Quantitative data analysis

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  • Bài giảng "Phân tích dữ liệu trong phân tích định lượng - Data analysis quantitative research" giới thiệu tới người đọc các kiến thức: Sơ lược về SPSS, nghiên cứu khoa học và phân tích dữ liệu, quy trình nghiên cứu, vấn đề nghiên cứu,... Mời các bạn cùng tham khảo.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "essentials of marketing research" has contents: marketing decision-support system, global marketing research, applied marketing research, evaluation, reports and presentation, qualitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis.

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  • (bq) part 2 book “research methods for business” has contents: experimental designs, sampling, quantitative data analysis, quantitative data analysis - hypothesis testing, qualitative data analysis, the research report.

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  • Chapter 6 – Sampling and estimation. This chapter include objectives: Define simple random sampling, define and interpret sampling error, distinguish between time-series and cross-sectional data; state the central limit theorem and describe its importance, distinguish between a point estimate and a confidence interval estimate of a population parameter,...

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  • This much-needed book, from a selection of top international experts, fills a gap by providing a manual of applied quantitative financial analysis. It focuses on advanced empirical methods for modelling financial markets in the context of practical financial applications.Data, software and techniques specifically aligned to trading and investment will enable the reader to implement and interpret quantitative methodologies covering various models.

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  • (bq) part 2 book "essentials of marketing research" has contents: qualitative data analysis, preparing data for quantitative analysis, basic data analysis for quantitative research; examining relationships in quantitative research, communicating marketing research findings.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "essentials of marketing research" has contents: measurement and scaling, designing the questionnaire, communicating marketing research findings, basic data analysis for quantitative research, qualitative data analysis, preparing data for quantitative analysis,...and other contents.

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  • Qualitative Analysis of Data There is an important distinction between quantitative research and qualitative research. In quantitative research, the information obtained from the participants is expressed in numerical form. Studies in which we record the number of items recalled, reaction times, or the number of aggressive acts are all examples of quantitative research. In qualitative research, on the other hand, the information obtained from participants is not expressed in numerical form.

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  • The book is divided into four main parts: key issues in researching language learning/teaching, data collection, data analysis and writing up research. Both qualitative and quantitative methodologies are discussed, alongside popular mixed-methods approaches, such as triangulated studies, thus covering many of the methods commonly employed in the field.

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  • This study uses what Cresswell (2003) refers to as a ‘mixed methods approach’, one that combines quantitative and qualitative data collection and a ‘sequential explanatory strategy’ in which the collection and analysis of the quantitative data is followed by the collection and analysis of the qualitative data (p 215).

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  • This book is written for those physicists who want to work on Wall Street but have not bothered to read anything about Finance. This is a crash course that the author, a physicist himself, needed when he landed a financial data analyst job and became fascinated with the huge data sets at his disposal. More broadly, this book addresses the reader with some background in science or engineering (college-level math helps) who is willing to learn the basic concepts and quantitative methods used in modern finance.

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  • Introduction: Blood and urine are the common specimens for drug analysis in both antemortem and postmortem cases. Usually, urine is used for drug screening using immunoassays at the first step; secondly, the drug detected is chromatographically quantitated with blood. The data obtained are carefully assessed with taking the values reported in references into consideration together with clinical and postmortem findings; the judgement of poisoning and its degree is made comprehensively.

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  • Quantitative  distribution  of  main  ions  and  other  chemical  components  of  groundwater  are characterized by theirs statistical parameters. They depend closely on probability distribution of  the  data.

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  • Magnetotelluric surveys (soundings) are a naturalsource electromagnetic (EM) geophysical method that utilizes variations in the Earth’s magnetic field to image subsurface structures. A magnetotelluric sounding was attempted at Weyburn but has not produced results. Consequently, a final assessment of its utility is not available (Monea et al., 2008). Electrical resistance tomography (ERT) is a technique of imaging subsurface electrical conductivity. When deployed in time-lapse mode, it is capable of detecting conductivity changes caused by the injection of CO2.

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  • Data can be defined as the quantitative or qualitative values of a variable. Data is plural of Datum which literally means to give or something given. Data is thought to be the lowest unit of information from which other measurements and analysis can be done. Data can be numbers, images, words, figures, facts or ideas. Data in itself cannot be understood and to get information from the data one must interpret it into meaningful information. There are various methods of interpreting data. Data sources are broadly classified into primary and secondary data....

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  • 1. Exploratory Data Analysis 1. Exploratory Data Analysis This chapter presents the assumptions, principles, and techniques necessary to gain insight into data via EDA--exploratory data analysis. 1. EDA Introduction 1. What is EDA? 2. EDA vs Classical & Bayesian 3. EDA vs Summary 4. EDA Goals 5. The Role of Graphics 6. An EDA/Graphics Example 7. General Problem Categories 3. EDA Techniques 1. Introduction 2. Analysis Questions 3. Graphical Techniques: Alphabetical 4. Graphical Techniques: By Problem Category 5. Quantitative Techniques 6.

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  • Organizations with customer/client data are more at risk because this data is not only confidential, it is also the type of information that thieves and hackers seek out. This is especially true when financial records or credit card numbers are at risk. There is also the burden of added social pressure because of the sensitive nature of information that is considered personal. Pressure to protect personal data will increase over the next several years as privacy legislation is passed in countries around the world.

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  • Two key policy goals in the health sector are equity and financial protection. New methods, data and powerful computers have led to a surge of interest in quantitative analysis that permits monitoring progress toward these objectives, and comparisons across countries. ADePT is a new computer program that streamlines and automates such work, ensuring that results are genuinely comparable and allowing them to be produced with a minimum of programming skills.

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  • We present a corpus-based study of methods that have been proposed in the linguistics literature for selecting the semantically unmarked term out of a pair of antonymous adjectives. Solutions to this problem are applicable to the more general task of selecting the positive term from the pair. Using automatically collected data, the accuracy and applicability of each method is quantified, and a statistical analysis of the significance of the results is performed.

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  • part 1 book “clinical research for the doctor of nursing practice” has contents: the importance of research in the doctor of nursing practice degree, developing the researchable problem, conducting a literature review, ethics in clinical research, designing a clinically based quantitative capstone research project,… and other contents.

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