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  • This handbook on global economic policy is one in a set of six global policy handbooks. The other five deal with technology, social, political, international, and legal policy. Public policy studies in the past have tended to emphasize domestic policy, rather than cross-national policy. This is especially true of American policy studies which tend to be especially nation-bound. This is also true to some extent of policy studies in France, Russia, China, Brazil, and elsewhere.

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  • Foreign direct investment may improve productivity through technology transfer on the one hand, and it may also have other positive external effects through corporate linkages (e.g. market access, or improved terms of financing) on the other hand, thus promoting economic growth. These beneficial effects are not automatic, though. Until the mid-nineties Hungary had played a leading role within the region in attracting investments. After 1999, however, the country started accumulating increasing competitive disadvantages as compared to its competitors.

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  • For the philosopher of history, G.W.F. Hegel, the fundamental challenge for any student of societal evolution is to apprehend in thought the spirit of the age (or the zeitgeist)—i.e., to understand the motive force of change while it is still at work (Lauer, 1974). Catching the zeitgeist ‘in the act,’ so to speak, is a matter of practical importance; for gaining such an understanding would seem to be a necessary, if not sufficient, condition for successfully shaping ‘for the better’ any future state of affairs. Hegel does not give us much cause for optimism here.

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  • The thesis is conducted to analyze and clarify the theoretical and practical bases for developing and completing adequate policies on improvement of Vietnam’s agricultural export product quality in the regional and international integration.

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  • The region is an entity, the development of which is planned with a long-term vision, in Vietnam. The State has a policy for regional development, including regional development planning. Over the past years, the implementation of regional planning has contributed positively to regional and national socio-economic development and security.

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  • This article analyzes Japan’s aid and trade policies in Vietnam, 1975-1991 from state-market interaction perspectives. In doing so, it points out that Vietnam generally continued to hold an important place in Japan’s foreign economic policy in Southeast Asia region.

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  • With growth and development rapidly in Vietnam, is a danger of overuse and poor management of natural resources, thus affecting sustainable development. Level of understanding, knowledge and use of the principles of natural resources management (NRE) is limited to Vietnam's agriculture. Design results project is to start with the concept of resource management is used in many organizations in Vietnam (Universities, Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development, and system extensions) and enhanced to provide the set of policy knowledge, and advice to farmers in region.

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  • Official policies for SME development can be evaluated against their impact upon enterprise culture, start-up, survival and growth of SMEs, and stakeholder empathy. Each of these criteria feeds off the others. Enterprise culture will be strong where there are high rates of SME growth. Where SMEs are dominant features in the local and regional economic and social environment, stakeholders themselves will be influenced and will adjust their behaviour accordingly. This template of culture and business and stakeholder development may be used in very different country contexts.

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  • Occupation cluster analysis is a relatively new approach in regional development. In contrast to industry clusters that focus on what businesses produce, occupation clusters focus on the knowledge, skills and abilities of the individuals who work for those businesses. Like the industrial cluster tool, this tool enables users to explore their regional economy from a different perspective. Like the other tools, its main advantage is flexibility: users can define custom regions and make comparisons easily.

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  • In Vietnam rodents are one of the three most important problems identified by the agricultural sector. The damage caused by rodents in agricultural systems is an important impediment to rural development in the Mekong Delta region. This proposal capitalises on the research findings and on the measurement of farmers' belief and practises associated with rodent control in the Mekong Delta.

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  • Systematize a number of theoretical and practical issues on mobilization of investment capital for socio-economic development, some issues on theories of investment, forecasting capital needs, and some theories of regional development. The study also investigates some experience in capital mobilization for investment and development and regional development policies of several nations in the region and in the world that can be applied into Vietnam.

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  • In this study the objective is to discuss the question of “to what extent incentive policies applied after 1980 have realised targeted economic policies” and to make an assessment of it. In addition, by touching upon the role and function of incentive policies in economic policies, the situation after 1980 in Turkey will be determined insofar as statistical data permit.

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  • The last two decades have witnessed an extensive growth in foreign direct investment (FDI) flows to developing countries. This has been accompanied by an increase in competition amongst the developing countries to attract FDI, resulting in a rise in investment incentives offered by the host governments and removal of restrictions on operations of foreign firms in their countries. This has also led to an ever-increasing number of bilateral investment treaties (BITs) and regional agreements on...

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  • In recent years, thanks to the investments of the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development (Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development), Research Center of Shanxi goats and rabbits made ​​a number of successful research traditional breeding, selection and use of goat milk and goat meat as Bach Thao, Indian goats (Barbary, and Beetal Jumnapary) and hybrid goats (meat, milk). This work AHS with small farmers in the highlands where farmers are very poor in knowledge and techniques, lack of capital for production and poor management skills....

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  • Protected cropping provides vegetable growers with an opportunity to enhance product quality and improve food safety. The overall objective of this project was to provide Vietnamese scientists and extension specialists with the training and tools to implement and foster regionally feasible improvements to current vegetable production practices and supply chains. This was achieved through: 1) greenhouse replicated experiments and demonstration trials in Northern, Central and Southern Vietnam; 2) four in-country workshops and 3) two Australian study tours for research and extension personnel.

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  • In 10 tests done on men, some of the fermentation parameters vary. These include: shell stored over fresh fruit, spread the beans before fermentation, soaking beans after fermentation and the length of fermentation time. In Dak Lak province, because lower ambient temperature, a "hot" fermentation procedure was trialed in an effort to bring the air temperature to those encountered in the Mekong region. These tests are usually carried out in parallel with the performance testing of solar dryers. A summary of the performance of solar dryers of Can Tho and Dak Lak also included....

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  • The development of goat production system in Vietnam has been boosted by the government of Vietnam through the establishment and support for research centers goats and rabbits Shanxi in the north of Vietnam. The initiatives developed at this center through both national and international programs R & D has been successfully implemented local farms in the north, and both national and government province needs to promote similar projects in central and southern Vietnam

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  • Sự phát triển của hệ thống sản xuất dê ở Việt Nam đã được đẩy mạnh bởi các Chính phủ Việt Nam thông qua việc thành lập và hỗ trợ cho dê và thỏ Trung tâm nghiên cứu tại Sơn Tây ở phía bắc của Việt Nam. Các sáng kiến ​​phát triển tại trung tâm này thông qua chương trình cả hai quốc gia và quốc tế R & D đã được thực hiện thành công trên trang trại địa phương ở phía bắc, và cả hai chính phủ quốc gia và cấp tỉnh có nhu cầu thúc đẩy các kế hoạch tương tự ở...

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  • The main objective of the project is to arrange the citrus industry in Vietnam with world standards manufacturing practices and opportunities for the export market. Through sustainable integrated pest management (IPM) associated with the principles of good agricultural practice (GAP) for both economic interests and the environment, and will enable citrus growers in Vietnam leader in production in Asia-Pacific region.

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  • (bq) part 1 book "international economics" has contents: the international economy and globalization, sources of comparative advantage, nontariff trade barriers, trade regulations and industrial policies, trade policies for the developing nations, regional trading arrangements,...and other contents.

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