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  • With all this new equipment, an additional rack per site is required for your digital equipment. Make sure that you have enough space for it. This 19’’ rack, which should be as tall as possible, serves to take up the central library, the different Ethernet switches*1 or any other equipment required for your digital installation. A ventilated rack is suitable in any case. Install it in such a way so that its interior can easily be accessed to simplify any work on the cabling and connections. This rack does not necessarily have to...

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  • Under the reference case scenario, CEF projects that the pulp and paper industry’s energy consumption will continue to be dominated by renewable fuels (primarily biomass) and natural gas, though renewable energy sources will grow at the expense of natural gas, coal, and petroleum as the industry continues to reduce its demand for purchased fuels. Economic energy intensity (energy consumption per dollar value of output) is expected to decrease at the rate of 0.

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  • On Fiscal Discipline and the Choice of Exchange Rate Regine This result conflicts with a well-known recent result from Hoxby (2000a), who argues that metropolitan areas with less centralized educational governance, and therefore more competition among local school districts, produce better student outcomes at lower cost. In Chapter Two, I attempt to get to the bottom of the discrepancy. I reanalyze a portion of Hoxby’s data, and find reason to suspect the validity of her conclusions.

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  • The resulting product profited from further input from Mark Stern and Susan Seifert, Joan Shigekawa of the Rockefeller Foundation, and TRF staff, Patricia Smith, Margaret Berger Bradley, Ira Goldstein, Julia Serbulov and Alissa Weiss. A special thank you as well to David Bradley for his collaborative editorial contribution. Arts practitioners, developers and policy analysts who participated in a one-day convening in June 2007 also contributed greatly to our understanding of these issues. The collaboration also resulted in five briefs.

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  • Making models in the traditional way demands considerable manual skill and dexterity, for example cutting wood parts with a razor knife. The advent and adoption of rapid prototyping and manufacturing (RPM) machinery has made it possible for ordinary designers, students, and even children, to produce physical artifacts using computational means. Although most RPM hardware is as simple to use as a printer, the software tools that designers use to produce representations for output require a great deal of expertise.

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  • In their classic account, Tim Dyson and Mick Moore linked women's autonomy to demographic regimes in south Asia. As they describe the north Indian demographic regime, it involves relatively high levels of fertility and infant mortality, relatively early age at marriage (which is almost universal in north India), and relatively large gender gaps in health indicators.

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  • Regardless of the process used to reach these decisions in a particular SAI, the considerations that should underlie them remain the same. Thus, whether a process is centralised or decentralised a similar approach is necessary, with a similar consideration of all the relevant factors throughout the SAI. These should be fully recorded and documented, particularly the necessary discussions and decisions on audit risk, materiality and sensitivity, whatever management process is consistently applied.

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  • Across the globe, organisations are spending increasing sums of money on executing projects and programmes. Managing change successfully has become a significant factor in organisational success, and investment in projects and programmes is integral to that success. However, many organisations still struggle to achieve success with the majority of their projects and programmes. Some believe that the effort and money spent in implementing PMOs has made a big difference in the level of success achieved in executing projects and programmes.

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  • A spam campaign consists of many related email mes- sages. The messages in a spam campaign share a set of common features, such as similar content, or links (with or without redirection) to the same target URL. By exploit- ing this feature, we can cluster spam email messages with same or near-duplicate content together as a single spam campaign. Spammers often obfuscate the message content such that each email message in a spam campaign has slightly different text from the others. One common obfuscating technique is misspelling commonly ltered words or in- serting extra characters.

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  • This will include negotiating and settling with PRPs and utilizing the special account funds which the Agency obtains from PRPs to finance site-specific CERCLA response actions in accordance with the settlement agreement. PRP resources, state resources, and appropriated resources are critical to the Superfund program. As of the end of FY 2011, the EPA is carefully managing more than $1.8 billion in special account resources and has developed multi-year plans to use these funds as expeditiously as possible consistent with applicable requirements.

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  • Before you start trying to decide whether your idea is correct, you should stop to ask whether it is interesting. If it isn't interesting, no one will care whether it is correct or not. So try it out on a few people|see if they think that it is worth pursuing. What would follow from this idea if it is correct? Would it have lots of implications or would it just be a dead end? Always remember that working on this particular idea has an opportunity cost|you could be spending your time working on a di erent idea. Make sure that the expected bene ts cover that opportunity cost....

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  • Magnenat Thalmann and Thalmann [1991] propose a new classification of computer animation scenes involving synthetic actors both according to the method of controlling motion and according to the kinds of interactions the actors have. A motion control method specifies how an actor is animated and may be characterized according to the type of information to which it is privileged in animating the synthetic actor. For example, in a keyframe system for an articulated body, the privileged information to be manipulated is joint angles.

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  • despite this disparity in the quantity of environmental releases, dioxins and furans have dominated the debate over regulatory controls of the effluents from pulp and paper plants that use chlorine bleaching because chlorinated phenols and volatile organochlorines are estimated to be very much less toxic.

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  • As with records in other formats, electronic records must be managed through their entire life cycle from creation, when the records are created or received; through their active life, when the records are accessed frequently (at least once a month); through their inactive life, when the records are no longer active but have to be retained for a period of time for legal, fiscal, administrative, or historical reasons; until their final disposition which could be destruction or preservation as a permanent record....

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  • The work of Midwifery 2020 has been set firmly within the reality of the political, legal, economic, social and technological changes facing the UK. There are undoubtedly challenges in developing a vision and way forward for midwifery care across the four countries of the UK because of the different ways in which services are organised and the policies that impact on midwifery and maternity services.

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  • Competition in the banking sector has been analysed by, amongst other methods, measuring market power (i.e. a reduction in competitive pressure) and efficiency. A well-known approach to measuring market power is suggested by Bresnahan (1982) and Lau (1982), recently used by Bikker (2003) and Uchida and Tsutsui (2005). They analyse bank behaviour on an aggregate level and estimate the average conjectural variation of banks.

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  • Much of the resistance in debt restructuring comes from the fear that restructuring will effectively be a bailout by countries of tighter fiscal discipline to countries with less fiscal discipline, and the moral hazard that this implies. The fear is that countries’ “bad” behavior in overspending and accumulating debt will be rewarded through a government bailout. In contrast to such a restructuring, there is no bailout associated with Trichet bonds. Old bonds will be exchanged at present market prices.

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  • There is a bourgeoning strand of academic literature dealing with the matter of corporate governance in the exchange industry. Large part of that literature investigates the reasons why exchanges modify their legal status. In particular, it tries to find a viable economic explanation to the demutualization of exchanges and the subsequent listing of major exchanges. The corporatization of exchanges would mirror the attempt to balance the vested interests of brokerage firms and outside shareholders, locals and international intermediaries, listed firms and platform users.

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  • By their very nature, every book that seeks to describe how technology works face challenges during its creation. Dealing with beta software and attempting to resolve the difference between how the software works and how the developers say it will work in the final version is a problem faced by any author, which is one reason why it is often best to wait to finalize text after you have a chance to work with released software. Looking back at this project, in some ways, this has been the hardest book of the seven that I have written about Exchange.

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  • A maintenance culture, which means that what is built is maintained, does not yet exist in Latin America. There is no reason to expect social funds to ensure maintenance better than any of the other ministries. If this culture is instituted, then projects will be sustained, both by the ministries and by the social funds. Citizen participation is emphasized greatly to achieve sustainable out- comes of projects. There is nothing like money to sustain a project.

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