Protozoa and helminths

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  • In Burkina Faso, despite the strengthening of food security and household incomes, the malnutrition in market gardeners children remains a concern in some regions. This study aims to assess drinking water quality and intestinal parasitic infections in two market garden sites to understand the persistence of malnutrition in these children.Drinking water (n=43) and stools(n=96) from children aged06-59 months were analyzed. Stool samples were subjected to the Kato-Katz and a formalin-ether concentration method for the diagnosis of helminths and intestinal protozoa infections.

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  • Small ruminant farming serves as a major source of livelihood in rural areas where about 70% of the population is dependent on agricultural and livestock related activity. In spite of so high potential of these animals, production is significantly constrained due to disease caused by variety of pathogens that include bacteria, virus, protozoa and helminths. Among all these pathogens, parasites are the major cause of sub clinical cases which are not readily diagnosed in field conditions hence affecting production and economic status.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "medical microbiology and infection at a glance" presentation of content: influenza viruses, parainfluenza and other respiratory viruses, filamentous fungi, yeast infections, intestinal protozoa, gut helminths, tissue helminths, systemic infection,... and other contents.

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  • (BQ) Part 1 of the document Textbook of medical parasitology presents the following contents: General introduction, protozoa general features, amoebae, flagellates, malaria parasites, miscellaneous sporozoa and microspora, ciliate protozoa, helminths general features.

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  • (BQ) Continued part 1, part 2 of the document Microbiology demystified presents the following contents: Classification of microorganisms, the prokaryotes - Domains archaea and bacteria, the eukaryotes - Fungi, algae, protozoa, and helminths, vi ruses, viroids, and prions, epidemiology and disease, immunity, vaccines and diagnosing diseases, antimicrobial drugs.

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  • This is a new and fully revised edition of Jeffrey and Leach: Atlas of Medical Helminthology and Protozoology . Helminths (worms) and similar parasites are a major medical problem in much of the world and perhaps the largest single cause of morbidity and mortality (eg malaria, elephantiasis, trypanosmiasis). The diagnosis of these conditions still largely rests on the microscopic examination of, for example, faeces. This atlas illustrates the different myriad of different organisms and how to identify them. The atlas covers all helminths and protozoa of medical importance.

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  • Dystonia has many facets, and among those, this book commences with the increasingly associated genes identified, including a construct on how biology interacts with the dystonia genesis. The clinical phenomenology of dystonia as approached in the book is interesting because, not only were the cervical, oromandibular/lingual/laryngeal, task-specific and secondary dystonias dealt with individually, but that the associated features such as parkinsonism, tremors and spasticity were also separately presented.

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