Purpose of public speaking

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  • Public Speaking will help the youth: · acquire and relate subject matter knowledge · learn to organize their ideas in a clear mann · develop self-confidence about their abilities and skills · develop and display physical skills · develop specific public speaking skills

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  • English is a must here, and there are probably few countries where learners take exam prep classes as seriously as Greek learners do. While such high learner motivation would seem to be a plus, the downside is that English is often learned for the sole purpose of getting the proficiency certificate—a fact that usually reduces teaching to a cramming of grammar and vocabulary, without students being able to become fluent speakers of English.

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  • The Art of Public Speaking a speaker does not say and do that reveals the dynamo within. Anything may come from such stored−up force once it is let loose; and that keeps an audience alert, hanging on the lips of a speaker for his next word. After all, it is all a question of manhood, for a stuffed doll has neither convictions nor emotional tension. If you are upholstered with sawdust, keep off the platform, for your own speech will puncture you. Growing out of this conviction−tension comes resolve to make the audience share that conviction−tension. Purpose is the backbone...

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  • The Art of Public Speaking in the home of Phillips and of Sumner. But, Mr. President, if a purpose to speak in perfect frankness and sincerity; if earnest understanding of the vast interests involved; if a consecrating sense of what disaster may follow further misunderstanding and estrangement; if these may be counted to steady undisciplined speech and to strengthen an untried arm−−then, sir, I shall find the courage to proceed. Note also Mr.

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  • 1. Giáo án: Miêu tả ngoại hình - Describing appearance  Giải thích đề bài cho học viên: o Describe (v): miêu tả, mô tả; danh từ: description (n) à giới thiệu qui tắc chuyển những động từ có đuôi “be” sang danh từ bằng cách chuyển thành đuôi “-ption”. o Appearance (n): lấy ví dụ, từ đó để học viên rút ra ý nghĩa của từ: ngoại hình, bên ngoài.

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