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  • Highly Recommended 2 provide students with simple, functional language for dealing with customers and colleagues in a variety of situations, from taking reservations to dealing with complaints. The course offers a straightforward approach to developing speaking and listening skills in the context of the hotel and catering industry. Invite you to refer.

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  • (BQ) This new edition of Highly Recommended has been completely revised to take account of innovations and changing practices within the sector. Highly Recommended 1 provide students with simple, functional language for dealing with customers and colleagues in a variety of situations, from taking reservations to dealing with complaints. Invite you to refer.

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  • The recommendations in this document apply to transportation of API 5L steel line pipe by ship or barge. Covers both inland and marine waterways, except in cases where the specific requirement of a paragraph in this document references only marine or only inland waterway transport.

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  • The purpose of these recommended guidelines is to promote safety in the use of power boilers. The term “power boiler” in this Section includes stationary, portable, and traction type boilers, but does not include locomotive and high temperature water boilers, nuclear power plant boilers.

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  • How to Write a Letter of Recommendation for Graduate School Admissions presents abouts tips on writing letter of recommendation; general outline of the recommendation letter; dos and don’ts for recommendation letters; questions and answers for recommendation letters; useful phrases for recommendation letters; writing your own letter of recommendation.



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  • Work placement report: Recruitment in thang long postal insurance company and recommendations to improve the quality of recruitment has many contents: a presentation of the company, present my missions in the probation in the company, evaluating situation of recruitment at PTI Thang Long.

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  • We propose a translation recommendation framework to integrate Statistical Machine Translation (SMT) output with Translation Memory (TM) systems. The framework recommends SMT outputs to a TM user when it predicts that SMT outputs are more suitable for post-editing than the hits provided by the TM. We describe an implementation of this framework using an SVM binary classifier.

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  • In this paper we address the problem of question recommendation from large archives of community question answering data by exploiting the users’ information needs. Our experimental results indicate that questions based on the same or similar information need can provide excellent question recommendation. We show that translation model can be effectively utilized to predict the information need given only the user’s query question.

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  • Contents Preface 1Key recommendations 3Policy recommendations 3Technical recommendations 41 Introduction 51.1 Context 51.2 Constraints and challenges 51.3 Aim and objectives 61.4 Target audience 71.5 Methodology 82 National blood screening programme fortransfusion-transmissible infections 102.1 Developing a national blood screening programme 102.2 National policy on blood screening 102.3 National screening strategy 112.3.1 Screening algorithms 122.4 Organization and management 122.4.1 Blood transfusion service(s) 122.4.2 Reference laboratory 132.5 Financial and human resources 132.

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  • This monograph describes how well the Department of Defense logistics system met the materiel sustainment needs of Army forces in Operation Iraqi Freedom, documents the major reasons for shortfalls in performance, provides recommendations for improvement, and points to questions raised with respect to the design of future forces. The findings should be of interest throughout the Army as well the broader Department of Defense supply chain and force development communities.

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  • The variety of engaging interactions among users in social medial distinguishes it from traditional Web media. Such a feature should be utilized while attempting to provide intelligent services to social media participants. In this article, we present a framework to recommend relevant information in Internet forums and blogs using user comments, one of the most representative of user behaviors in online discussion.

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  • The objective of the thesis is to propose collaborative filtering recommender models that apply the proposed measures from the statistical implicative analysis method, tendency of variation in statistical implications, and association rules.

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  • Bioenergy exploitation and use play an important role in the implementation of the National Green Growth Strategy recently approved by the Government of Vietnam. This article focuses on the legal framework and policies for bio - technology development in Vietnam, the potential and current status of bioenergy exploitation and use, and points out existing obstacles and bottlenecks based on which it will make some policy recommendations for enhancing the exploitation and use of bioenergy sources in Vietnam.

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  • In this paper, we aim to improve the effectiveness and swiftness of pertinent RSS feeds analysis through recommending suitable fragments of queries during the analysis process of events. Accordingly, we propose an innovative architecture of our new active RSS feeds warehouse.

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  • Recommendation systems and adaptive systems have been introduced in travel applications to support the travelers in their decision-making processes. These systems should respond to the unexpected changes during the travel. As a result, the first step is to sense the traveler’s specifications, needs, and preferences before, during, and after the travel.

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  • In this paper, we introduce the personalized learning object recommender system. The proposed system supports learners by providing them recommendations about which learning objects within the course are more useful for them, considering the learning object they are visiting as well as the learning objects visited by other learners with similar profiles.

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  • The appearance of a vast array of online newspapers makes appropriate news recommendation for users become critically important. A number of researches in this area have been conducted in recent years. This paper presents the Vietnamese content-based news recommender system. Based on information about news stories that users have read and given feedback, the system can automatically determine news stories that users may want to read later.

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  • This study aimed to examine the influence of knowledge management system (KMS) quality on users’ continuance intention. The research model was developed by integrating the concept of DeLone and McLean’s information systems (IS) success model with the expectation confirmation model. To examine the developed model, a survey was conducted with 131 respondents from three companies that had implemented a KMS. The data were analyzed using the partial least square (PLS) method.

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  • This paper presents a system that analyzes the themes discussed in a chat room and then recommends information sources according to the context of the discussion. In order to produce recommendations, the system considers users’ profiles to complement the knowledge of each individual, reaching what Vygotsky called zone of proximal development. Another important feature is related to the fact that, after the chat discussion session, it is possible to generate statistical analyses. These analyses allow evaluating the discussion (e.g.

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  • The study was conducted in Andhra Pradesh state during 2017-18. A total of 120 Bt cotton tenant farmers were selected randomly for the study. Data was collected by interview schedule. Majority (65.83%) of the Bt cotton tenant farmers had medium knowledge, followed by low (17.50%) and high (16.67%) level of knowledge regarding recommended package of practices in Bt cotton.

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