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  • Summer anise star collected from Lang Son in 2008 was studied. The material was characterized by the essential oil content of 8,75%, moisture content of 13,2%, acid index of 4.5 mg KOH/g, ester index of 254.17 mg KOH/g and the relative density of 0,981. The procedures of essential oil distillation and trans-anethol isolation have been studied based on the properties of anise material. The yield of proposed procedure reached 76,4 % and the purity of anethol isolated was 96,83%.

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  • Classical physics breaks down to the level of atoms and molecules. This was made possible by the invention of a new apparatus that enabled the introduction of measurements in microscopic area of physics. There were two revolutions in the way we viewed the physical world in the twentieth century: relativity and quantum mechanics. Quantum mechanics was born in 1924, through the work of Einstein, Rutherford and Bohr, Schrödinger and Heisenberg, Born, Dirac, and many others. The principles of quantum mechanics that were discovered then are the same as we know them today....

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  • We prove that there are arbitrarily long arithmetic progressions of primes. There are three major ingredients. The first is Szemer´di’s theorem, which ase serts that any subset of the integers of positive density contains progressions of arbitrary length. The second, which is the main new ingredient of this paper, is a certain transference principle. This allows us to deduce from Szemer´di’s e theorem that any subset of a sufficiently pseudorandom set (or measure) of positive relative density contains progressions of arbitrary length. ...

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  • We find strong evidence that having access to a car is particularly important for black and Latino workers. We find a difference in employment rates between car-owners and non car-owners that is considerably larger among black workers than among white workers. Moreover, the car- employment effect for Latino workers is significantly greater than the comparable effect for non- Latino white workers yet significantly smaller than the effect for black workers.

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  • The plasma lipoproteins are divided into five major classes based on their relative density. - Each lipoprotein class comprises a family of particles that vary slightly in + Density + Size + Migration during electrophoresis + And protein composition. - Most plasma triglyceride is transported in chylomicrons or VLDLs, and most plasma cholesterol is carried as cholesteryl esters in LDLs and HDLs. II.

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  • Water is necessary both for the evolution of life and its continuance. It possesses particular properties that cannot be found in other materials and that are required for lifegiving processes. These properties are brought about by the hydrogen bonded environment particularly evident in liquid water. Each liquid water molecule is involved in about four hydrogen bonds with strengths considerably less than covalent bonds but considerably greater than the natural thermal energy.

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  • This study concerns the effect of ultraflow (UTF) content on the thermal property; thermo-oxidation and photo thermal-humidity stability of composites based on high density polyethylene (HDPE) and modified fly ash (MFA). The different scanning calorimeter analysis (DSC) results show that the relative crystallinity of HDPE/MFA and HDPE/MFA/UTF composites is lower than that of HDPE. The thermal properties of HDPE/MFA/UTF composites were studied by using thermogravimetric analysis (TGA) characteristic.

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  • In this study, a class of strong limit theorems for the relative entropy densities of random sum of arbitrary information source are discussed by constructing the joint distribution and nonnegative super martingales.

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  • Italian ryegrass (Lolium italicum L. cv. Tetrafl orum) seed production is an important industrial activity in Serbia. Cleavers (Galium aparine L.) interferes in Italian ryegrass seed production as well as in many other crops.

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  • Microsatellites are known to exhibit ubiquitous presence across all kingdoms of life, including viruses. Members of the family Closteroviridae are the largest RNA viruses and severely affect different agricultural crops worldwide, including citrus, grapevine and vegetables.

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  • Test results revealed that shear modulus decreases with fines, and increases with relative density and confining pressure. Normalized shear modulus is not affected by fines, relative density and confining pressure, while damping ratio is affected by fines and confining pressure. Finally, field cyclic resistance ratios versus normalized shear wave velocity values are developed on the basis of cyclic triaxial and resonant column tests.

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  • The relative density and Vickers micro-hardness of W-K-TiC alloys was enhanced with TiC addition and the highest Vickers micro-hardness is 731.55. As the TiC addition increased from 0.05 to 2 wt%, the room-temperature tensile strength raised from 141 to 353 MPa. The grain size of the W-K-TiC alloys decreased sharply from 2.56 mm to 330 nm with the enhanced TiC doping. The resistance to thermal shock damage of W-K-TiC alloys was improved slightly with the increased TiC addition.

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  • The mathematical theory now known as Malliavin calculus was first introduced by Paul Malliavin in [157] as an infinite-dimensional integration by parts technique. The purpose of this calculus was to prove the results about the smoothness of densities of solutions of stochastic differential equations driven by Brownian motion. For several years this was the only known application. Therefore, since this theory was considered quite complicated by many, Malliavin calculus remained a relatively unknown theory also among mathematicians for some time.

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  • The Cosmic Microwave Background (CMB) radiation from the Wilkinson Microwave Anisotropy Probe (WMAP) satellite mission (14) is one of the main sources of data about the early universe. Deciphering the CMB in terms of the density perturbations, gravity wave polarization, power spectrum and its various indices is a formidable task. It also requires the heavy CMB mathematical formalism based on General Relativity — see eg., the textbooks (17–19).

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  • Depression is more common in women than in men and is known to be mediated by serotonin receptor levels [43,63]. Specifically, depression is linked to decreased density of serotonin receptors and decreased efficacy of serotonin in the brain. The increased risk, timing of onset, and effectiveness of treatment of depression in women may be mediated by estrogen's effect on serotonin recep- tors.

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  • Each basic food group5 is the major contributor of at least one nutrient while making substantial contributions of many other nutrients. Because each food group provides  a wide array of nutrients in substantial amounts, it is important to include all food groups in the daily diet. Both illustrative eating patterns include a variety of nutrien dense foods within the major food groups. Selecting a variety of foods within the grain, vegetable, fruit, and meat groups may help to ensure that an adequate amount of nutrients and other potentially beneficial substances are consumed.

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  • (BQ) The modelling of ECM and EDM processes requires not one but several models to simulate the different phenomena that occur during machining. This paper reviews the models that have been developed to simulate each of these phenomena, e.g. potential models to calculate the current density distribution in ECM, thermal models for the plasma arc in EDM, moving boundary models to simulate the anodic dissolution in ECM and probabilistic models to determine the discharge location in EDM.

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  • In this study, an in-house 152Eu calibration source was produced from a custom epoxy matrix with a density of r ¼ 1.14 g cm3 , which is chemically stable and durable form after its solidification. The homogeneity of 152Eu in matrix was obtained better than 98%. For a Marinelli beaker geometry, an efficiency calibration procedure was applied to a n-type, coaxial, 78.5% relative efficient HPGe detector in the energy range of 121.7e1408.0 keV by using in-house 152Eu calibration source.

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