Proteins and enzymes

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  • The purpose of this work was to study protein and lipid recovery from yellowfin tuna head by enzymatic hydrolysis as well as to analyse the amino acid compositions in tuna head protein hydrolysate and the fatty acid compositions in tuna head oil.

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  • But up to now not only few but also rather inadequate empirical segmentation studies of these markets have been carri ed out and published. So, this book will present the results of a newer and better designed segmentation study of Chinese consumer goods markets. This study identifies and characterizes 12 market segments that are internally homogeneous and externally heterogeneous with regard to the product related needs and wants of their members. Moreover, it explains the possibilities of a segment specific tailoring of some other elements of the marketing mix.

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  • Here we study the architecture and characteristics of the broker network. We are using a particular internal structure for the events (defined in XML but currently implemented as a Java object). We assume a sophisticated matching of publishers and subscribers defined as general topic objects (defined by an XML Schema that we have designed). However these are not the central issues to be discussed here. Our study should be useful whether events are defined and transported in Java/RMI or XML/SOAP or other mechanisms; it does not depend on the details of matching publishers and subscribers.

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  • Bond Funds, which account for €320.7 billion of shares/units in issue, and are therefore the largest fund category, experienced minor positive revaluations of €1.7 billion, but mostly benefitted from increased confidence in bonds by recording significant new investment of €12 billion, the highest relative inflow of any category. Hedge Funds, which account for €73.2 billion of shares/units in issue, also benefitted from positive revaluations and net inflows. Revaluations at €3 billion, or 4.

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  • Restating and control firms appear very similar in the measurable degree of influence that the CEO exerts on the board. Panel D of Table 5 shows that the CEO chairs the board in about 64 percent (62 percent) of the restating (control) firms. The CEO’s median tenure on the board is 5 (7) years in restating (control) firms. The CEO belongs to the founding family in 26 percent (20 percent) of the firms in the two samples. The CEO appears to pick board members in 80 percent (82 percent) of the firms in the two groups. None of these differences are statistically significant....

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  • In Peru, where the project is known as Iniciativa de La- vado de Manos, or the Handwashing Initiative (HWI), the specific target is to reach 5.1 million women and children under 12 with handwashing messages by the end of the four-year implementation period (November 2010). The ultimate goal is to have 1.3 million people practicing im- proved handwashing behaviors. As of the first half of 2010, the communication targets for reach by mass media had been significantly surpassed and for direct consumer con- tact (e.g., dramas, discussions, and health fairs) had almost been reached.

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  • Several international organisations and large fi nancial institutions have developed fi nancing conditions indices (FCIs). 1 Isolating fi nancing conditions from monetary conditions is especially useful at the current juncture, which is characterised by low monetary policy rates but substantial stress in the fi nancial system. This box reviews briefl y the methodology used to construct such FCIs and looks at some results obtained for the euro area as a whole.

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  • The opinions expressed in the report are those of the authors and do not necessarily reflect the views of the International Organization for Migration (IOM). The designations employed and the presentation of material throughout the report do not imply the expression of any opinion whatsoever on the part of IOM concerning the legal status of any country, territory, city or area, or of its authorities, or concerning its frontiers or boundaries. IOM is committed to the principle that humane and orderly migration benefits migrants and society.

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  • Over the last six months’ total apartment supply levels within the Sydney CBD and surrounds have risen by 33% due to the release of four new projects. Two new developments have been released in the Southern Precinct whilst an additional building is being marketed in the Mid Precinct and another in the Eastern Precinct. Three projects have also been recently completed – The Stamford Residences and The Reynell Terraces in the North, East Exchange in the East and INMARK Tower in the South.

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  • Using all of the above sources and extrapolating from current data coverage to a larger scale, a global DALY for the selected 49 low and middle-income countries was estimated for each of the top polluting industry sources and contaminants presented in this report. These DALY estimations are clearly limited in their accuracy by the data available. However, these ranges are becoming more accurate as better information is obtained from pollution sites all over the world.

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  • As the Internet grows and routing complexity increases, network-level instabilities are becoming more and more common. End-to-end communications are especially susceptible to service disruptions, while diagnosing and mitigating these disruptions are extremely challenging. In this dissertation, we design and build systems for diagnosing routing anomalies and improving robustness of end-to-end communications. The rst piece of this work describes PlanetSeer, a novel distributed system for diagnosing routing anomalies.

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  • In the Arab world, men remain twice as likely as women to be users of social media. The barriers to women’s utilization of social media can be divided into two categories: Environmental and Personal. Environmental factors constitute the largest barriers to Arab women’s use of social media, specifically “societal and cultural constraints,” in addition to “access to ICT” and “lack of relevant content for women.” These factors have more to do with the environment in which female social media users operate.

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  • Considering different age categories, employment was highest among women 25-54 (71% of this age group was employed), followed by women aged 55-64 (36%), and women aged 15-24 (34.2%) (European Commission 2008a). However, it is projected that population ageing will lead to a change in the European workforce.

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  • Both the retreat of the glaciers and the rise of oxygen in the ocean may have spurred the rise of the animals. All animals need oxygen to fuel their metabolism and to build their tissues. The low levels of oxygen in the oceans may have made it impossible for the ancestors of animals to evolve into multicellular creatures. If a rise in oxygen opened the door for animal evolution, what pushed the ani- mals through? Part of that answer may lie within the animals themselves—in particular, in the set of genes that control their development.

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  • The Missouri Securities Division has also identified investor diminished capacity and senior investor education as crucial issues in the fight against senior investor fraud. Persons with mild diminished capacity can perform most daily functions, but may become confused when managing their finances. This, in turn, makes those individuals more susceptible to fraud. According to a 2008 Duke University study, about 35 percent of the 25 million people in the United States who are 71 or older either have mild cognitive impairment or dementia.

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  • Selected policies, institutions, and environmental factors, on the other hand, have a clear impact on education attainment. In particular, family background and teacher quality have been identified as important explanatory variables for student achievement. School autonomy and emphasis on assessing student performance are likely to raise education attainment, while teacher unions’ influence may have a negative impact.

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  • This guideline is an update of the previous Guideline on In- fant Oral Health Care, revised in 2009. This revision included a hand search of literature as well as a new search of the MEDLINE/PubMed ® electronic database using the following parameters: Terms: “infant oral health”, “infant oral health care”, and “early childhood caries”; Fields: all; Limits: within the last 10 years, humans, English, and clinical trials. Papers for review were chosen from the resultant list of 449 articles and from references within selected articles.

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  • Cross-cutting finding: The health system could go much further and respond more deliberately to the majority of Ugandans, who live in rural poverty. Currently, the essential package of health services is underfunded, leading to stock-outs of essential medicines and low quality of care. OOP expenditure is high (at over 50 percent of total health expenditure) and there is also high risk of catastrophic health expenditures.

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  • For example, a footrest is normally not necessary if both desk and chair are adjustable through sufficient ranges, which is the preferred arrangement. Desk lamps are not needed when the ambient light levels are adequate. Monitor arms are not needed with most personal computer arrangements, since placing the VDU monitor on the central processing unit usually results in an appropriate height, and modern monitors have a built- in capacity to tilt and swivel.

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  • To address some of the challenges described above, the WHO/HAI Project on Medicine Prices and Availability has initiated a set of activities to strengthen policy guidance on issues relating to medicine prices, availability and affordability, with a specific focus on the needs of low- and middle-income countries. These include a series of in-depth reviews on policies and other interventions to manage medicine prices, increase availability and make medicines more affordable.

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