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  • In terms of economic stability and growth, in 2008 the UK food and drink industry accounted for 7% of the national output, supporting about 3.7million jobs (Cabinet Office 2008). Trying to balance these complex elements of sustainability poses an enormous challenge. While some synergies can be found there are also a number of conflicting goals and potential tensions.

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  • Picture Association of America, the MPAA), and appointed as its president Will H. Hays, the former postmaster general in the administration of Warren G. Harding and an upright, teetotaling elder of the Presbyterian Church. Hays put the industry on a solid financial basis with his contacts on Wall Street, kept federal censors at bay with his influence in Washington, D.C, and placated the moral guardians with soothing words and Protestant probity.

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  • The complex system for reporting and reviewing credit involves a large number of participants who fall generally into one of six categories: consumers; data repositories; data users; data furnishers; credit reporting agencies; and analytical service providers. Approximately 190-200 million consumers have credit reports maintained by the three major credit repositories (Experian, Equifax, and Trans Union) 9 .

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  • A rights-based approach to access is based on the framework of international values and standards, set out in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights (see and other international human rights conventions. These are primarily concerned with promoting the wellbeing and free choice of all individuals, especially people made vulnerable through poverty, stigma, marginalisation or violence.

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  • Like all resolutions on business policy passed by the Deutsche Bundesbank, the principles for cashless payments are laid down by the Central Bank Council of the Deutsche Bundesbank to the extent set out in ECB Guidelines and Instructions. Pricing is based on the cost covering principle. The Deutsche Bundesbank supports efficient procedures, for example by charging higher fees for the more complex exchange of data media than for submissions by data telecommunication. Non-banks are charged EUR 15 per month for account management (for further information on prices see Section 3).

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  • Accounting standards around the world have evolved over centuries of business and capital market development. In this process, accounting standards historically were designed to meet the needs of each nation’s capital markets. Those stan- dards that were found to work well in the legal, cultural, political and economic context of each nation became the “generally accepted accounting principles,” or GAAP, for that particular jurisdiction. Naturally, different norms in each nation led to different GAAPs in each nation.

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  • The agency or organization that administers the sculpture needing conservation usually has specific contracting procedures. In state, county, and municipal governments these procedures may pose particular challenges, especially if they require a sealed bid process in which cost is the only selection criterion. In some communities, the care of public sculpture and monuments may be assigned to agencies that maintain parks and recreational facilities, highways, or government office buildings.

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  • The complement cascade is tightly regulated by short half-lives of its components and a series of endogenous regulatory proteins. Complement regulatory proteins counteract the complement activity and protect glomerular cells from injury (Nangaku 1998). In vitro, overexpression of CD59 protected cultured glomerular cells from attack (Nangaku et al. 1996). In the rat Heymann nephritis model, simultaneous blockade of complement regulatory proteins by neutralizing antibodies was required to develop proteinuria following injection of anti-megalin antibody (Schiller et al. 1998).

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  • Investing in infrastructure and innovation will be crucial for ensuring new sources of growth that better reflect the full value to economic activity to society. OECD analysis shows that greener growth can deliver important economic gains. These can be realised through enhanced resource productivity, reduced waste and energy consumption, and from ensuring that natural resources are priced to reflect their true value.

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  • So much is clear, that the keeping of the balance in the comprehensive machine process of industry is a matter of the gravest urgency if the productive mechanism is to proceed with its work in an efficient manner, so as to avoid idleness, waste, and hardship. The management of the various industrial plants and processes in due correlation with all the rest, and the supervision of the interstitial adjustments of the system, are commonly conceived to be a work of greater consequence to the community's well−being than any of the detail work involved in carrying...

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  • The mechanisms of action of acupuncture are not entirely clear. Although we have many pieces of this puzzle, it is still not complete neither entirely mounted. Another debilitating element is the absence of a convincing model of sham acupuncture for a control group in clinical trials. All this facts, allied to inappropriate prejudice and unfamiliarity, reinforce the false notion that acupuncture works mainly due to placebo effect.

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  • Thomas and others (1991) observe that patients who use CAM and TM also commonly access conventional medical care. In industrial countries, most CAM usage complements conventional care, but this is also common in developing nations. For instance, Mwabu (1986) provides evidence from Kenya that patients are likely to use more than one type of provider from the range of those available, such as government facilities,mission clinics, private clinics, pharmacies, and tradi- tional healers.

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  • the Council is chaired by Kurt Roeloffs, Global Chief investment officer of RREEF Real Estate. patricia Connoll Director of sustainability at RREEF Real Estate, is Co-Cha of the Council. Kurt also oversees sustainability research, strategy, practices, and resources. andrew nelson is a Director of Research at RREEF Real Estate and leads RREEF Real Estate’s global research on sustainable investment practices and industry trends in sustainability.

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  • Islam and Watanapalachaikul (2003) showed a strong, significant long-run relationship between stock prices and macroeconomic factors (interest rate, bonds price, foreign exchange rate, price-earning ratio, market capitalization, and consumer price index) during 1992-2001 in Thailand. Hassan (2003) employed Johansen’s (1988, 1991, 1992b) and Johansen and Juselius’ (1990) multivariate cointegration techniques to test for the existence of long-term relationships between share prices in the Persian Gulf region.

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  • To my knowledge, this paper is the first to find evidence that news media content can predict movements in broad indicators of stock market activity. Using principal components analysis, I construct a simple measure of media pessimismfromthe content of theWSJ column. I then estimate the intertempo- ral links between this measure of media pessimism and the stock market using basic vector autoregressions (VARs). First and foremost, I find that high lev- els of media pessimism robustly predict downward pressure on market prices, followed by a reversion to fundamentals.

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  • The Guide explores qualitative research and pretesting in depth—areas where our colleagues have asked for additional help. These in-depth sections offer detailed, step-by-step instructions, techniques, and aides to help readers understand and correctly implement qualitative research and pretesting techniques. Sample completed forms are included throughout the book, while blank forms are offered in the appendices. The book also includes specific information on each medium: print, radio, video, and computer- based materials.

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  • Most women in prison are mothers and usually the primary or sole carer for their children. Research from many countries has shown that, when fathers are imprisoned, the mother usually continues to care for the children. However, when a mother is imprisoned, the father often does not continue to care for the children, resulting in large numbers of children being institutionalized (United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime, 2008).

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  • Both arts and sciences and public health should share in fostering and developing an educated citizenry. Such citizens should be able to recognize the spectrum of global health challenges and exercise intellectual and practical skills in response. As LEAP recommends, well-educated citizens ought to be prepared to accept personal and social responsibility and demonstrate capacity to synthesize, integrate, and apply their learning.

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  • The security administrator logged into the Locate web console and input the IP address and dates from the IDS log. Locate looked up the historical information for the time period in question. He was immediately presented with the name, location, and phone number of the user who was using the workstation to log into the mainframe. Within seconds the security administrator had the information he needed to make his report. The Locate Solution The security administrator logged into the Locate web console and input the IP address and dates from the IDS log.

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  • A bank must realize that managing customer information effectively allows it to delight customers. Hence, it must build a knowledge repository of customer information that permits a holistic view of the customer . Such a view will also help banks gauge the reasons for certain customer behavior . Information could be gathered by carefully listening to customers during their numerous interactions with their banks. Customers could also be asked for their active feedback and suggestions.

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