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  • Women entrepreneurship has recently been a fashionable trend in research. The mixed methodology of this study has shed light on the barriers in women entrepreneurship by examining the factors affecting the entrepreneurial performance of female entrepreneurs’ work.

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  • In recent decades, "sustainable development" has become a fashionable key phrase in mass media and academic research. In broad terms, sustainable development can be applied at different levels: International, regional, national, regional, human communities, families as well as individuals. Vietnam is also not out of this trend, in which applies Vietnamese communityism to solve a range of cultural and development issues.

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  • United States anesthesia research production declined sharply from 1980-2005. Whether this trend has continued despite recent calls to improve output is unknown. We conducted an observational internet analysis to quantify American basic science and clinical anesthesia research output in 14 anesthesia journals with impact factors greater than one at three-year intervals during the past decade.

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  • Japan has promoted end-of-life care at home and in long-term care facilities, and the total proportion of in-hospital deaths has decreased recently. However, the difference in trends of in-hospital deaths by the cause of death remains unclear. We investigated the variation in trends of in-hospital deaths among older adults with longterm care from 2007 to 2017, by cause of death and place of care.

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  • With the explosion of the Industrial Revolution 4.0, a series of core technologies are also researched and developed, in which Digital Twin (DT) is a hot trend research recently. The Digital Twin of a system fully describes the state of the execution instance in real-time through the sensors (IoT).

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  • The importance of customer loyalty in online retailing has been accepted as a critical issue in the literature over recent decades. Surprisingly, the research area of e-loyalty remains scarce despite the accelerating trend of multi-channel retailing in the context of e-commerce environment. Based on the theories of channel integration and consumer behaviour, this study suggests and verifies the research framework for antecedents of e-loyalty in the context of fashion retailing sector in Danang, Vietnam.

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  • Human – computer interactions have been the center of many recent scientific researches due to many potential applications. Among such interactions, hand movements have always been regarded as one of the most desirable research trends. Albeit having been in development for over three decades, the research in capturing hand gestures and movements, along with its applications, are still in need of refinement.

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  • There is a trade-labor link that takes place in the global value chain of the garment industry. Whichever method (CMT / OEM / ODM / OBM) is involved, compliance with labor standards is an inevitable trend existing in most of the international trade institutions, especially in the new-generation free trade agreements. The garment industry has gained a good growth rate with leading contribution to export turnover of Vietnam in recent years but it has not had high added value.

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  • One of the key elements in the early stages of drug discovery is finding good hits to develop lead compounds. Although HTS has been used as a standardized technology for hit finding, it still bears some challenging drawbacks: expensive and low-quality data. Aiming at the same goal as HTS, virtual screening (VS) has been developed to reduce cost and increase efficiency. Recent studies show that VS can deliver numerous quality hits and a few of them even reach clinical trials.

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  • In recent years, cognitive relay networks (CRNs) have emerged as a fantastic trend in research. It supports the establishment of a new communication network by spectrumsharing technique. However, most papers focus on studying the performance of the dual-hop scheme. This paper evaluates the proposed multi-hop model by giving the closed-form multihop network outage (OP). Simulation verifies our derivation and discovers the impact of several related factors on the secondary outage probability.

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  • Technology has dramatically changed the way we teach and learn a language and created new trends in English language teaching such as Blended Learning and Computer-Assisted Language Learning. It has become so popular that recently-published textbook series, including Life begin to have their workbooks uploaded in online platforms. However, there have been only a few studies on how online workbooks benefit teachers and students and what issues they may cause in specific context. The paper aims at filling in this gap by investigating the online homework of Life series.

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  • This paper first briefly introduces principles, construction procedures and quality control techniques of an innovative CDM method that can create head-enlarged column, named as Point Foundation (PF). The method is practically implemented with a specific binder that is environment-friendly and more effective in strength enhancing compared with the common binder as cement.

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  • This paper aims to explore the current trends in KM research by providing an analysis of the literature. It is based on two sources of data: first, some existing reviews of the KM literature, with the goal to analyse if these studies converge towards consistent conclusions; second, the proceedings of a long-running and popular international Conference on KM (the European Conference on Knowledge Management), where a quantitative analysis was carried out to understand the main streams in this field of study.

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  • Recent advances in methodologies utilizing “big data” have allowed researchers to investigate the use of common internet search engines as a real time tool to track disease. Little is known about its utility with tracking cancer incidence.

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  • Present increasing trend of population is alarming for food shortage. It was estimated that by the year of 2050 the population rate may increase up to 9 billion. Rapid increase of human population together with global climate variability resulted in increased demand of plant based food and energy sources. Conventional breeding is still limited due to genetic restrictions (high heterozygosity and polyploidy), long juvenile periods, selfincompatibility, resources restricted to parental genome and exposed to sexual combination.

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  • This study aims to investigate all papers published on the application of optimization in the project management from 1940 to 2019 and shows: a) how the trend has changed over this 79 years period, b) to what direction the trend has changed, c) determines the interesting topics of the recent years, and d) which subjects are more attractive as future studies as the applications of the optimization techniques in the project management.

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  • Karnataka state has a typical composition having a large share of its area under highly diversified agricultural crops, higher growth in agriculture assumes great importance and is a matter of concern for policy planners and research scholars in recent times. The analysis of growth is usually used to find out the trend of a particular variable over a period of time and used for making policy decisions.

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  • Research on fairy tales in general and miracle fairy tales in particular in terms of type and motif has been effectively applied by Folklore researchers in the world. In Vietnam, in recent years, this research trend has been becoming popular and achieves high practical values. By comparison the miracle fairy tales of Vietnamese people and Khmer people, this method is important in finding similarities and differences in miracle fairy tales systems of people in the same territory in term of literature and culture.

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  • Global demand for high-quality rice has grown substantially in recent years and continues to trend upward due to taste preferences and a greater interest in healthy diets. Most rice quality traits are inherited in a complex way and may be affected by multiple genes and environmental factors. Experiment was conducted by using 64 rice accessions at Pandit Jawaharlal Nehru collage of agriculture and research institute, karaikal during Rabi 2016.

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  • This work defines the benefits of drone technology in agriculture, and their application areas, describing from examples how drones function on fields and also highlights the different features of drone for managing the crops by applying precise cameras to identify pests and water shortages. For agricultural applications, summarized smart/intelligent farming techniques are being utilized such as exercise of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

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