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  • In both groups (patients with epilepsy and healthy controls) we used a questionnaire Epworth Scale of Sleepiness (ESS) (Johns, 1991). By answering eight questions about probability of falling asleep in standard situations we came to the result, i.e. score of daytime sleepiness ranging from 0 to 24. Rate 0-9 is considered as normal value, above 9 as elevated daytime sleepiness and value above 16 is considered as remarkably elevated daytime sleepiness (Watanabe et al., 2003).

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  • The issue of intervention of the internally displaced person should, as a matter of importance, be reconsidered by the united Nation. This is in view of the fact that the united Nation High commission for Refuges (UNHCR) only extends protection or assistance to idps when the UN secretary general or the UN general assembly has requested the agency to do so. The idps indeed fall between the cracks of current humanitarian law and assistance, unlike the refugees who are solely the burden of UNHCR. The role of the national refuges commission of...

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  • Objectives: To describe the role of intravascular ultrasonography (IVUS) in assessing the outcome of percutaneous coronary intervention. Subjects and methods: Sixty patients with ischemic heart disease who underwent coronary angiography and intravascular ultrasonography before and after percutaneous coronary intervention.

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  • Arterial CO2 tension is a powerful modulator of cerebral vascular calibre, CBF and ICP (12-15.) While the mechanisms are incompletely understood, CO2 relaxes pial arterioles by interactions between the endothelium, vascular smooth muscle, pericytes, adjacent neurons and glial cells. Studies supported that cerebral vessels are sensitive to changes in extracellular pH, rather than a direct response to CO2 or bicarbonate. In the limits of physiological PaCO2, 20-60 mmHg, the relationship between PaCO2 and CBF is linear.

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  • Rogene Henderson reported having been employed by and having given consul- tation to a commercial entity or other organization with an interest related to the subject of air pollution. She also reported having provided expert opinion or testimony related to the subject of air pollution for a commercial entity or other organization, as well has having held an office or other position, paid or unpaid, where she may have been expected to represent interests or defend a position related to the subject of air pollution.

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  • Joanna Didkowska PhD works in the Department of Epidemiology and Cancer Prevention, National Cancer Registry at the Maria Sklodowska Curie Memorial Cancer Center and Institute of Oncology in Warsaw, Poland. Since 1999, she has been Chair of the Association of Cancer Registries in Poland. She focuses on descriptive cancer epidemiology in Poland, especially prediction models, and the determinants of the health status of Poles and inhabitants of central and eastern Europe. She works on analyses of data from the National Cancer Registry.

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  • Those Albanians with dependent family members in the home country tend to send small amounts on a regular basis, usually via courier. Others who do not regularly remit tend to save larger amounts, which they take with them upon returning to Albania. In addition, several Greek banks have begun operations in Albania, facilitating the flow of remittances and opening opportunities for greater financial access for remittance senders and their families. Out-migration of people from Portugal paralleled the growth of remittances received.

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  • CO measurement options include bag collection and lab analysis, colour-change diffusion tubes and electro-chemical monitors. PM measurement options include gravimetric monitors (pump and filter method) and light-scattering devices. The advantages and disadvantages of each of these methods are discussed, including cost, ease-of-use, accuracy, size detection and time-keeping. The choice of method depends on the context, i.e. the purpose of the project or programme, the capacity of staff and available financial and human resources.

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  • Objective: Previous research suggests that engaging in mentally stimulating tasks may improve brain health and cognitive abilities. Using computer search engines to find information on the Internet has become a frequent daily activity of people at any age, including middleaged and older adults.

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  • Governments also need to focus on medium to long-term actions to strengthen innovation. A broad range of policy reforms will be needed in OECD countries and non-OECD economies to respond to the changing nature of the innovation process and strengthen innovation performance to foster sustainable growth and address key global challenges.

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  • Thus was created a perfectly uniform currency for the transactions of commerce, and bank money rose at once to an agio, or premium above the current coin. This premium varied from time to time. It may be looked upon as nearly equal to, and generally as representing the average depreciation of the current coin below its nominal value. The Bank of Amsterdam, after its first establishment, admitted no new subscribers; but it sold bank money to all who wished to purchase, at a premium varying with the market price.

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  • It is important at this point to determine if assessments about organizational practices will be made internally or by outside experts. The advantages to doing it internally are that direct costs are likely to be lower and the process may become an engaging organizational exercise that builds communications capacity in and of itself. The advantages to using outside experts are their objectivity, time and availability, the knowledge they bring from other organizations for comparison purposes, and the credibility that may accompany their credentials and expertise....

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  • There are several ways in which poultry manure can be collected and processed. Several factor such as operation size, climate, animal type etc. will determine what type of system is used in what kind of circumstances. It should be noted that in many instances, the strongest influence on which system is used is the economics (costs) of the system. Each system has its own merits and costs, but careful consideration must be used in order to select a system which will make the most efficient use of the factors in which it will be operated. This review will discuss several of these...

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  • The Research"The update: Endoscopic ultrasound in diagnosis and treatment of treatment" includes 4 parts: Overview of endoscopic ultrasound, the role of EUS in the diagnosis, the role of EUS in the treatment, conclusion. Please refer to this lecture for more details.

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  • A young women presented with iliac vein thrombosis, as extrapelvic endometriosis complication. Endometriosis mass had a subfascial position at the level of external oblique muscle and extended to the iliac vein. This paper reviewed the literature on endometriosis cases localized into striated muscles and cases of deep vein thrombosis due to this disease. There are not similar cases in the literature. The diagnostic role of ultrasound, in obtaining the definitive histological diagnosis, may be further enhanced through Elasticity Imaging Techniques and ultrasound-guided biopsy.

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  • The role of endoscopic ultrasound (EUS) in the management of pancreatobiliary and digestive diseases is well established in adults, but it remains limited in children. The aim of this study was to evaluate the feasibility, safety, and clinical impact of EUS use in children.

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  • Neonatal abdominal ultrasound is usually performed in Nigeria to investigate neonatal symptoms rather than as a follow up to evaluate fetal abnormalities which were detected on prenatal ultrasound. The role of routine obstetric ultrasonography in the monitoring of pregnancy and identification of fetal malformations has partly contributed to lowering of fetal mortality rates.

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  • Gestational age, synonymous with menstrual age, is defined in weeks beginning from the day of the last menstrual period prior to conception. Correct determination of gestational age is basic to obstetric care as it is very important in a number of circumstances. The study was undertaken at Shadan Institute of Medical Sciences and Post Graduate Research Centre, Hyderabad from June 2011 to December 2012. The study was a prospective study which included one hundred and fifty pregnant women who attended the antenatal outpatient of the Obstetrics Department.

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  • In spite of some early success with agile methodologies, a number of factors are preventing their widespread adoption. Agile methodology advocates often find it difficult to obtain management support for implementing what seem like dramatic changes in application development. These methodologies require developers, managers and users alike to change the way they work and think. For example, the XP practices of pair programming, test-first design, continuous integration, and an on-site customer can seem like daunting changes to implement.

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  • Clinical course of CLL is variable. Recently, progress has been made in the identification of biological markers that could predict disease progression. Particularly, the expression of unmutated Ig genes, some cytogenetic abnormalities like 17p and 11q deletions and the expression of the zeta-associated protein 70 (ZAP-70) are associated to a poor prognosis.

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