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Properties of matrices

Xem 1-11 trên 11 kết quả Properties of matrices
  • This book is intended for graduate students, researchers, and reservoir engineers who want to understand the mathematical description of the chromatographic mechanisms that are the basis for gas injection processes for enhanced oil recovery. Readers familiar with the calculus of partial derivatives and properties of matrices (including eigenvalues and eigenvectors) should have no trouble following the mathematical development of the material presented.

    pdf293p chipmoon 19-07-2012 49 12   Download

  • In this paper, some new results on the preservation of many good cryptographic properties of MDS matrices under direct exponent transformation are presented. These good cryptographic properties include MDS, involutory, symmetric, recursive (exponent of a companion matrix ), the number of 1 0 s and distinct elements in a matrix, circulant and circulant-like

    pdf13p dieutringuyen 07-06-2017 18 1   Download

  • Let A be an n × n matrix, whose entries are independent copies of a centered random variable satisfying the subgaussian tail estimate. We prove that the operator norm of A−1 does not exceed Cn3/2 with probability close to 1. 1. Introduction Let A be an n × n matrix, whose entries are independent, identically distributed random variables. The spectral properties of such matrices, in particular invertibility, have been extensively studied (see, e.g. [M] and the survey [DS]).

    pdf28p dontetvui 17-01-2013 32 6   Download

  • This study investigates the technique to overcome these challenges without the treatment and surface modification of natural additive fillers. The obtained experimental results showed that using maleic anhydride grafted ethylene vinyl acetate copolymer (EVA-g-MA) with 1.16 wt.% of MA could enhance the adhesion and interaction of bamboo flour (BF) with EVA and polypropylene (PP) matrices.

    pdf10p nguyenthuy1207 16-10-2018 14 0   Download

  • We are concerned about various strongly clean properties of a kind of matrix subrings L(s)(R) over a local ring R. Let R be a local ring, and let s ∈ C(R). We prove that A ∈ L(s)(R) is strongly clean if and only if A or I2−A is invertible, or A is similar to a diagonal matrix in L(s)(R).

    pdf8p nutifooddau 21-01-2019 1 0   Download

  • References: Sources of Illustrations Figures for: Relationship among osmotic, matric, and combined soil water potential; Volume of solids, water, and air in a loam soil at saturation, Þeld capacity, and wilting point. Adapted from Brady, N.C. and Weil, R.R. 1996. The Nature and Properties of Soils. Prentice-Hall, Upper Saddle River, New Jersey. Figure for: Stable carbon isotope ratios. Adapted from Boutton, T.W. 1991. Stable Carbon Isotope Ratios of Natural Materials: II. Atmospheric, Terrestrial, Marine, and Freshwater Environments. In D.C. Coleman and B. Fry (Eds.

    pdf1p bengoan741 22-12-2011 49 10   Download

  • CLASSICAL GEOMETRY — LECTURE NOTES DANNY CALEGARI 1. A CRASH COURSE IN GROUP THEORY A group is an algebraic object which formalizes the mathematical notion which expresses the intuitive idea of symmetry. We start with an abstract definition. Definition 1.1. A group is a set G and an operation m : G × G → G called multiplication with the following properties: (1) m is associative. That is, for any a, b, c ∈ G, m(a, m(b, c)) = m(m(a, b), c) and the product can be written unambiguously as abc. (2) There is a unique element e ∈ G called the...

    pdf42p tiramisu0908 31-10-2012 65 9   Download

  • Ray et al. Nanoscale Research Letters 2011, 6:224 NANO EXPRESS Open Access Structural and optical properties of germanium nanostructures on Si(100) and embedded in high-k oxides Samit K Ray*, Samaresh Das, Raj K Singha, Santanu Manna, Achintya Dhar Abstract The structural and optical properties of Ge quantum dots (QDs) grown on Si(001) for mid-infrared photodetector and Ge nanocrystals embedded in oxide matrices for floating gate memory devices are presented.

    pdf10p dauphong13 09-02-2012 28 4   Download

  • This study focuses on linear dynamical systems whose dynamics are affine in the control input. Such dynamics are extensively considered to be rewritten into a canonical form, namely the passive port-Hamiltonian representation in order to further explore some structural properties such as interconnection and damping matrices, Hamiltonian storage function and dissipation term.

    pdf4p vidanh95 12-12-2018 7 0   Download

  • The Geometry Package For example, combinations of elements, such as scale and rotation, can be applied at once, and matrices can even be used to achieve effects that are otherwise not possible with individual properties, such as skewing. You can also use matrices for more advanced operations such as determining where a point ends up after an object has been transformed. In other words, the point (10, 10) near the upper-left corner of a rectangle will not be at point (10, 10) after a 90-degree rotation. The Matrix class can tell you the new location to which that point has moved,...

    pdf0p yukogaru13 30-11-2010 49 14   Download

  • Cartilage provides our joints with load support and lubrication for decades of continuous use with minimal friction or damage. These unusual bearing properties are in fact due to a biphasic tissue structure (containing both fluid and solid matrices) and the pressurization of interstitial fluid during dynamic deformations.

    pdf95p loixinloi 08-05-2013 34 1   Download


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