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  • In meiosis, the accurate segregation of maternal and paternal chromosomes is accomplished by homologous recombination. A central player in meiotic recombination is the Dmc1 recombinase, a member of the RecA⁄Rad51 recombinase superfamily, which is widely conserved from viruses to humans.

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  • Homologous recombination (HR) serves to eliminate deleterious lesions, such as double-stranded breaks and interstrand crosslinks, from chromosomes. HR is also critical for the preservation of replication forks, for telomere maintenance, and chromosome segregation in meiosis I. As such, HR is indispensable for the maintenance of genome integrity and the avoidance of cancers in humans. The HR reaction is mediated by a conserved class of enzymes termed recombinases.

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  • Rad51 and disrupted meiotic cDNA1 (Dmc1) are the two eukaryotic DNA recombinases that participate in homology search and strand exchange reactions during homologous recombination mediated DNA repair. Rad51 expresses in both mitotic and meiotic tissues whereas Dmc1 is confined to meiosis.

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  • Sự tái tổ hợp thân của các mảnh gene V với J hoặc các mảnh gen V, D và J với nhau được thực hiện bởi một tập hợp các enzyme có tên gọi là V(D)J recombinase. Thành phần đặc hiệu với các tế bào lympho của enzyme V(D)J recombinase bao gồm các protein được mã hoá bởi các gene hoạt hoá recombinase (recombinase-activating gene) có ký hiệu là (RAG)-1 và (RAG)-2. Thành phần này nhận diện các đoạn ADN nằm bên cạnh các mảnh gene V, D và J của thụ thể dành cho kháng nguyên. Kết quả...

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  • uC31 integrase, a site-specific recombinase, can effectively mediate foreign genes bearing anattBsequence integrated into pseudoattPsites. We have previously identified two pseudoattP sites, BpsF1 and BpsM1 from the bovine genome. In this study, two new pseudoattPsites, BF4 and BF10, were discovered using half-nested inverse PCR from cow fibroblasts.

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  • The DMC1 protein, a meiosis-specific DNA recombinase, promotes homol-ogous pairing and strand exchange. The I37N single nucleotide polymor-phism of the human DMC1 protein was reported as a result of human genome sequencing projects.

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