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  • Tham khảo sách 'policy responses to the economic crisis: investing in innovation for long-term growth', kinh doanh - tiếp thị, quản trị kinh doanh phục vụ nhu cầu học tập, nghiên cứu và làm việc hiệu quả

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  • The conveniency of these notes soon spread them over the kingdom; and as the capital and credit of the Bank increased, they continued to gain an increasing circulation. Previous to the year 1796, that circula- tion was generally about equal in amount to the capital of the Bank. The Bank was obliged to keep on hand a large sum of coin to meet the pay- ment of such of its notes as might be presented for that purpose; but as a large portion of these notes were constantly circulating from hand to hand, and not at all likely to be presented for payment, the sum of coin kept...

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  • The logframe is the main output of the LFA. Before describing the logframe in detail, however, it is worth making a cautionary note. The logframe, for all its advantages when clearly understood and professionally applied, provides no magic solution to identifying or designing good projects. The principle of ‘garbage in, garbage out’ can apply to the logframe if it is used mechanistically. When used properly the logframe helps to make the logical relationships between activities, results, purpose and objectives more transparent, at least to the informed user....

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  • From clinical studies sepsis can be seen as a continuum of severity that begins with an infection, followed in some cases by sepsis, severe sepsis – with organ dysfunction – and septic shock. There has been a substantial increase in the incidence of sepsis during the last decades, and it appears to be rising over time, with an increasing number of deaths occurring despite a decline in overall in-hospital mortality (Bone, 1992).

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  • Calling the family members, the relexing exercises, musical therapy, masaj and sitting exercises are important in control of anxiety and ajitation of patients. Safe and effective management of the pain and anxiety needs a delicate balance for analgesia and sedation protocols while managing delirium status. The weaning of patients from mechanical ventilation is often hampered by the sedation that they receive.

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  • It is difficult to overstress the importance of a good history and thorough clinical examination for every patient. On this the diagnosis is made and the treatment plan based. A full, clearly written record of the original consultation is essential to assess progress following treatment. Particularly is this true if a colleague should be called to see the patient in the practitioner's tioner's absenceT. he medicolegali mportanceo f accurater ecords cannot be overemphasised.

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  • Rate review grants and standards: In August 2010, 45 States and the District of Columbia each received $1 million grants to develop or make improvements to their existing rate review and approval practices, strengthening their processes and oversight capacities. States have already used these funds to hire staff, increase data reporting, and enhance their information technology. On December 21, 2010, HHS posted a proposed regulation regarding standards for rate review.

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  • As an important priority at the national and state levels, AMCHP has worked to address and reduce tobacco use among women of reproductive age, focusing specifically on pregnant and postpartum women. This first article in the 2008 Women’s Health Watch will highlight innovative strategies to reducing tobacco use among women. It will demonstrate the need, use, and success of smoking cessation counseling in helping pregnant and postpartum women quit smoking.

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  • The challenge of the American automobile has had citizens, planners, and environmentalists stumped for decades. How will it ever be possible to get Americans to give up their love affair with cars? One of the most effective solutions to date is a project known as car-sharing: a network of cars and trucks for people to use on a pay-per-use basis. Rather than simply pointing out the negative conse- quences of automobile dependency and associated sprawl, car-sharing offers a practical, tangible way to improve the environment, promote social equity and build local capacity.

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  • Among the swallowing disorders, dysphagia is the most prevalent and dangerous due to the fact it can lead to tumor formation. The classification of swallowing disorders into obstructive and non-obstructive including e.g. lower motor neuron dysfunction, autoimmune disease and achalasia were discussed in this chapter. The authors also referred to motility disorders in diabetic neuropathy, alcoholism, psychiatric illness and scleroderma – an autoimmune disease that causes weakening of the tissues of the esophagus....

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  • Between December 2003 and December 2007, a total of 222 radical transurethral resection of prostate cancer were performed under spinal anesthesia in 170 patients with clinical stages of T1 or T2. Clinical stages were determined according to the UICC TNM staging system of 1997. We informed the patients that the procedure was not a current standard radical method of management, and those who refused this procedure were excluded from the study. We also excluded patients with serious comorbidities that might affect their lives by standard TURP.

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  • Michael Kleinman reported having received remuneration from a commercial entity or other organization with an interest related to air pollution and having provided an expert opinion or testimony as part of a regulatory, legislative or ju- dicial process related to air pollution. Gunnar Nielsen reported having provided an expert opinion or testimony as part of a regulatory, legislative or judicial process related to the subject of air pollution for a commercial entity or other organization. David G. Penney has given numerous testimonies on safe levels of carbon mon- oxide.

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  • In planning and performing our audit, we considered the State’s internal control over financial reporting in order to determine our auditing procedures for the purpose of expressing our opinion on the basic financial statements and not to provide assurance on internal control over financial reporting. However, we noted one matter involving internal control over financial reporting and its operation that we consider to be a reportable condition.

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  • Cross-cutting or inter-cutting is a primary narrative device of the continuity style. This technique pieces together sequences that occur at the same time but in different places in order to increase narrative tension. The literary equivalent of this device is simple narrative transition such as “meanwhile” or “in another part of town”. Some films borrow these verbal clues by using inter-titles or voice-over narration. Clips mentioned in this section are not available to view on the website but are readily available to buy or rent from the usual outlets. ...

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  • The skill requirements will vary with the size, complexity and maturity of the organization. In organizations that are mostly run by volunteers there is often a need for practical, hard-working, hands- on people who are actively involved in the organization’s activities. However, it is also important that the directors understand, or are willing to learn about governance and their role in looking at the bigger picture and in guiding the organization’s strategy.

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  • When you have finished judging a flight of beers, make sure that your scoresheets are complete, that the scoresheets have been organized in a way that the competition organizer can identify the scores and the awards that you assigned, and that the table at which you judged is ready for another judging flight or that (following the final flight of the day) it is cleaned. Most importantly, avoid causing distractions to other judges who have not yet finished judging their flights (e.g., loud conversations, interrupting judges who are still making decisions, etc.).

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  • Excessive daytime sleepiness is often result of self-imposed sleep deprivation espetially in young people. More often it is effect of disturbed nocturnal sleep or misaligned circadian rhytms. It may be side effect of many often-used drugs, for example hypnotics or alcohol. Nocturnal sleep disturbances, which lead to EDS, should be carefully assessed and treated. In several conditions EDS is not an outcome of night-sleep loss and should be considered as primary hypersomnia of central origin.

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  • To what extent is poor mental health and low educational at- tainment/ drop-out linked? Clearly the association can operate in both directions. From a policy perspective, one would like to know the causal influence of poor mental health on these outcomes. This is notoriously difficult to establish and most research addresses the association rather than the causal impact.

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  • Portuguese migrants in Europe send remittances to their home from a small number of sending countries. France has been the most important source country since the 1960s, and more recently, Germany, Switzerland, and the United States have also become significant source countries (Karafolas, 1998). According to figures from the Banco de Portugal, 42 per cent of remittances came from France, 18 per cent from Switzerland and 15 per cent from the United States. Transfers of remittances are primarily performed by Portuguese banks with their branches abroad.

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  • Ultimately, most household energy interventions - directly or indirectly - aim to improve health among their target populations. This module consists of one presentation and one practical exercise that are concerned with methods available to monitor the impact of interventions on children's and women's respiratory health and overall well-being. A review of the evidence for the linkages between indoor air pollution, household energy and health provides the introduction to this module (Figure 5).

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