 342 were allocated to an intensive blood glucose control policy with metformin and 411 were allocated to conventional treatment, primarily with diet alone. The study was conducted from 1977 to 1991.

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  • Charities Invest in Volunteers in a Variety of Ways. Thus far, we have discussed investments in paid staff and in volunteer management practices. Hiring someone who has training in volunteer management also demonstrates a greater investment in volunteer management. To derive an overall assessment of investment in volunteer management, we combined these three items into a single measure, describe below. Investments and Benefits Vary Together. We expect that the charities that invest in volunteers will be those that say they derive greatest benefits from volunteers.

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  • The water is pumped from wells. Based on current grower and district information, the estimated cost is $100.00 per acre-foot or $8.33 per acre-inch. Water costs vary considerably depending upon water district and pumping variables. In some areas district or agency fees may apply. A pre-irrigation using two acre-inches is applied prior to seedbed preparation to soften the soil. Approximately three-acre inches of water are applied through sprinklers during stand establishment – two-inches during the first...

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  • After determining the measurement needs of your test system, you can begin architecting your hardware framework. Many test engineers jump straight into matching their measurement needs to instruments available on the market. A better approach is to first pinpoint a suitable test platform that can serve as the core or nucleus of your test system. You can choose from many platforms, most of which are based on one of the four most commonly used instrument backplanes/buses –PXI, GPIB, USB, and LAN.

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  • Unlike so much in today’s busi- ness world, graphic design is not a commodity. It is the highly indi- vidualized result of people coming together to do something they couldn’t do alone. When the col- laboration is creative, the results usually are, too. This chapter is about how to get creative results. Developed by AIGA, the discus- sion that follows will give you realistic, useful information about the design process–from selecting a design firm to providing a clear understanding of objectives, eval- uating cost and guiding a project to a desired end.

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  • Research on livestock resources in Bangladesh, in general, and poultry sub-sector, in particular, is rather limited. The major contributors include Alam (1995, 1997), Mitchell (1997), Quasem (2001) and the studies conducted by the Department of Livestock from time to time. The research by Alam (1995), which has been later updated (Alam 1997), is an useful document on livestock resources in Bangladesh, presenting the existing status and the future potential of the sub-sector.

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  • In fiscal year 2010–2011, the state of California provided $2.669 billion per year in funding for child care and development programs, though this amount is slated to be cut in fiscal year 2011–2012 (Ehlers 2011). Some of these state expenditures are paid for using federal funding through the Child Care and Development Fund, the Temporary Assistance for Needy Families program, and the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009.

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  • The liberalisation of the services sector has been a controversial and much debated issue in the WTO. As we know, the developed countries are the main suppliers of services, although the developing countries are starting to shift towards a service-sector economy. According to data from Stiglitz and Charlton (2005), trade liberalisation of services would generate profits of US$375 billion per year, in other words 75% of a full liberalisation of goods and services. In addition, 75% of the profits from service trade liberalisation would go to the developed countries.

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  • Market structure, conduct performance analysis. Marketing channels for different products in agriculture and animal husbandry. State intervention and parastatals in agricultural marketing. Pricing of agricultural inputs and products. Buffer stocking and import policies for agricultural produce. Value addition and its impact on prices of agricultural commodities. Systems approach to agricultural marketing. Marketing costs, margins and market efficiency. Market integration-horizontal and vertical, spatial and temporal. Price integration between domestic and international markets.

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  • The Oracle Internet Directory (OID) was introduced with Oracle8i. OID serves the same function as Oracle Names in that it gives users a way to connect to an Oracle Server without having a client-side configuration file. However, OID differs from Oracle Names in that it is an LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) direc- tory; it does not merely support the Oracle-only Oracle Net protocol. Oracle Connection Manager Each connection to the database takes up valuable network resources, which can impact the overall performance of a database application.

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  • Request tracing. Our view of system logs as providing a control-flow perspective of system execution, when cou- pled with log messages which have unique identifiers for the relevant request or processing task, allows us to ex- tract request-flow views of the system. Much work has been done to extract request-flow views of systems, and these request flow views have then been used to diagnose and debug performance problems in distributed systems [2] [1].

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  • The greatest question for the world today is this, asked by Mr. Siegel: "What does a person deserve by being alive?" Aesthetic Realism itself shows that being seen the art way or aesthetic way is what every person deserves. This includes an understanding of the human desire for contempt, which has for so many centuries caused injustice and brutality. The aesthetic way of seeing people is what can replace racism and prejudice with justice. It is what can make for economic fairness to every person. The Aesthetic Realism understanding of art and people is urgently needed.

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  • Some preliminary work has been done on subjects’ preference for different aesthetics in UML class and collaboration diagrams (Purchase et al. 2000), revealing that users preferred diagrams with fewer bends and crosses, shorter edge lengths and an orthogonal structure. However, that experiment only looked at subjects’ personal preference for the aesthetics, rather than their performance on UML related tasks.

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  • To placate the resurgent opposition, the MPPDA promised to abide by a set of guidelines more extensive and restrictive than the simple nostrums enshrined in the “Don’ts and Be Carefuls.” The document that articulated the new commitment to screen morality was the Production Code. Written in 1929 by Martin J. Quigley, an influential editor and publisher of motion picture trade periodicals, and Reverend Daniel A. Lord, a multitalented Jesuit who first lent his spiritual expertise to Hollywood as the Catholic advisor to Cecil B.

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  • Naturally, during the years I’m considering,American films have changed enormously.They have become sexier,more profane, and more violent; fart jokes and kung fu are everywhere. The industry has metamorphosed into a corporate behemoth, while new technologies have transformed produc- tion and exhibition. And, to come to my central concern, over the same decades some novel strategies of plot and style have risen to prominence. Behind these strategies, however, stand principles that are firmly rooted in the history of studio moviemaking.

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  • Contrary to the common method of analyzing the relationship between painting and cinema, the book disclaims obvious uses of painting in cinema such as in procedures of quotations, thematic coincidences, or formal references3 . In this regard, Bonfand’s approach takes into account one of the main intuitions of Jacques Aumont’s groundbreaking book, L’oeil interminable: the rejection of any literal pictorial citation. Straight citation is a pitfall for cinema: ‘Painting sometimes becomes in the film and even in cinema in general a regressive and often unfounded mean.

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