Red flags

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  • Using Quick Flags Because flagging every message that needed action with an identical red flag meant every message was flagged, many users adopted the unread method of mail management.

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  • You’ve found your dream house. The neighborhood is perfect. The schools are great. The kitchen has everything you want. You’ve negotiated a good price. You’ve signed reams of paperwork. And you open an escrow account. Then your mortgage broker calls. Remember the great interest rate she quoted you last week? You don’t qualify for it. She says there are some problems with your FICO score. Your interest rate is going to be higher by almost four percentage points.

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  • Across the board, Raise a red flag, At the drop of a hat.

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  • I begin with a brief rationale for the book. This needs to go beyond reasons for writing such as the clarification of my own ideas or publication of my own research. Those are both necessary motivations for the writer, but I hope the book will contribute to debates on urban issues during the first decade of the twenty-first century. In particular, I hope it will illuminate what certain kinds of cultural practices contribute, not only reflectively, but in actively shaping the agendas of future urban development and change....

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  • A tax practitioner who, by passing an examination given by the U.S. Treasury Department, can represent taxpayers before the Internal Revenue Service. Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Enterprise Resource Planning Planning Planning Planning (ERP) (ERP) (ERP) (ERP) A business management system that integrates all facets of the business to the related financial reporting functionality.

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  • At three o'clock in the afternoon of the cold first Monday in March, 1601, a red flag rose, and a trumpet sounded thrice, from a little gabled turret protruding up out of a large wooden building in a field in that part of Southwark known as the Bankside and bordering on the Thames west of London Bridge. This rude edifice, or enclosure, was round (not like its successor, hexagonal) in shape; was in great part roofless; was built on a brick and stone foundation, and was encircled by a ditch for drainage. It was, in fact, the Globe Theatre; and the flag and trumpet meant...

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  • Trật tự của tính từ .Khi có nhiều adjectives, dùng một dấu phẩy (comma) sau mỗi adjective, ngoại trừ adjective cuối cùng trước tiếng noun. The red, white and blue flag. Nếu một adjective gồm hai chữ, đừng bỏ dấu phẩy giữa hai chữ.

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  • Colonel Ilya Simonov tooled his Zil aircushion convertible along the edge of Red Square, turned right immediately beyond St. Basil's Cathedral, crossed the Moscow River by the Moskvocetski Bridge and debouched into the heavy, and largely automated traffic of Pyarnikskaya. At Dobryninskaya Square he turned west to Gorki Park which he paralleled on Kaluga until he reached the old baroque palace which housed the Ministry. There were no flags, no signs, nothing to indicate the present nature of the aged Czarist building.

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